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Strugglings, to shew a false dissembl’d grief?
[Shouts here.
Ha! in my ears! and at my palace doors,
“Thus they would dare me, had they forts and canons.”
Mor. This sounds, as if the queen were near.

Enter DAvison.

Qu. El. Speak, Davison; what means this shouting? Dav. The queen is come; these thundring acclamations Proclaim your people's joy, where-e'er she passes. It was your royal pleasure, I should meet This wish'd for princess, ere she reach'd the town, But could not pass it for the gazing throng; So numerous, that, had your majesty beheld them, 140 You would have wept, as Xerxes o'er his armies, To think, perchance, that in a few short years, None of those god-like creatures would be living. Qu. El. Thou art mistaken ; for had I been there, I should have smil'd to hear the giddy rout, That in one moment will their prince adore; And sacrifice the next. Dav. Mistake me not, nor your kind subječts' loves; I hope they did not mean it to offend. Qu. El Proceed; did they not strive to give thee way Not for my sake, nor for my dignity and place Dav. Alas! 'twas past their power! I might as well Oppose my breast against a gushing torrent, Or driven the ocean from its deep abode,

As stem the multitude—but mark what follow’d ;
For this was but the curtain to the scene.
You look displeas'd, I doubt I’ve said too much,
And fear I’ve done them wrong.
Qu. El. I’ll hear; go on.
Dav. The queen no sooner did appear, but strait
The obedient crowd shrunk back at her command, 161
“Making a lane to guard on every side;
“Not Æolus with his commanding breath,
“Did the unruly waves so soon control,
“As she with her mild looks the rout dispers'd.”
Qu. El. 'Tis well; and what am I, ungrateful people *
Dav. But when she spoke, they hung like cluster'd
And cover'd all her chariot like a vine;
“The loaded wheels, thick as the dust they hide,
“And swarm'd like bees upon her coach's side.
** Matrons and virgins in her praises sung;
“Whilst tuneful bells in grateful changes rung;
“All harmony from discord seem'd to flow,
“And shouts from tops of towers, meet shouts below;
“Nurses, when they with joy, her face had seen,
“Would, pointing to their children, shew the queen:
“Whilst they (ne'er learn'd to talk) for her would try,
“And the first word they spoke, would Mary cry.”
Qu. El. 'Tis false; thou wrong'st my subjećts,
They durst not do this I Durst not, did I say 180
My people would not. [Shouts here.
What’s this I hear?
Are these the perjur’d slaves, that at my sight,

Have left their callings, young men left their sports,
“The old their crutches too would fling away,
“And halt to see my face " The bridegroom at the
That had his bride by th’ hand, at my approach,
Left the unfinish’d rites to see me pass,
And made his eager hopes wait on his queen.
Dav. And there are millions yet, that so would do.
Qu. El, No, I’m forgot; a new thing has their hearts:
I am grown stale, as vulgar to the sight,
As sun by day, or moon and stars by night.
Oh, curse of crowns 1 oh, curse of regal power I
“Learn you, that would such pageantry adore,
“Trust whining saints, the cunning harlot's tears,
“And listen when the perjur'd lover swears;
“Believe the snake that woman did delude,
“But never, never trust the multitude. [Shouts here.
“Cec. Run, and proclaim the queen's commands
to all, 2Go
“On penalty of death, they cease this shouting.
“Qu. El, No, let them stun me, kill me; yet, vile
traitors |
“Ye shall have her ye long for, in my throne;
“False queen! you shall enjoy your sister's crown;
“But it shall be with stings of scorpions guarded;
“And a worse plague to thee, than mine is now ;
“It shall be in the Tower, there thou shalt sing
“Thy Siren's song, and let them shout in answer:
“I’ll teach you how to flatter and betray—

“Run, seize the queen, like lightning strait obey.
“[Offers to go out and comes again.
“Where wou'dst thou go? Where would thy fury
drive thee
“What has my sister, what has Mary done
“Must she be punish’d for my subjects’ crimes :
“Perhaps she's innocent of all this joy,
“And bears the sound with greater pain than I.
“Where shall I wander In what place have rest?
“The cottage floor with verdant rushes strewn,
“Is easier than a wretched monarch's throne.
[Shouts here.”
Dav. The queen is just on entrance.
Qu. El. Does it please ye? 220
Behold she comes, meet and condućt her in ;
Why stay you here Each do his office strait,
And set her in my place; my crown present her,
And with your hollows echo all the rabble.
The deed is done, that Mary is your queen:
“But think not to be safe, for when I'm dead,
“Swift as on dragon's wings from high I’ll fall,
“And rain down royal vengeance on you all.”

Enter Queen MARY, Dowg LAs, two gentlemen, four
Qu. M. Come, poor remainder of my lost estate,
Once I was served in pomp, had many friends,
And found no blessing in the gaudy crowd;
But now I am beholden to my fate,

That after having plunder'd me of all,
Left me the gleaning of so kind a few ;
“Friendship to misery is reviving food.”
Dow. What will betide us now *
Qu. M. Come near your mistress,
Methinks your queen, and her poor humble train,
Look like a crew of shipwreck'd passengers,
Shuddering and wet, thrown on some land by night,
Without a friend to cheer, or fire to warm them. 240
Dow. Like them perhaps, we are cast upon a shore
Where no kind creature lives to pity us,
“But wolves, dread basilisks, and gaping monsters.”
Alas! what meant those shouts of joy to mock us
Is this the court of fam'd Elizabeth
“And this the throne where she was serv'd with
Is this our welcome 1 “where's her glittering train?
“Here are no crowds, no face of either sex,
“But all abandon'd, like the place we came from.”
Qu. M. Sure it was all a dream, was it not Dowglas?
Thou little angel that preserv'st thy queen,
Appear'd like mercy, and unlock'd my prison;
But I, ungrateful, “ and my fortunes worse,”
Took thee young rose, from thy own faithful garden,
And planted thee within a cold dead soil,
To nip thy youth, and with my sorrows kill thee;
But shortly I’ll release thee from my woes,
And leave thee to enjoy, when I’m dead,
What thou ne'er found'st in me; Content. 26o
Dow. Surely the queen will see you now y’are come,

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