State Versus Local Control of Elementary Education: (finance)

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1915 - 83페이지

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60 페이지 - GEOMETRY: The usual theorems and constructions of good text-books, including the general properties of plane rectilinear figures; the circle and the measurement of angles; similar polygons; areas; regular polygons and the measurement of the circle. The solution of numerous original exercises, including loci problems. Applications to the mensuration of lines and plane surfaces.
53 페이지 - Study This part of the requirement is intended as a natural and logical continuation of the student's earlier reading, with greater stress laid upon form and style, the exact meaning of words and phrases, and the understanding of allusions.
9 페이지 - No. 10. Education for efficiency in railroad service. J. Shirley Eaton. ♦No. 11. Statistics of State universities and other Institutions of higher education partially supported by the State, 1908-9.
60 페이지 - Advanced Algebra Permutations and combinations, limited to simple cases Complex numbers, with graphical representation of sums and differences Determinants, chiefly of the second, third, and fourth orders, including the use of minors and the solution of linear equations Numerical equations of higher degree, and so much of the theory of equations, with graphical methods, as is necessary for their treatment, including Descartes's rule of signs and Homer's method, but not Sturm's functions or multiple...
57 페이지 - French text read, and to answer questions on the rudiments of the grammar as defined below. THE WORK TO BE DONE. During the first year the work should comprise: 1. Careful drill in pronunciation. 2. The rudiments of grammar, including the inflection of the regular and the more common irregular verbs, the...
51 페이지 - The aim of this course is to foster in the student the habit of intelligent reading and to develop a taste for good literature, by giving him a firsthand knowledge of some of its best specimens. He should read the books carefully, but his attention should not be so fixed upon details that he fails to appreciate the main purpose and charm of what he reads.
60 페이지 - The formulas for the nth term and the sum of the terms of arithmetical and geometric progressions, with applications. It is assumed that pupils will be required throughout the course to solve numerous problems which involve putting questions into equations. Some of these problems should be chosen from mensuration, from physics, and from commercial life. The use of graphical methods and illustrations, particularly in connection with the solution of equations, is also expected.
40 페이지 - North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania South Carolina South Dakota...
53 페이지 - In grammar and composition, the candidate may be asked specific questions upon the practical essentials of these studies, such as the relation of the various parts of a sentence to one another, the construction of individual words in a sentence of reasonable difficulty, and those good usages of modern English which one should know in distinction from current errors. The main test in composition will consist of one or more essays, developing a theme through several paragraphs ; the subjects will be...

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