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THE Traveller; or, A Prospect of Society. To the Memory of Sir Isaac Newton

Тkomfon 437
Inscribed to the Reverend Mr. H. Gold- Hymn on Solitude

'ib. 438

Talden 49


Dr. Goldsmith 207 Hymn to Darkneis

The Deserted Village
ib. 210 Education

Weft 439

Edwin and Angelina. A Ballad

A Birth-Day Thought


Spring, a Pastoral

Pope 215

Moral Reflection. Written on the first Day of

Summer, a Pastoral

the Year 1782

Autumn, a Pastoral

ib, 217 The Triumph of Isis, occasiuned by Isis, an Elegy

Winter, a Pastoral

ib. 218

T. Warion 448


ib. 219 Infeription in a Hermitage, at Ansley-Hall in

Two Choruses to the Tragedy of Brutus

ib. 222


Ode on Solitude

ib. 223 Monody, written near Stratford upon Avon

The Dying Christian to his Soul

On the Death of King Gevrge the Second
An Essay on Criticism

iq. 223 On the Marriage of the King, 1761, to her

The Rape of the Lock


Elegy to the Memory of an Unfortunate Lady ib. 236 On the Birth of the Prince of Wales

Prologue to Mr. Addison's Tragedy of Cato ib. 237 Ode to Sleep

Epilogue to Mr. Rowe's Jane Shore ib. 237 The Hamlet, written in Whichwood Forest

The Temple of Fame

ib. 238 Ode. The First of April

The Happy Life of a Country l’arfon

Ode. The Suicide

An Essay on Man: in Four Epistles

Ode. Sent to a Friend on his leaving a favourite
Moral Efrays : in Four Epistles

Village in Hampshire

Epifle to Mr. Addison, occafioned by his Dialogues The Art of Prelerving Health Armstrong 456

it. 263 Ode on the Spring

Gray 473

Epistle to Dr. Arbuthno:, being the Prologue to Ode on the Death of a favourite Cat drowned in

the Satires

ib. 263

a Tub of Gold Fishes

Satires and Epistles of Horace imitated ib. 267|Ode on a distant Prospect of Eton College
Epilogue to the Satires : in two Dialogues ib. 27% Ode to Adversity
Imitations of Horace

ib. 282 The Progress of Poesy. A l'indaric Ode
A Panegyric to my Lord Protector, of the present The Bard. A Pindaric (de


Greatness, and joint Interest, of his Highness The Fatal Sisters. An Ode

and this Nation

Waller 285 The Descent of Odin. An Ode

Cooper's Hill

Denkam 206 The Triumphs of Owen. A Fragment

On Mr. Abraham Cowley's Death, and Burial Ode on the initallation of the Duke of Grafton.

amongst the ancient Poete

ib. 289


An Essay on Translated Verse Earl of Rofcammen 290 A Prayer for Indifference

Greville 480

Ablalom and Achitophel

Dryden 2 4 The Fairy's Answer to Mrs. Grevi.le's Prayer for

Palamon and Arcite; or, the Knight's Tale


Countess of C-

Religio Laici

ib. 332 The Beggar's Petition

Anon. 481

Mac Flecknoe

ib. 335 Pollio. An Elegiac Oje; written in the Wood near

An Essay upon Satire Dryden ord Buckingham 337

R— Caitle, 1762

Mickie 481

Cymon and Iphigenia

Diyden 339 The Tears of Scotiand

Smolle! 483

Theodore and Honoria
ib. 345 Ode to Mirth

ib, 433
The Rofciad

Churchill 348 Ode to Leven Water
The Pleasures of Imagination

Akenfide 3:7 Songe to Ælla, Lorde of the Cartel of Brystowe
Day: a Pastoral

Cunningbam 362 ynne Dails of Yore. From Cbatierion, under

The Contemplatist : a Night Piece

ib. 363

the name of Rowley


The Visions of Fancy

Langborne 364 Bristowe Tragedie ; or, The Deshe of Syr Charles

A Letter from Italy to the Right Honcurable Bawdin Cbatterton under the name of Rowley 484

Charles Lord Halifax. In the Year 1701. Addison 366 The Mynstrelles Songe in Ælla, a Tragytal

The Campaign


Ari Allegory on Man

Parnell 372 Chorus in Goddwyn, a Tragedie

ib. 488

The Book Worm

ib. 372 Grongar Hill

Dyer 488,

An Imitation of some French Verses

ib. 373 Monody on the Death of his Lady
Ad Amicos

George lord Lyrtelton 497

Hymn to Contentment

Parnel 375 A Winter Piece

An Address to Winter

Cowper $75 The School-Mistress. In Imitation of Spenser

Liberty renders England preferable to other Na.

Shinjtene 493

tions, notwithstanding Taxes, &c.

ib. 3:6 Oriental Eclogues

Description of a Poet

ib. 376 The Splendid Shilling

7. Pbillips 495

Love Elegies

376 An Epiltle to a Lady

Nugent 300
An Essay on Poetry

Buckingbam 378 Alexander's Feaft; or the Power of Mutic. An

The Chace

Somerville 33 i Ode on St. Cecilia's Day

Dryden 301

Rural Sports; a Georgic

Gay 399 An Epistle from Mr. Phillips to the Earl of Dor.
Love of Fame, the Universal Pallion

set.' Copenhagen, March 9, 1709

Griville 5'3

Tbomjun 423 Monody to the Memory of a Young Lady' Seaw 503


The Cuitle of Indolence. An Allegorical Poem

The Man or sorrow

ib. 471
ib. 478
ib. 479

ib. 479

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ib, 507

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ib. 527

An Evening Address to a Nightingale Sbaw 506 Epifle to a young Gentleman on his leaving

An Ode to Narcissa

Smollet 507

Eton School

Dr. Roberts 523

Elegy in Imitation of Tibullus

ib. 507 Great Cilies, and London in particular, allowed

The Propagation of the Gospel in Greenland their due Praise

Cowper 524
Cowper 507 The Want of Discipline in the Englih Univertities

Na Slavery, and the Slave Trade

Oa liberty, and in Piaise of Mr. Howard ib, 508 Happy the Freedom of the Man whom Grace

On Domestic Happiness, as the Friend of Virtue, makes free-His Relish of the Works of God

and of the false Good-nature of the Age

ib. 508

Address to the Creator

On the Employments of what is called an Idle That Philofophy which stops at Secondary Causes



The Poit comes in-the News-paper is read- Rural Sounds as well as Sights delightful

the World contemplated at a Distance ib. 579 The Wearisomeness of what is commonly called a

A Fragment

Life of Pleasure

Ode to Evening

Dr. Jof. Warton 511 | Satirical Review of our Trips to France
Ihs. Aa Elegy

Majon sur The Pulpit the Engine of Reformation
Epistolary Verses to George Colman, Esq. written The Petit-Maitre Clergyman
in the Year 1756

Lloyd 512 Armine and Elvira, a Legendary Tale
Ode to Arthur Onslow, Esq.

C.177 euright 523

Ode to Melancholy

Ogilvie 514 An Italian Song

Rgers 533

Ole to the Genius of Shakspeare

ib. 515 Henry and Emma, a Poem upon the Model of the
Ude to Time; occafioned by seeing the Ruins of Nut-Brown Maid
az old Caiile

ib. 516 An Heroic Epistle to Sir William Chambers,

Obe to Evening

Knight, Comptroller General of His Majesty's

Ode to Innocence

Works, and Author of a late Dissertation on

Morning ; or, The Complaint. An American Oriental Gardening. Enriched with Explana-


Gregory 519

tory Notes, chiefly extracted from that ela.

Evening : 01, The Fugitive. An American Eclogue borate Performance

ib. 521 Pleatures of Memory; a Poem
A Defeription of a Parish Poo: -House Cračbe 522 From the Same

Description of a Country Apothecary ib. 52. From the Same

Description of a Country Clergy man visiting the Froin the Same



ib. 523 Verses on a Tear

Th: Reason for describing the Viees of the Vila A Sketch of the Alps at Day-break


ib. 5231 A With

Apology for Vagrants

Anon. 5 :3 | An Ode on Clasic Education

ib. 518
ib. 519

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King Leir




The Life and Death of King Richard II. 636

The Lite and Death of King Richard III. 633
Romeo and Juliet


Timon of Athens
Titus Andronicus

Troilus and Crellida

572 Sebastian and Dorax

Dryden 653
574 Antony and Ventidius
577 Theodofius and Marcian

Lee 6:8
579 Gloster and Hastings

Ruwe 660
592 Gudavus and Dalecarlians

Brooke 661
586 Gustavus and Critiern

ib. 662
590 | Brutus and Titus
593 Lady Randolph, Lord Randolph, and young
597 Norval, not known at the time to be Lady
Randolph's Son

Home 665
608 Young Norval informs Lord Randolph by what

Means he acquired a knowledge in the Art
610 of War

ib. 666
612 Douglas's Soliloquy in the Wood, waiting for

Lady Randolph, after he was known to be
her Son

ib. 665


All 's Well that Ends Well
As You Like It
The Comedy of Errors
Love's Labour Loft
Measure for Measure
The Merchant of Venice
Merry Wives of Windsor
A Midsummer Night's Dream
Much Ado about Nothing
The Taming of the Shrew
The Tempeit
Twelfth Night, or What You Will
The Two Gentlemen of Verona
The Winter's Tale
Anthony and Cleopatra
The Second Part of Henry IV.
The Life of Henry V.
The First Part of Henry VI.
The Second Part of Henry VI.
The Third Part of Henry VI.
The Life of Henry VIII.
The Life and Death of King John
Julius Cæsar

ib. 6:5

Lee 653



ib. 719

ib. 710

Row? 710

Page 1



Addison 666 The true End of Life

Thomfor 709

Phædre and Hippolitus

Smirb 635 The same

S. Johnson ;09

A Lion overcome by a Man

Lee 709

Rowe 799

DESCRIPTIONS, DETACHED SENTENCES, Character of an excelent Man

Virtue the only true Source of Nobility Thumfon 709

The Happy Etfects of Misfortune
The Happiness of a free Government S. Jobifon 707 A Description of the Morning

Orway 710

The Killing of a Boar

Olway 707 Another

L: 710

Defcription of a populous City

Young 707 The charming Notes of the Nightingale

Rural Courtship

Dryden 707 The same

Description of a Person left on a Desert Mand A worthless Person can claim no Merit from the

Tbowlon 707

Virtues of his Ancestors

The firft Feats of a young Eagle Rowe 707 | The Love of our Country the greatest of Virtues

The true End of Education

Thomsen 710

Filial Piety

Mallet 707 | The same

W. Wbitebead 710

The same

Tbomson 708 In what Philosophy really consists Tbombom 710

Bad Fortune more easily borne than good Rowe 7.8 Scipio restoring the captive Princess to her Royal

Despair never to be indulged

Phillips 708 Lover

A Friend to Freedom can never be a Traitor The Blessings of Peace


Tbomson 7.8 Providence

Description of a Hag

Orway 7o8 Prudence

Happiness the inseparable Companion of Virtue Description of Ships appearing at a Distance,

Rowe 708

and approaching the shore

Dryden 711

Rowe 712

Honour fuperior to Justice

Thomson 708 Virtue preferable to Rank
Jn what Manner Princes ought to be taught Description of an ancient Cathedral Congreve 712

Mallet 708 Description of a Triumph
True End of Royalty
ib. 708 A Shepherd's Life happier than a King's

Rowe 712
The real Duty of a King

Rowe 709 Virtue its own Reward
Character of a good King

Thomson 709 No Difficulties insuperable to the Prudent and

The Guilt of bad Kings




Millon 713 Hermitage --Hippolitus-Honour-Hope--Hydra

Il Penseroso




ib. 716 Ignorance-Inconstancy--Incontinence Lechery

Virtue, Wisdom, and Contemplation ; Moditation



and Beauty; Chastity

ib. 717 Lion--Love-Madness-Mastiff — Mediocrity-

Philosophy—True Liberty-Prowess of Body Mercy

and Mind-On Shakspeare-Song on May Minerva—Morning Mountain

Morning.–Virtue and Evil
ib. 718 Mutability--Night-Occasion

Patience -- Sonnet on his deceased Wife Palace of Sleep-Tyger-Winds-Sun-Phaeton
Spirits-Pain-Hypocrisy-The Lady reprov-


ing Comus--Sonnet to the Nightingale ib. 719 Storm-Superstition-Suspicion—Venus 738
Echo: A Song
ib, 720 Temple of Venus-





Adonis's Garden - Affections-Ambition 720
Anguilh-Arbour - Avarice-Balhfulness

Duessa weeping over her Enemy, compared to a

Another-BeautyBoar-Bower of Bliss

Crocodile ; and a Description of Night 740

Bower of Proteus

Description of Lucifera's Palace


Lucifera ascending her Coach-Description of

Prince Arthur in his Habiliments of War


-Deicription of Diana with her Nymphs, rc-


turned from the Chace, and preparing to bathe

Discord's House-Dolphin

-Description of a Garden-Description of

Doubt-Dungeon - Eagle-Ease-Envy

the Garden of Adonis- Devaftation which

Error Excels-Faith— Falcon-Fancy

Time makes in this Garden-Description of

Fear-Ship-Feeling-Fire-First Age — Flood

Jupiter - Guyon conducted by Mammon

through a Cave under Ground, to see his Trea-


Gluttony-Greediness--Grief-Griffon - Grove




Description of Despair, and her Speech



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Wilkes 772

ib. 772



FAIRFAX', TASSO. On the Birth Day of Shakspeare. A Cento

Berenger 768

Description of the Vision conjured up by Alecto 743

On the Invention of Letters-The Answer-On

Image of Armida and Attendants, enraged at Ri.

a Spider


naldo's hewing down the Myrtle to diffolve the

The Extent of Coukery

Shenfone 719

Charm-Description of Armida's wonderful

Slender's Ghost



Hamlet's Soliloquy imitated

Jago 770

GLOVER'S LEONIDAS. To the Memory of George Lewis Langton, Esq.

who died on his Travels to Rom. Sbipley 770

Leonidas's Address to his Countrymen-Answer

The Brewer's Caaehman

Taylor 770

to the Persian Ambaffador

744 Ode on the Death of Marzel, a favourite Bullfinch.

Pathetic Farewell of Leonidas to his wife and Fa.

Addrelled to Philip Stanhope, Esq. (natural Son

mity -Characters of Teribazus and Ariana 745

to the Earl of Chesterfield) to whom the Au-

Ariana and Polydorus come by Night into the

thor had given the Reverlion of it when he

Perlian Camp

left Dresden

Williams 770

To-Morrow-On Lord Cobham's Gardens-To


a Child five Years Old

To the Moon-On the Departure of the Nightin.

10 Miss Lucy Fortescue

Lyttelton 771

gale-Written at the Close of Spring-Should

To Mr. Welt, at Wickham, 1743

the lone Wanderer-To Night

747 The Temple of the Muses. To the Countess Temple 772

To Tranquillity-Written in the Church Yard

To a Lady who sung in too low a Voice


at Middleton in Sufser-Written at Penthurst,

To Miss Wilkes, on her Birth-day, Aug. 16th,

in Autumn 1788–Elegy

1757. Written in France

Elegy to Piry

Anon. 749 To Miss Wilkes, on her Birth-day, Aug. 16th,

Extra from a Poem on his own approaching

1768. Written in Prilon


Micbael Bruce 749 An Ode in Imitation of Alcæus Sir W. Jones 773

Sonnet to Twilight

Miss Williams 749 The Choice of a Wife by Cheese Capt. Thomson 773

Sünnet to Expression

ib. 749 The Choice

Pomfrei 773

Sonnet u Hope

ib. 750 To my Candle

Peter Pindar 774

Senget to the Moon

ib. 750 Presented together with a knife by the Rev.

The Bastard

Savage 750 Samuel Bithop, Head Master of Merchant

O: the Recovery of a Lady of Quality from the

Taylors School, to his Wife on her Wedding

Small Pos

Day, which happened to be her Birth Day

Ode to Pity

and New Year's Day


Ode to Fear-Ode to Simplicity

ib. 752 By the same, with a Ring,


Ode on the Poetical Character-Ode, written in

Whitsuntide. Written at Winchester College, on

the Year 1740-Ode to Mercy

the immediate Approach of the Holidays 775

Ode to Liberty


Ode to a Lady, on the Death of Colonel Charles

An Elegy on the Death of a Mad Dog Goldsmirb 776

Rols, in the Action at Fontenoy. Written in

L'Allegro; or Fun, a Parody

ib. 755 The Picture

Cunningham 778

Ode to Evening-Ode to Peace-The Manners,

The Modern Fine Gentleman. Written in the

ao Ode

Year 1746

Soame Jenyns 778

The Passions. An Ode to Music

ib. 757 An Epiftle, written in the Country, to the Right

An Epiftle addressed to Sir Thomas Hanmer,

Honourable the Lord Lovelace, then in Town.

on his Edition of Shakspeare's Works

September 1735

Dirge in Cymbeline, lung Guiderus Arvi-

Horace. Book II. Ode 10

Cowper 780

ragus over Fidele, supposed to be dead ib. 759 A Reflection on the foregoing Ode

Ole on the Death of Mr. Thomson – Verses

The Shrubbery. Written in a Time of Affliction

written on a Paper which contained a Piece

-Mutual Forbearance necessary to the Happi-

of Bride-Cake

ib. 760

ness of the Married State-The Winter Nolegay

To a Mouse, on turning her up in her Nest with

ib. 781

the Plough, November 1785

Burns 761

Boadicea, an Ode-Heroism

ib. 782

To a Mountain Daisy, on turning one down with

Art above Nature

Perer Pindar 783

the Plough, in April 1786

ib. 761

The Crooked Sixpence

Bramflon 783

An Eflay upon unnatural Flights in Poetry

The Copper Farthing

Penningtox 785

Lansdowne 761

The School-Boy. By the Rev. Mr. Maurice,

To Mr. Spence, prefixed to the Essay on Pope's


Pitt 762

Author of the Indian Antiquities. Written by

The Enquiry. Written in the last Century

him at a very early Age


The Diverting History of John Gilpin ; dhewing

Written in a Lady's Ivory Table-book, 1699

Swift 788

how he went farther than he intended, and came

Cafe home again

Mrs. Harris's Petition. 1699

Cowper 963

An Evening Contemplation in a College ; in

A Description of the Morning. 1709


Imitation of Gray's Elegy in a Counury Church

A Description of a City Shower. In Imitation



Duncombe 765

of Virgil's Georgics. 1710

The Three Warnings. A Tale Mrs. Tbrale 766

On the little House by the Church-yard of Cattle-

The Cit's Country Box

nock. 1710


Lloyd 767

Report of an adjudged Cars, not to be found in

The Fable of Midas, 1711-A Dialogue be.

any of the Books

Cowpor 768

tween a Member of Parliament and his Servant


ib. 759

ib. 779

ib. 781



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ib. 863

795 | To Miss


ib. 871



in Imitation of Horace, Sat. II. vii. First Autumn. An Ode

Dr. Jobn fon 862
printed in 1752
791 Winter. An Ode

ib. 862
The Intruder. In Imitation of Horace, Sat. I.ix. An Evening Ode. To Stella

ib. 863

ib. 863
First printed in 1754.

793 The Natural Beauty. To Stella

Horace, Book I. Ep. VII. Addrefled to the Earl The Vanity of Wealth

of Oxford. 1713

on her giving the Author

Horace, Book II. Sat. VI.


a Gold and Silk Net-work Purse of her own

ib. 863
A True and Faithful Inventory of the Goods be-
longing to Dr. Swift, Vicar of Laracor ; upon

To Lyce, an elderly Lady

ib. 864
lending his House to the Bishop of Meath, till Epitaph on Sir Thomas Hanmer

ib. 864
his Palace was rebuilt

797 Sonnets. Written at Wynllade in Hampshire-
An Elegy on the Death of Demar the Usurer,

On Bathing-Written in a Blank Leaf of
who died the 6th of July 1720


Dugdale's Monafticon - Written at Stone.
Epitaph on a Miser—To Mrs. Houghton of Bore

henge-Written after seeing Wilton-Houfe
mount, upon praising her Husband to Dr. Swift

-To Mr. Gray-On King Arthur's Round
-Dr. Delany's Villa-Mary the Cook-Maid's

Table at Winchester - To the River loo

Letter to Dr. Sheridan, 1723


Warton 865

Riddles, by Dr. Swift and his Friends, written

in or about the Year 1724-On Gold-On a The Old Cheese

King 866

Corkscrew-On a Circle

799 The Pilgrim and the Peas Peter Pindar 866
On Ink-Onthe Five Senses-On an Echo-On A Country Bumpkin and Razor-seller

ib. 867
a Shadow in a Glass

800 The Bald-pated Welshman and the Fly Somerville 867
On Time-On the Vowels-On Snow-On a The Incurious Bencher

ib. 868
Cannon—To Quilca, a Country-House of Dr. The Officious Mefkenger. A Tale

ib. 868
Sheridan, in no very good Repair. 1725-

The Devil dut-witted - The Frogs Choice
The grand Question debated, Whether Hamil. The Oyster

ib. 872
ton's Bawn should be turned into a Barrack or Epitaph on Miss Basnet, in Pancras Church-yard 872
a Malt.House. 1729

T bomson 872

On the Death of Dr. Swift, occasioned by reading

On Time

Anon. 873

the following Maxim in Rochefoucault, “ Dans
« l'adversité de nos meilleurs amis, nous

“ trouvons toujours quelque chose qui ne nous
“ deplait pas"


Various, from

The Author

Cburchill 808

The Spanish Lady's Love


The Children in the Wood

Epigrams, Epitaphs, and other little Picces 811-853 The Hunting in Chevy-Chace

Sir Caulin


VARIOUS POEMS, &c. By DIFFERENT Robin Hood and Guy of Gisborne


Adam Bell, Clym of the Clough, &c.

Willow, Willow, Willow
Verses supposed to be written by Alexander Sel-

Barbara Allen's Cruelty

kirk, during his solitary Abode in the land
of Juan Fernandez

Cowper 853 Death's Final Conquett.

The Frolicrome Duke, or Tinker's Good Fortune 920

Ode to Peace


Human Frailty



Bryan and Pereene, aWeft-IndianBallad, founded

On observing some Names of little Note recorded

in the Biographia Britannica

on a real fact that happened in the Idland of St.


Grainger 923

The Nightingale and Glow-Worm

ib. 854 Gentle River, gentle River.

On a Goldfinch starved to Death in his Cage ib: 855 Alcanzor and Zaida, a Moorish Tale

The Pine-apple and the Bee

King Edward IV. and the Tanner of Tamworth 925

The Poet, the Oyster, and Sensitive Plant

A Fable

ib. 856

Lady Ann Bothwell's Lament


The Love of the World detected

ib. 856 Corydon’s doleful Koell-Old and young Courtier 927

The lackdaw

ib. 856

Loyalty confined


Retaliation. A Poem

Goldsmith 838

To Althea, from Prison-The Braes of Yarrow,

an Imitation of the ancient Scotch Manner

Lines from Dr. Barnard, Dean of Derry, to Dr.

Childe Waters
Goldsmith and Mr. Cumberland

On Dr. Goldsmith's Characteristical Cookery.

The King and Miller of Mansfield

A Jeu d' Esprit
Garrick 860 The Witches Song—The Fairies' Farewell

A Pastoral Ballad. In Four Parts
ib. 860

Shenfione 937
Jupiter and Mercury. A Fable

A Pastoral Ballad

The Lamentation of Glumdalclitch for the Loss

of Grildring

Gay 860

A Fairy Tale

A Receipt for stewing Veal
ib. 861 Songs. By Dibdin


Spring. "An Ode

Dr. Johnson 861

The Midsummer's Wilh, An Ode ib. 862/PROLOGUES AND EPILOGUES, &c. 95a



ib. 854
ib. 854

ib. 854

Percy 923

ib. 924

ib. 855
ib. 855

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Rowe 939
Parrell 939

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