The Law of Agency: Including the Law of Principal and Agent and the Law of Master and Servant, 1권

Little, Brown, 1901 - 406페이지

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346 페이지 - By reason of any defect in the condition of the ways, works, machinery, or plant connected with or used in the business of the employer...
346 페이지 - ... the workman, or in case the injury results in death, the legal personal representatives of the workman, and any persons entitled in case of death, shall have the same right of compensation and remedies against the employer as if the workman had not been a workman of nor in the service of the employer, nor engaged in his work.
376 페이지 - ... shall be deemed to be the true owner thereof, so far as to give validity to any contract made by such agent with any other person, for the sale or disposition of the whole or any part of such merchandise, for any money advanced, or negotiable instrument or other obligation in writing given by such other person upon the faith thereof.
203 페이지 - It is a settled doctrine of the law of agency in this state that, where the principal has clothed his agent with power to do an act upon the existence of some extrinsic fact necessarily and peculiarly within the knowledge of the agent, and of the existence of which the act of executing the power is itself a representation, a third person dealing with such agent in entire good faith, pursuant to the apparent power, may rely upon the representation, and the principal is estopped from denying its truth,...
291 페이지 - And the rule of law may be that in all cases where a man is in possession of fixed property he must take care that his property is so used and managed that other persons are not injured, and that, whether his property be managed by his own immediate servants or by contractors or their servants.
132 페이지 - ... be liable on the warranty, because the servant was acting within the general scope of his authority, and the public cannot be supposed to be cognizant of any private conversation between the master and...
383 페이지 - ... under the provisions of this section shall be deemed to be invalid or insufficient solely by reason of any inaccuracy in stating the time, place or cause of the injury if it be shown that there was no intention to mislead and that the party entitled to notice was not in fact misled thereby.
333 페이지 - The master, in the case supposed, is not exempt from liability, because the servant has better means of providing for his safety, when he is employed in immediate connection with those from whose negligence he might suffer ; but because the implied contract of the master does not extend to indemnify the servant against the negligence of any one but himself ; and he is not liable in tort, as for the negligence of his servant, because the person suffering does not stand towards him in the relation...
164 페이지 - ... or varied by parol, it is well settled that the principal may show that the agent who made the contract in his own name was acting for him. This proof does not contradict the writing; it only explains the transaction.
383 페이지 - ... his behalf; but if from physical or mental incapacity it is impossible for the person injured to give the notice within the time provided in...

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