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Wherefore a warrant for his death is sign'd; And order giv'n for public execution. Zar. Ha! haste thee! fly, prevent his fate and mine; Find out the king, tell him I have of weight More than his crown to impart ere Osmyn die. Sel. It needs not, for the king will straight be here, And, as to your revenge, not his own int’rest, 2 I Pretend to sacrifice the life of Osmyn. Zar. What shall I say, invent, contrive, advise Somewhat to blind the king, and save his life, In whom I live. “Spite of my rage and pride, “I am a woman, and a lover still. “Oh 'tis more grief but to suppose his death, Than still to meet the rigour of his scorn. From my despair my anger had its source; “When he is dead I must despair for ever. “For ever! that's despair—it was distrust “ Before; distrust will ever be in love, “And anger in distrust; both short-liv'd pains. “But in despair, and ever-during death, “No term, no bound, but infinite of woe. “Oh, torment, but to think! what then to bear? “ Not to be borne” Devise the means to shun it, Quick; or, by Heav'n, this dagger drinks thy blood. Sel. My life is yours, nor wish I to preserve it, But to serve you. I have already thought. 4o Zar. Forgive my rage; I know thy love and truth. But say, what’s to be done, or when, or how, Shall I prevent or stop th' approaching danger? Sel. You must still seem more resolute and fix’d

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On Osmyn's death; too quick a change of mercy
Might breed suspicion of the cause. Advise
That execution may be done in private.
Zar. On what pretence
Sel. Your own request’s enough.
However, for a colour, tell him, you
Have cause to fear his guards may be corrupted,
And some of them bought off to Osmyn's interest,
Who at the place of execution will
Attempt to force his way for an escape;
The state of things will countenance all suspicions.
Then offer to the king to have him strangled
In secret by your mutes; and get an order,
That none but mutes may have admittance to him.
I can no more, the king is here. Obtain
This grant, and I’ll acquaint you with the rest. 6o

Enter King, Go NSALEZ, and PEREz.

King. Bear to the dungeon those rebellious slaves, “ Th’ ignoble curs that yelp to fill the cry, “ And spend their mouths in barking tyranny.” But for their leaders, Sancho and Ramirez, Let 'em be lead away to present death. Perez, see it perform'd.

Gons. Might I presume, -
Their execution better were deferred,
*Till Osmyn die. Mean time we may learn more
Of this conspiracy. -

King. Then be it so.
Stay, soldier; they shall suffer with the Moor.

Are none return’d of those who follow'd Helio
Gons. None, sir. Some papers have been since dis-
In Roderigo's house, who fled with him,
Which seem'd to intimate, as if Alphonso
Were still alive, and arming in Valentia:
Which wears indeed this colour of a truth,
They who are fled have that way bent their course.
Of the same nature divers notes have been 8o
Dispers'd t” amuse the people; whereupon
Some, ready of belief, have rais'd this rumour:
That, being sav’d upon the coast of Afric,
He there disclos'd himself to Albucacim,
And, by a secret compact made with him,
Open'd and urg’d the way to this invasion;
While he himself, returning to Valentia
In private, undertook to raise this tumult.
Zar. Ha! hear'st thou that? Is Osmyn then Alphonso:
“Oh, heav'n a thousand things occur at once
“To my remembrance now, that make it plain.”
Oh, certain death for him, as sure despair
For me, if it be known If not, what hope
Have I ? Yet 'twere the lowest baseness now,
To yield him up—No, I will conceal him,
And try the force of yet more obligations.
Gons. 'Tis not impossible. Yet it may be
That some impostor has usurp'd his name.
Your beauteous captive Zara can inform,
If such a one, so 'scaping, was receiv'd, 1oo
At any time in Albucacim's court.

King. Pardon, fair excellence, this long negle&t: An unforeseen, unwelcome hour of business, Has thrust between us and our while of love; But wearing now apace with ebbing sand, Will quickly waste and give again the day. Zar.You're too secure: the danger is more imminent Than your high courage suffers you to see; While Osmyn lives, you are not safe. King. His doom Is pass'd, if you revoke it not, he dies. Zar. 'Tis well. By what I heard upon your entrance, I find I can unfold what yet concerns You more. One, who did call himself Alphonso, Was cast upon my coast, as 'tis reported, And oft had private conference with the king; To what effect I knew not then : but he, Alphonso, secretly departed, just About the time our arms embark'd for Spain. What I know more is, that a triple league 12o. Of strićtest friendship was profest between Alphonso, Heli, and the traitor Osmyn. King. Public report is ratify'd in this.

Zar. And Osmyn's death requir'd of strong necessity. King. Give order strait, that all the pris’ners die.

Zar. Forbear a moment, somewhat more I have Worthy your private ear, and this your minister. King. Let all, except Gonsalez, leave the room. [Exit Perez, &c. Zar. I am your captive, and you've us'd me nobly; And, in return of that, tho' otherwise

Your enemy, “I have discover'd Osmyn,
“His private practice and conspiracy
“Against your state; and, fully to discharge
“ Myself of what I’ve undertaken,” now
I think it fit to tell you, that your guards
Are tainted; some among 'em have resolv’d
To rescue Osmyn at the place of death.
King. Is treason then so near us as our guards r
Zar. Most certain; tho' my knowledge is not yet
So ripe, to point at the particular men. 140
King. What's to be done
2ar. That too I will advise.
I have remaining in my train some mutes,
A present once from the sultana queen,
In the grand signior's court. These from their infancy
Are practis'd in the trade of death; and shall
(As there the custom is) in private strangle
Gons. My lord, the queen advises well.
King. What offring, or what recompence remains
In me, that can be worthy so great services
To cast beneath your feet the crown you’ve sav’d,
Tho' on the head that wears it, were too little.
Zar. Of that hereafter : but, mean time, ’tis fit
You give strict charge that none may be admitted
To see the pris’ner, but such mutes as I
Shall send.
King. Who waits there

- Enter PEREz. King. On your life, take heed

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