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and approval of the minutes of the last meeting, it was on motion directed that the examinations hereafter shall be conducted by the secretary and the local member of the Board.

The following report of the Committee appointed to investigate the charges against Dr. B. F. McIntyre of Holcomb, Nicholas County, was received and by unanimous vote adopted:

"In view of all the testimony heretofore submitted to the Board, including the letter of Dr. Whiteside and the statement of Dr. Barbee herewith included, your committee recommends that the certificate and license to practice of Dr. B. F. McIntyre be revoked by this Board."

[Signed] C. A. Wingerter,

C. A. Halterman,
J. E. Robins.

Twelve reciprocity applications were received and the Secretary was directed to pass upon them and issue certificates. The names and addresses of these applicants are as follows: W. A. Sagree, Davis, W. Va.

E. M. Tanner, Bramwell, W. Va. G. D. Kahlo, White Sulphur Spgs. B. H. Swint, Pickens, W. Va. W. Va.

H. E. Davis, Logan, W. Va.
Jas. B. Prentiss, Steubenville, Ohio. H. A. Bostetter, Alleghany, Md.
W. C. Sparks, Raleigh, West Va. Eugene H. Boone, Kelleysville, W.
Z. C. Layson, Hinton, West Va.

R. M. Akers, White Creek, West S. E. Massey, Wilcoe, W. Va.


Huntington, May 6th., 1913. A regular meeting of the State Board of Health convened at Hotel Frederick, Huntington, May 6th. at 9 o'clock A. M. There were present the following members: Drs. J. E. Robins, L. S. Brock, M. V. Godbey, C. A. Wingerter, A. N. Frame, W. W. Golden, R. E. Vickers, C. W. Halterman, and H. A. Barbee. The meeting was called to order by the President, Dr. Vickers. The Secretary reported that an examination of applicants for licensure was held in Huntington on April 14th., 15th., and 16th. by himself, Dr. Vickers and Dr. Robins. Sixteen applicants appeared for this examination, of whom fourteen were white and two colored; fifteen were regulars and one Eclectic. Ten made the required grade, and the Secretary was instructed to issue certificates.

The following were the successful applicants:

F. J. Prunty, Belpre, Ohio.

J. R. Hughart, Burnsville, W. Va. H. B. Williams, Baltimore, Md. B. B. Sturdivant, Harding, W. Va. W. E. Riley, Gerry, W. Va.

H. Bernard, Raleigh, W. Va. J. M. Spinks, Summersville, W. Va. R. A. Ireland, Charleston, W. Va. S. H. Cassiday, Baltimore, Md.

After action on the report of the Secretary, the Board adjourned sine die.

H. A. Barbee, Secretary.

The above concludes the work of the Board as it stood until June, 1913.

Under the amended law of 1913 it was made the duty of the governor of the state to appoint a State Board of Health consisting of two physicians residing in each of the five congressional districts, “and until such a time as a bill re-districting the state is passed by the legislature, two members at large." It was also provided that “the period of office of the members of the State Board of Health now in office shall be continued for the term of their appointment.” In pursuance of the above provisions the following members constitute the Board of Health from June 1st, 1913 until the expiration of their respective terms of office:

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Term expires.
1st District-J. L. Pyle, Chester,.

May 31st 1917.
S. L. Jepson, Wheeling, .

31st 1915.
2nd District-W. W. Golden, Elkins,.

31st 1915. J. H. Shipper, Gerrardstown.

31st 1917. 3rd District-J. A. Robins, Charleston,..

31st 1915. J. A. Rumisell, Buckhannon.

31st 1917. 4th District-W. J. Davidson, Parkersburg, 31st 1917.

H. U. Rymer, Harrisville.... " 31st 1915. 5th District-H. A. Barbee, Point Pleasant.

31st 1915. H. A. Brandebury, Huntington.. 31st 1917. At Large -G. D. Lind, Greenwood..

31st 1915. G. P. Daniel, Marshes.

31st 1915. Dr. Daniels never qualified.

The amended law also provides that "the Board shall also have a secretary named by the governor who shall be one of their number.”

The resignation of Dr. C. A. Wingerter, of Wheeling, as a member of the Board having been presented to the Governor and accepted, Dr. S. L. Jepson of Wheeling was appointed in his stead for the unexpired term, and was by the Governor named as secretary of the Board.

On August 4th, 1913, in pursuance of a call that had been issued, all the above named appointees except Dr. Daniels, having taken the oath of office, convened in the state house building at Charleston at 10 o'clock A. M., and proceeded to the organization of the Board. Dr. H. M. Rymer was chosen as chairman pro tem and Dr. S. L. Jepson acted as secretary.

Nominations for the presidency being called for, Dr. W. W. Golden was nominated by Dr. J. A. Rusmisell; Dr. H. A. Barbee by Dr. J. E. Robins; and Dr. H. M. Rymer by Dr. W. J. Davidson. Two ballots were taken, the second resulting in the election of Dr. Golden. President Golden then took the chair. After the reading and approval of the minutes of the last meeting, charges of dishonorable conduct in the practice of medicine were brought against Dr. Silas L. Roberts and Dr. A. O. McClelland of Wheeling. Particulars of the trial will be found on another page.

Secretary gave a full report of a small pox epidemic in Wetzel county. (See particulars on another page.)

On motion of Dr. Jepson it was resolved that the reports of members who have been appointed to perform special duties be incorporated in the minutes when received.

to practice medicine was conducted by himself and Dr. J. E. Robins on July 13th to 15th, 1913, Dr. Barbee assisting. Forty-five applicants appeared, one homeopath, 3 osteopaths and the remainder regular physicians. The gradings of the papers of this examination were examined by the board, and the secretary was directed to issue certificates to the following, who, it was found, had succeeded in passing with the required grade of 80% or over:

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Eustace Thomas Goff,.

Smithville, W. Va.
James Fender Easton,.

. Clear Creek, W. Va.
Waitman Taylor Smith,.

Spencer, W. Va.
Guy Stalnaker,..

Eden, W. Va.
James Thos. Ferrell,.

Ripley, W. Va.
Orin Benadam Lynch,.

. Buckhannon, W. Va.
Grover Cleveland Morrison,. Liverpool, W. Va.
Esten Luellen Hazelett,

Pittsburg, Pa.
Turner Ashley Moncure,. Annawalt, W. Va.
Laurence Arthur Petty,

Charleston, W. Va.
Mark Duty Good,.

Paden City, W. Va.
Anna Geohehan Roberts,

Wellsburg, W. Va.
Robert Pearl Woods,

. Falling Springs, W. Va.
Ray Maxwell Bobbitt,

. Huntington, W. Va.
Hugh Dunn,

Sutton, W. Va.
Kenna Jackson,.

Sutton, W. Va.
Louise Fenlaw Richmond,. Silver Hill, W. Va.
Edwards Murray Riley,.

. Anderson, S. C.
Caperton A. Farren,.

Smoot, W. Va.
James William Livesay,

Leivasy, W. Va.
William Edgar Myles,

Maywood, W. Va.
Chas. Lott Mowrer,.

Baltimore, Md.
Martin Luther Sowers,.

Pocahontas, Va.
Noah Edward Steele,.

. Logan, W. Va.
John Franklin May,.

.. Ethel, W. Va.
Addington Carr Tedford,

.. Plain View, Minn.
Harry Stephen Whitacre,

Whitacre, Va.
Chas. Milton Clark,.

Yukon, W. Va.
Gerald Clyde Shuler,.

Winchester, Va.
Ira Marshall Fisher,..

. Charleston, W. Va.
Homer Ovid VanTromp,

French Creek, W. Va.
Joseph Edward Brown,.

Rahway, N. J.
Curtis Thomas.Hayden,..

Floyd, Va.
Isaac Mack Austin, (Osteopath) Morgantown, W. Va.
Thomas Logan Cooper,. ... Pittsburg, Pa.
Dr. H. C. Martin of Huntington, W. Va.


Certificates were also granted to the following under reciprocity regulations:

George A. Johnson,.
George Gideon Morris,.
Maurice E. Welker,.
Arthur E. Bays,.
Virgil L. Fisher,
Rae E. Houke,.

Moberly, Mo.
Washington, D. C.
Matewan, W. Va.
Miller, W. Va.
Mt. Vernon, Ohio.
Parkersburg, W. Va.

not to exceed $50.00 for expense of himself and witness in the cases against Dr. Roberts and Dr. McClelland.

Dr. C. A. Thomas of Martinsburg having applied for a certificate to practice under the reciprocity regulations of the Board, claiming that he had been in actual practice in Maryland for a year, and the Board having a letter from the president of the Maryland Board of Examiners setting forth that his diploma was not registered until January, 1913, the Board unanimously adopted the following resolution: Resolved: That Dr. C. A. Thomas of Martinsburg be denied a certificate under our reciprocity regulations, on tne ground that he has not practised in Maryland for a year, as our regulations require.

It was resolved that President Golden, Secretary Jepson and Dr. Robins be appointed a committee to visit the state institutions with his excellency, Governor Hatfield, and with authority to establish a Public Hygienic Laboratory at such place as they may determine.

On motion of Dr. Robins it was resolved, that before confirming the appointment of county health officers, the nominations shall receive the endorsement of that member of the Board living nearest to the place of residence of the appointee.

A request having been received that the Board establish reciprocal regulations with the Osteopathic Board of Examiners of Pennsylvania, it was resolved that this Board will enter into reciprocal relations with the Osteopathic Board of Pennsylvania, provided that tne requirements in Pennsylvania for entering into osteopathic practice are found to be equal to those of West Virginia.

The salary of the secretary of the board, on motion, was fixed at $3,000, and he was authorized to employ a stenographer whose salary was not to exceed $50.00 per month. The secretary was empowered to spend such amount as is necessary to fully equip his office. The following resolution offered by the secretary was adopted; WHEREAS, the amendments to the Health Law provide that, “It shall be the duty of every county and municipal health officer to meet with the State Board of Health, or its representative at least once a year, due notice having been given, at such time and place as said Board of Health may designate, to attend a School of Instruction for the purpose of familiarizing such county and municipal health officers with their duties in the interest of public health,” therefore,

RESOLVED: That the local health officers of the state be called together at the next two meetings of the Board for the purpose of instruction, the state to be divided into two sections, and that the Heal officers be invited according to convenience of meeting place.

On motion of Dr. Robins, the President of the Board was appointed to prepare a program for the Parkersburg School of Instruction to be held in November.

The hotel inspector, Mr. A. D. Sees, appeared before the Board, explained the duties of his office, and assured the Board that he is actively engaged in his work, as pointed out in the new law enacted by the last legislature. On motion of Dr. Brandebury, Mr. Sees was instructed to inquire into the condition of hotel premises, buildings, culchange of bed-linen, towels in common wash rooms, contagious diseases among employees, protection against flies, etc.

A communication was read from the Western Maryland Railroad Co., asking for the Board's endorsement of their water supply. The secretary was authorized to issue a certificate of such endorsement for railroad companies when he has satisfactory evidence that a proper analysis has been made by a competent authority.

After auditing accounts of the members, the Board adjourned.

Parkersburg, November 29th, 1913. After holding a School of Instruction on the 28th inst., particulars of which will be found on another page, the Board of Health convened in executive session with President Golden in the chair. Other members present were Drs. Barbee, Brandebury, Davidson, Jepson, Lind, Pyle, Robins, Rymer, Rusmisell and Shipper. After the reading and approval of the minutes of the last meeting, the secretary reported that a letter had been received from the Dean of Bennett Medical College, Chicago, (from which, it was represented at a former meeting, that J. Q. Godbey had been graduated) stating that said Godbey is not a graduate of that institution, having left it before completing the required course. Since Dr. Godbey, on the strength of his alleged graduation, was in April, 1913, granted a certificate to practise medicine in this state, it was, in view of the misrepresentation made.

Resolved: That the action of the Board in granting J. Q. Godbey a certificate to practise medicine (which certificate has not been delivered) is hereby rescinded, and the secretary is instructed to correct the record on account of misrepresentations made by J. Q. Godbey as to graduation, claiming that he was a graduate when he had failed to complete the course at Bennett Medical College.

Resolved, That the secretary notify Dr. Godbey of this action of the Board, and also notify him that he must cease to practice medicine in the state.

Attorney Dillon, of Fayette County, appeared before the Board and filed charges against Dr. A. A. Wingrove, of Scarbro, setting forth that he was guilty of dishonorable conduct in various ways. Dr. Wingrove being present, answered that he had not had sufficient time in which to prepare his defense. Thereupon the papers were filed before the Board and the trial of the case postponed until the next meeting of the Board.

Dr. Robins offered the following resolution which was adopted:

Resolved: Thať all applicants for license to practice medicine in this state be required to file with the secretary their certificates of high school graduation in a high school giving a four years course, or evidence of its equivalent, and that the secretary be instructed to investigate doubtful cases, asking the aid, when necessary, of the committee on classification and grades at the West Virginia University. Each applicant shall be notified of this resolution when his application is received.

Dr. Brandebury offered the following resolution which was adopted:

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