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While the young blossoms here unfold,

That weapon for his guard design d, There shines the fruit like pendent gold. You render'd fatal to mankind. Citrons their balmy sweets exhale,

he plann'd no death for thoughtless youth; And triumph in the distant gale.

You gave the venom to his tooth,
Now fountains, murin'ring to the song, Blush, tyrant, bluth! for, oh! 'tis truc,
Roll their translucent streams along;

That no fell serpent bices like you.
Thro' all the aromatic groves

The guests were order'd to depart; The faithful rurtles coo their loves;

Reluctance fat on every heart : The lark afc.nding pours his notes,

A porter Mew'd a diff'rent door, And linnets swell their rapt'rous throats. Not thư fair portal known before. Pleasure, imperial fair ! how gay

The gates, methought, were open'd wide Thy empire, and how wide thy sway!

The crowds dcfcended in a tide: Enchanting queen, how töfr thy ruiyn! But oh! ye heavens, what vast liirprise How man, fond m.11! implores thy chain ! Struck the advent'rers' frighted eyes ! Yet thine each meretricious ari,

A barren heath before us lay, That weakens and corrupts the heart:

And gath'ring clouds obscur'd the day; The childith toys, and wanton page,

The darkness role in finoky spires; Which link and prostitute the fage!

The lightnings flah'd their livid fires; The masquerade, that just orience

Loud peals of thunder rent the air, To virtue, and reproach to fenic!

While vengeance chill'd our hearts with fuar, The midnight dance, the mantling bowl, Five ruthless tyrants sivay'd the plain, And all that dislipate the soul;

And triumph'do'er the mangled Nain. All that to ruin man combine,

Here fat Distatte, with fickly mien, Yes, specious harlot ! all are thine.

And more than half devour'd with spleen: Whence sprung th' accurled luit of play, There stood Remorse with thought oppreft, Which beggars thousands in a day?

And vipers fceding on his breaft: Speak, forc'ress, speak (for thou canst tell), Then Want, dejected, pale, and thin, Who call'd the treach'rous card from heil: With bones just starting thro' his skin; Now man profanes his reas'ning pow'rs, A ghastly fiend !-and close behind, Profanes fivect friend thip's sacred hours; Dileale his aching head reclin'd; Abandon'd to inglorious ands,

His everlasting thirst confcfs d And faithless to himself and friends;

The fires which rag'd within his breast : A dupe to ev'ry artful knare,

Death clos’d the train! the hideous forin To ev'ry abjcct with a flave :

Smil'd, unrelenting, in the storm ; But who against himself combines,

When straight a doleful thrick was heard ; Abcts his ereiny's designs.

I woke- the vision disappeard. When rapine meditates a blow,

Let not the unexperienc'd boy He shares the guilt who aids the foc.

Deny that pleasures will deftroy; Is man a thict who steals iny pelf

Or say that dreams are vain and wild, How great his theft who robs himself!

Like fairy tales to please a child. Is man, who gulls his friend, a cheat

Important hints the wife may reap How heinous, then, is fcif-dcceit!

From fallies of the soul in scep: Is mard justly deem'd a crime

And since there's meaning in iny dream, How black his guilt who murders time! The moral merits your eftcem. Should custom plead, as culton will, Grand precedents to palliate ill;

Vifion III. Hartb. Shall modes and forms avail with me, ATTEND iny Visons, thoughtless youths When reason dilavows the plea?

Ere long you 'II think them weighiy ti uthi Who games is feion of his wealth,

Prudent it were to think so now, His time, his liberty, his health :

Ere age has filver'd o'er your brow : Virtuc forfakes his sordid mind,

For he, who at his early years
And Honour scorns to stay behind.

Has sown in vice, shall reap in tears,
From man when these bright cherubs part, If folly has pollefs'd his prime,
Ah, what 's the poor deserted heart !

Disease shall gather strength in time;
A savage wild that shocks the fight!

Poison thall rage in ev'ry vein ; Or chaos, and impervious night!

Nor penitence dilute the stain : Each gen'rous principle destroy'd,

And when each hour shall urge his fate, And dzmons crowd the frightful void !

Thought, like the doctor, comes too late, Shall Siam's clephant supply

The subject of my song is Health, The ban-ful defolating die!

A good superior far to wealth. Against the honcst fylvan's will,

Can the young mind ditirust its worth? You taught his iv'ry tusk to kill.

Confult the monarchs of the earth : Heaven, fond its favours to dispense,

Imperial czars, and sultans, own Gave him that weapon for defence :

No gem so bright that decks their throne;

§ 113.

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Each for this pearl his crown would quit, She claim'd the cottage for her own :
And turn a rustic, or a cit.

To Health a cottage is a throne.
Vark, rho’the bleding 's lost with ease, The annals say (to prove her worth)
'Tis not recover'd when
you please.

The Graces folemniz'd her birth. Say not that gruels Thall avail;

Garlunds of various fow'rs they wrought : For talutary gruels fail:

The orchard's bluthing pride they brought : Say not, Apoilo's fons succeed;

Hence in her face the lily speaks, Aprilo's son is Egypt's * reed.

And hence the role which paints her checks; How fruitless the physician's skill,

The cherry gave her lips to glow; How vain the penitential pill,

Her eyes were debtors to the lloc ; The marble monuments proclain ;

And, to complete the lovely fair, The humbler turf confirms the same!

Tis laid the chesnut ftain'ä her hair. Prevention is the better cure;

The virgin was averle to courts, So fays the proverb, and 'tis sure.

But often foen in rural sports : Would you extend your narrow span, When in her rofy vest the morn And make the most of life you can ;

Walks o'er the dew-bcipangled lawn, Would you, when med'cines cannot save, The nymph is firit to form the race, Delcend with ease into the grave

Or wind chc horn, and lead the chace. Calmly retire, like evening light,

Sudden I heard a thouting irain ; And cheerful bid the world good night? Glad acclamations till’d the plain ; Let Temp'rance constantly preside;

Unbounded joy improv'd the scene, Our best physician, friend, and guide !

For Health was loud proclaim'd a queen. Would you to wildom make


Two liniling cherubs grac'd her ihrone Proud to be thought a man of leofe ?

To modern courts, I fear, unknow.): Let Temp'rance (always friend to fame) ().e was the nymph that loves the light, With steady hand direct your aim ;

Fair Innocence, array'd in white; Or, like an archer in the dark,

With filter Peace in cloic embrace, Your randım shaft will mis the mark : And hcaren all opening in her face. For they who flight her golilen rules,

The reign was long, the empire great, In wisdom's volume ftand for fools.

And Virtue minister of ttate, Bur morals, unadorn d by art,

In other kingdoms, cy'ry hour, Ar leldom known to reach the heart,

You hear of Vice preferr'd to power : I'll therefore strive to raise my theme

Vice was a perfect itrarger here;
With all the scenery of a dream.

No knaves engross'd the royal ear;
Soft were my numbers, fivect my rest, No fools obtain'd this monarch's grace;
Such as the infant's on the brcast;

Virtue dilpos’d of ev'ry place.
When Fancy, ever on the wing,

What fickly appetites are ours, And fruitful as the genial spring,

Still varying with tre varying hours ! Presented, in a blaze of light,

And tho’ froin good to bad we range, A new creation to my fight.

No matter,' says the foo!, ' 'tis change.' A rural landscape I defcried,

Her subjects now express'd apace Drest in ti'e robes of sur mer pride ;

Diffatisfaction in their face; The herds adorn’d the floping hills,

Some view the ftate with Enry's eye ; That glitter'd with their tinkling rills;

Soinc were dilplea> 'd, they knew not why ; Below, the fleecy mothers stray'd,

When Faction, ever bold and rain,
And round their sportive lambkins play'd. With rigour tax'd their monarch's reign.
Nigh to a murin ring brook | Gow

Thus, bould an argel from above,
An humble cottage, thatch'd with straw; Fraught with benevolence and love,
Behind, a garden, that supplied

Defcend to carth, and here impart All things for use, and none for pride : Important truths to mend the heart, Beaury prevail'd thro' cv'ry part;

Would not th' inftrućtire geeft difpense But more of nature than of art.

With pallion, appetite, and tente, • Hail, thou fiveer, calm, unenvied scat!' We thould his heavenly lore dcfpisc, I said, and bless'd the fair retrcat;

And lend him to his former skics. Here would I pass iny remnant days,

A dang 'rous hoftile pow'r arose • Unknown to çensure or to praise ;

To Health, whole houschold were her focs: Forget the world, and he forgot,

A harlot's loofc attire she wore, * As Pope describes his veftal's lot.'

and Luxury the name the bore.
While thus I mus'd, a beauteous maid This princess of unbounded rivay,
Stepp'd from a thicket's neighbouring Thade; Whom Afia's fofter sons obey,
Not Hampton's gallery can boast,

Made war against the queen of Hcalth,
Nor Hudion paint, fo fair a toait :

Allisted by the troops of Wealth,
* In allufion to 2 Kings, xviii. 21.
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The queen was first to take the field, Yet ftill we hug the dear deceit, Arm'd with her helinet and her thield;

And still exclaim against the cheat. Temper'd with such superior art,

But whence this inconhstent part?
That both were proof to ev'ry dirt.

Say, moralists, who know the heart:
Two warlike chiefs approach'd the green, If you 'll this labyrinth pursue,
And wondrous fav'rites with the queen ;

I'll go before, and find the clue.
Both were of Amazonian race;

I dream'd ('twas on a birth-day nigla) Both high in merit and in place.

A sumptuous palace rose to fighe : Here Refolution march'd, whose soul

The builder had, thro' ev'ry part, No fear could shake, no pow'r controul ;

Obsery'd the chastest rules of art; The heroine wore a Roman veft;

Raphael and Titian had display'd
A lion's hcart inform'd her breast.

All the full force of light and shade:
There Prudence thone, whose bosom wrought Around the livcried servants wait;
With all the rarious plans of Thought ; An aged porter kept the gate.
'Twas hers to bid the troops engage,

As I was traversing the hall,
And reach the battle where to rage.

Where Brussels looms adorn'd the wall And now the Syren's armies press ;

(Whose tap'ítry shews, without my aid, Their van was headed by Excels;

A nun is no such useless maid), The mighty wings that form'd the side, A graceful person came in view Commanded by that giant Pride;

(His form, it seems, is known to few); While Sickness, and her fifters, Pain

His dress was unadorn'd with lace, And Poverty, the centre gain:

But charms! a thousand in his face. Repentance, with a brow fevere,

• This, Sir, your property? I cried; And Death were station'd in the rear.

Master and niansion coincide : Health rang d her troops with matchless art, Where all, indeed, is truly great, And acted the defensive part :

• And proves that bliss may dwell with state. Her army, posted on a hill,

Pray, Sir, indulge a stranger's claiin, Plainly bespoke fupcrior skill.

. And grant the favour of your name: Hence were discover'd, through the plain, • Content !' the lovely form replied; The motions of the hottilc train :

"But think not here that I reside : While prudence, to prevent surprise,

· Here lives a courtier, base and fly; Oft fallied with her trusty spies;

An open, honest rustic, I. Explor'd cach ambuscade below,

· Our taste and manners disagree; Ard reconnoitred well the foc.

His levec boasts no charms for mc: Afar when Luxury descried

For titles, and the smiles of kinys, Inferior force by art supplied,

To me are cheap, unheeded things. The Syren spake Let Fraud prevail,

('Tis virtue can alone impart • Since all my nuin'rous horts muít fail; The patent of a ducal heart : • Henceforth hoftilities shall ceale;

· Unluís this herald speaks him great, I'll send to Health and offer peace.'

• What shall avail the glare of Rate :) Sraight she dispatch'd, with pow'rs complete, · Those secret charms are my delight, Pleasure, her minister, to treat.

" Which shinc remote from public rightI his wicked strumpet topp'd her part,

• Pations subdued, desires at rift: And fow'd fedition in the heart !

• And hence his chaplain thares my breast. Thro' ev'ry troop the poison ran;

· There was a time (liis grace can tell) All were infected to a man.

• I knew the duke exceeding well; The wory generals were won

• Knew ev'y secret of his heart; By Pleasure's wiles, and both undone.

• In truth, we never were apart : Jove lield the troops in high disgrace,

But when the court became his end, And bade diseases blait the race;

He turnd his back upon his friend. Look'd on the queen with melting eyes,

• One day I call'd upon his grace, And snatch'd his darling to the skies :

Just as the duke had got a place : Who still regards those wiser few,

I thought (but thought ainiss, 'tis clear) That dare her dictates to pursue.

I thould be welcome to the peer; For.where her stricter law prevails,

Yes, welcome to man in pow'ri Tho' passion prompts, or vice assails,

"And so I was—for half an hour: Long shall they cloudless skies behold,

• But he grew weary of his guest, And their calm sun-fet beam with gold. • And soon discarded me his breast;

Upbraided ine with want of merit, § 114. Vifion IV. Coment.

But most for poverty of spirit. MAN is deceiv'd by outward fhow

• You relish nor the great man's lot! 'Tis a plain homefpun truth, I know; • Come, haften to my humbler cot. The fraud prevails at ev'ry age,

• Think me not partial to the great, Su lays the school-boy and the fage :

I 'm a lworn foe to pride and state ;

• No

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No monarch fares my kind embrace; Much less, by pride or int'rest drawn,
* There's fcarce a monarch knows my face ; Sigh for the mitre and the lawn.
• Content thuns courts, and oft'ner dwells Observe the secrets of my art,
* With modeit worth in rural cells;

I'll fundamental truths impart;
* There's no complaint, cho’ brown the bread, If you 'll my kind advice pursue,
"Or the rude turf luftain the head;

I'll quit my hut, and dwell with you. • Thu' hard the couch, and coarse the meat, The pallions are a num'rous crowd, Still the brown loaf and sleep are liveet. Imperious, positive, and loud: • Far from the city I refide,

Curb there liccntious tons of strife; · And a thatch'd cottage all my pride.

Hence chicfly rise the storms of life : • True to iny heart, I feldom roam,

It they grow mutinous, and rare, • Because I find my joys at home :

They are thy masters, thon their llave. For foreign visits then begin

Regard the world with cautious eye, • When the man fecis a void within,

Nor raise your expectation high. • But ilo' from towns and crowds I fly, See that the balanc'd scales be luch, • No humorist, nur cynic, I.

You neither fear nor hope too much: • Amidft fequester'd shades I prize

For disappointment 's not the thing; • The friendthips of the good and wise. 'Tis pride and passion point the fting. • Bid Virtue and her sons attend,

Life is a sea, where forms must rise; • Virtue will tell thee, I'm her friend;

'Tis Folly talks of cloudless skies; • Tell thee I 'm faithful, constant, kind, He who contracts his fivelling fail, • And meek, and lowly, and resign'd;

Eludes the fury of the galc. • Will say, there's no distinctioa known

Be still, nor anxious thoughts employ ; • Betwixt her houschoid and my own,'

Diftruit embitters present joy :

On God for all events depend ;
If there the friendships you pursue,

You cannot want when God's your friend. Your friends, I fear, are very few.

Weigh well your part, and do your belt;

Leave to your Maker all the reit. Solinle company, you say,

The Hand, which form’d thee in the womb, Yc fond of hoine from day to day!

Guides from the cradle to the tomb. How do you thun Detraclion's rod?

Can the fond mother flight her boy? I doubt your ncighbours think you


Can the forget her prattling joy?

Say, then, thall Sov'reign Love desert
I commune with myself at night,

The humble and the honcft heart? And ask iny heart if áll be right:

Hearen may not grant thee all thy mind; If. Right' replies my faithful breast,

Yet say not thou that Heaven 's unkind.
I smile, and close my eyes to reft.

God is alike both good and wife

In what he grants and what denies :
You seem regardless of the town :

Perhaps, what Goodness gives to-day,

To-morrow Goodneis takes away.
Pray, Sir, how Itand you with the gown?

You fay, that troubles intervenc;

That sorrow's darken half the scene.
The clergy say they love me well ;

True--and this consequence you see, Whether they do, they best can tell:

The world was ne'er design'd for thee : They paint me modest, friendly, wise,

You 're like a passenger below, And always praise me to the tkies:

That stays perhaps a night or so; But if conviction 's at the heart,

But still his native country,

lies Why not a correspondent part?

Beyond the bound'ries of the skics. For shall the learned tongue prevail,

Of Hcaven alk virtue, wisdom, health ; If actions preach a diff'rent calc?

But never let thy pray'r be wealth. Who'll seek my door, and grace my walls, If food be thine (tho' little gold), When neither dean nor prelate calls ?

And raiment to repel the cold; With those my friendihips most obtain, Such as may Nature's wants fuffice, Who prize their duty more than gain ;

Not what from pride and folly rile; Soft flow the hours whene'er we meet,

If soft the motions of thy soul, And conscious virtue is our treat ;

And a calm conscience crown the whole; Our harmless breasts no envy know,

Add but a friend to all this store, And hence we fear no fecret foe;

You can 't in reason wish for more : Our walks Ambition ne'er attends,

And if kind Heaven this comfort brings, And hence we ask no pow'rful friends ; 'Tis more than Heaven bestows on kings. We with the best to church and state,

He spake the airy spectre flies, But leave the fecrage to the great ;

And straight the sweet illusion dies. Careless who riles or who falls,

The Vision, at the early dawn, And never dream of vacant stalls:

Confign'd me to the thoughtful morn;


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To all the cares of waking clay,

This moment seen aloft to soar, And inconsistent dreams of day.

The next to fall, and rise no inore.

'Twas here Ambition kept her court,
$ 115. Vifion V. Happiness. A phantom of gigantic port :
ductile youths, whose rising sun

The fav’uite that luftain'd her throne
Hath many circles till to run;

Was Falsehood, by her vizard known; Who wisely with the pilot's chart,

Next stood Mittruit, with frequent figli, To feer thro' life th' unsteady heart,

Disorder'd look, and Iquinting eve; And, all the thoughtful voyage past,

While meagre Envy claim'd a place ; To gain a happy port at lait :

And Jealousy, with jaundic d face. Attend a Seer's instructive song;

* But where is Happiness?' I cried. For moral truths to dreams belong.

My guardian turn'd, and thus replied : I saw this wondrous Vision soon,

Mortal, by Folly fill beguild, Long ere my sun had reach'd its noon;

• Thou hast not yet outstripp'd the child; Just when the rising beard began

• Thou who hast twenty winters teen To grace my chin, and call me man.

(I hardly think thee past fifteen) One night, whep balmy slumbers thed • To alk if happiness can dwell Their pea eful poppies o'er my head,

With ev'ry dirty iinp of hell ! My fancy led me to explore

'Go to the school-boy; hc thall preach A thousand scenes unknown before,

What twenty winters cannot teach; I saw a plain extended wide,

He 'll tell thee, from his weekly theme, And crowds pour’d in from ev'ry fide

That thy pursuit is all a drcam ; All seem'd to start a diff'rent game,

That bliss ambitious views disowns, Yet all declar'd their views the same :

And, self-ciependent, laughs at thrones; The chace was Happiness, I found;

Prefers the shades, and lowly fcats, But all, alas! enchanted ground.

" Whither fair Innocence retreats. Indeed, I judg'd it wondrous strange, • So the coy lily of the vale To fce the giddy numbers range

• Shuns eminence, and loves the dale.' Thro' roads which promis'd nought, at best, 1 blush'd; and now we cross'd the plain, But forrow to the human brcast.

To find the money-getting train; Methought, if bliss was all their view,

Those filent, fnug, commercial bands, Why did they difl'rent paths pursue ?

With busy looks, and dirty hands.
The waking world has long agreed,

Amidst there thoughtful crowds, the old
That Bagfhot 's not the road to Tweed : Plac'd all their happiness in gold;
And he who Berwick seeks thro' Staines, And surely, if there's bliss belov,
Shall have his labour for his pains.

These hoary heads the secret know.
As Parnelt fays *, my bosom wrought We journey'd with the plodding crew,
With travail of uncertain thought;

When soon a temple rote to view;
And, as an angel help'd the dean,

A Gothic pile ! with moss o'ergrown; My angel chofe to intervene.

Strong were the walls, and built with stone, The dress of each was much the same;

Without, a thousand mastiffs wait; And Virtue was my seraph's name.

A thousand bolis fecure the gate. When thus the angel silence broke;

We fought adıniffion long in vain, Her voice was music as she spoke :

For here all farouro fell for gain. • Artend, o man ! nor leave my side, The greedy porter yields to gold; • And safety fall thy footsteps guide ;

His fee receiv'd, the gates unfold..
• Such truchs I'll teach, such fecrets thow, sillembled nations here we found,
As none but favour'd mortals know.'

And view'd the cringing herds around,
She taid-and straight we march'd alang Who daily facrilic'd to Wealth
To join Ambition's aérive throng:

Their honour, conscience, peace, and health. Crowds urg'd on crowds with eager pace,

I saw no charms that could engage ; And happy he who led the race.

The god appear'd like fordid

age, Axes and dangers lay unseen

With hooked nofe, and famifh'd jaws, In ambuscacd along the green :

But ferpent's eyes, and harpy's claws ; While vapours fhed delusive light,

Bchind stood Fear, that restless sprite, And bubbles mock'd the distant light.

Which haunts the watches of the night W'e saw a shining mountain rise,

And viper Care, that stings so deep, Whose tow'ring summit reach'd the skies; Whose deadly venom murders fleep, The flopes were steep, and form’d of glass, We haften now to Pleasure's bow'rs, Painful and hazardous to pass :

Where the gay tribes íac crown'd with flow'rs : Courtiers and statesmen led the way

Here Beauty ev'ry charm display'd, The faithless paths their steps betray ; And Love inflam'd the yielding maid; + See the Hermit, page 78,


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