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of it.

Edward I. was one who very well knew how to This hath all its force at once, upon the first imuse a victory, as well as obtain it.

pression, and is ever afterwards in a declining state. These successes are more glorious which bring

Id. benefit to the world, than such ruinous ones as are For provoking of urine, one should begin with the dved in human blood. Glanville, gentlest first.

Arbuthnot on Aliments. The church is therefore one, though the members Two bones rubbed hard against one another, or may be many ; because they all agree in one faith. with a file, produce a fetid smell. Arbuthnot, There is one Lord and one faith, and that truth once When joined in one, the good, the fair, the great, delivered to the saints, which whosoever shall receive, Descends to view the muses humble seat. embrace, and profess, must necessarily be accounted

Granville. ene in reference to that profession : for if a company At one time they keep their patients so warm as of believers become a church by believing, they must almost to stifle them, and all of a sudden the cold. also become one church by believing one truth. regimen is in vogue.

Baker. Pearson. For some time one was not thought to understand With lives and fortunes trusting one,

Aristotle, unless he had read him with Averroe's. Who so discreetly used his own. Waller. comment.

Id. Both the matter of the stone and marchasite had

In your tuneful lays, been at once fluid bodies, till one of them, probably Once more resound the great Apollo's praise. the marchasite, first growing hard, the other, as being

Pope. pet of a more yielding consistence, accommodated This evil fortune which attends extraordinary men, itself to the harder's figure.

Boyle. hath been imputed to divers causes that need not be He that will overlook the true reason of a thing set down, when so obvious an one occurs, that when which is but one, may easily find many false ones, a great genius ‘appears, the dunces are all in conspierror being infinite.

racy against him.

Swift. He is not at one with himself what account to give

A good acquaintance with method will greatly Id.

assist every one in ranging human affairs. Watts. From his lofty steed he flew, And raising one by one the suppliant crew,

Smooth to the shelving brink a copious flood To comfort each. Dryden's Knight's Tale.

Rolls fair and placid ; where collected all If one must be rejected, one succeed,

one impetuous torrent down the steep It thundering shoots.

Thoinson. Make bim my lord, within whose faithful breast,

New forms in dire vicissitude invade,
Is ħxed my image, and who loves me best. Id.
Night came on not by degrees prepared,

The rustling brake alarms and quivering shade; But all at once ; at once the winds arise,

Nor light, nor darkness, brings his pain relief, The thunders roll. Id. Cimon and Iphigenia.

One shows the plunder, a u one hides the thief.

Johnson. Fuscinis, those ill deeds that sully fame,. In blood once tainted, like a current run

God, working ever on a social plan,
From the lewd father to the lewder son.

By various ties attaches man to man :

He made at first, though free and unconfined,
It is me thing to draw outlines true, the features

One man the common father of the kind. Cowper. like, the proportions exact, the colouring, tolerable, Has One that notices his silent grief.

The wretch that works, and weeps without relief, and another thing to make all these graceful. Id.

He, from whose hands alone all power proceeds, A sign-post dauter would disdain to paint The oneeyed heroe on his elephant.


Ranks its abuse amongst the foulest deeds ; It is one thing to think right, and another thing to

Considers all injustice with a frown, know the right way to lay our thoughts before others

But marks the man that treads his fellow down. with advantage and clearness.

Locke. Suppose the common depth of the sea, taking one

And she may now be as discreet and wise,

As once absurd in all discerning eyes. place with another, to be about a quarter of a mile.


Sobriety perhaps may now be found There can be no reason why we should prefer any

Where once intoxication pressed the ground. Id. One action to another, but because we have

When one is vexed by one person, to revenge one's

greater hopes of advantage from the one than from the other. self on another that happens to come in the way, is.

the vilest injustice.

Sheridan. Smallridge. Arbitrary power tends to make a man a bad sove

But pause one moment more and take

The curse of him thou didst forsake, reign, who might possibly have been a good one, had

And look once more to heaven, and see be been invested with an authority limited by law. Addison's Freeholder,

Its love for ever shut from thee. Byron. My legs were closed together by so many wrap

Who, when terror and doubt through the universe pers one over another, that I looked like an Egyptian While rapine

and treason their standards unfurled,

reigned, mummy. The mighty family

The heart and the hopes of his country maintained, Of one-cued brothers hasten to the shore. ld.

And one kingdom preserved midst the wreck of the world.

Canning. Now that the fixed stars by reason of their immense distance, appear like points, unless so far as ONEEHOW, one of the Sandwich Islands, in their light is dilated by refraction, may appear from the North Pacific, about forty miles in circumhence, that when the moon passes over and eclipses ference. It is fruitful in yams, and contains them, their light vanishes, not gradually like that of about 10,000 inhabitants. The coast is high, the planets, but all at once.

One would imagine these to be the expressions of and rises on the east abruptly from the sea; the a man blessed with ease, affluence, and power; not

rest of the island consists of low ground, except of one who had been just stripped of all those ad

a round bluff head on the south-east point. Fantages.


ONEGA, a large lake of European Russia, in: The following plain rules and directions are not the government of Ol tz, to the east of Lathe less useful because they are plain ones. Id. doga. Its length is about 130 miles, its breadth

from seventy to eighty. It contains several for the romantic and exaggerated anecdotes it islands, of which the basis is marble : its waters contains. Plut. in Aler. Q. Curi. ix. 10. are beautifully clear, and abound in fish. The ONESIMUS, a Macedonian nobleman and Svir, a navigable stream, joins these lakes; and historian, who fourished at Rome in the third as the smaller lake of Bielo, situated to the century, and was patrorised by the reigning south, and in the direction of the Wolga, is at emperors. He wrote the lives of the emperors the distance of only twenty-five miles, it has Probus and Carus with great elegance and acbeen proposed to join these by a canal.

curacy: ONEGA, a river of the north of European Rus ONGLEE, in, heraldry, an appellation given sia, which rises to the east of Onega, and, flowing to beasts or birds when the talons or claws are northward, falls into the White Sea, in a gulf of borne of a different color from that of the body this name.

of the animal. ONEGLIA, a province of Piedmont, which, ONGOLE, a district and town, in the until 1566, formed a distinct principality be- Northern Carnatic, situated between 15° and, longing to the house of Doria; but is now 16° of N. lat. The district was formerly detransferred to Sardinia. Its principal produc- 'pendent on the Kirpa or Cudapah principality; tions are olive-oil and fruit. It contains, on a but was afterwards incorporated with the Carsurface of 100 square miles, one town, fifty-one natic below the Ghauts, and subject to Arcot. villages, and nearly 29,000 inhabitants.

The sovereignty was finally acquired by the East ONEGLIA, a town in the north of Italy, the India Company in 1801, by treaty with the nacapital of the Piedmontese province of this name, bob; and with Neloor, and now forms one of the situated on the sea coast, at the mouth of the collectorships, into which the Carnatic has been river Impero. It has a small harbour, a popu- subdivided. It is of inferior fertility to Tanjore, lation of 5000, and a traffic in wine, fruit, and and has never been remarkable for trade or olive-oil. It is partly fortified, and contains some manufactures. The Mussy and the Gondefine churches and a gymnasium. Here the cele- gamma are the principal rivers. The chief brated Andrew Doria was born. It is thirty-six towns are Ongole, Courchier, and Sintalsheroo. miles E. N. E. of Nice.

The town, 'formerly fortified, is 173 miles north ONEIDA, a county of New York, bounded by west from Madras. north by Lewis county, east by Herkimer county, ONIÆ OPPIDUM, and Onix Templum, a and south-west by Madison county, and west by town and temple, so called from Onias, the Oswego county. Population 33,792. Chief high-priest of the Jews in Egypt; who built a towns, Whitesborough, Utica, and Rome. temple in imitation of that at Jerusalem, by per

Oneida, a lake, chiefly in Oneida county, is mission of the king of Egypt, on the spot where twenty miles long and four broad. It receives stood the temple of Diana Aretis in LeontopoWood Creek on the east end, and communicates lis; it was encompassed with a brick wall, and with Lake Ontario by the Oswego. It is a very had a large tower like that at Jerusalem. (Josebeautiful lake, abounding in fish.

phus). It was the metropolis of the Nomos Oneida Creek, a river of New York, which Hesiopositis (Ptolemy), because in Strabo's time runs north into the east end of Oneida Lake. Heliopolis was fallen to decay. Length twenty-five miles.

ONION, n. s. Fr. oignon ; (Lat. unio?) A ONEIROČRITIC, n. s. Gr. OvelpOKPITIKOG. 'well known bulbous plant.

ONEIROCRIT’ICAL, adj. An interpreter of If the boy have not a woman's gift dreams ; interpretative of dreams.

To rain a shower of commanded tears, If a man has no mind to pass by abruptly from

An onion will do well.

Shakspeare. his imagined to his real circumstances, he may em

I, an ass, am onion-eyed.

Id ploy himself in that new kind of observation which This is every cook's opinion, my oneirocritical correspondent has directed him to No savory dish without an onion ; make. Addison's Spectator.

But, lest your kissing should be spoiled, Having surveyed all ranks and professions, I do Your onions must be thoroughly boiled. not find in any quarter of the town an oneirocritic, or

Swift. an interpreter of dreams.

Id. Of the second division, or the onion kind, the chaON’ERARY, adj.

Lat. onero.

Fitted for

racters, &c., the species are these, Ist. Cepa, or ON'ERATE, d. a.

common onion, the best garden varieties of which are burdens : to load or bur- the Strasburgh or common round onion, the oval long ON'erous, adj. den: burdensome.

keeping common onion, the Spanish large fat onion, A banished person, absent out of necessity, retains &c.

Dr. A. Rees. all things onerous to himself, as a punishment for his Onion. See Allium. Onions, leeks, and crime.


garlic, are all of the same genus; and in their ONESIÆ THERMÆ, were, according to Strabo, recent state are acrid, but harmless to the human excellent baths, and salutary waters, at the foot body. When, by age or climate, this acrimony of the Pyrenees in Aquitania. Near the river is too great, they are not used as food. In Spain Adour, the ancient Aturus, stands Bagneres, the garlic, being equally mild with the onion, is famous for its waters, which appear to be the used as common food. By the ordinary culinary Onesiæ of Strabo. See BagnERES.

preparation their acrimony is dissipated, and a ONESICRITUS, a cynic philosopher and remarkably mild substance remains, affording historian of Ægina, who accompanied Alexander much nutriment. They are used in medicine, the Great into Asia, and was sent by him to the uniting the two qualities of pectorals, viz. by Indian Gymnosophists. He wrote a history of their

in their recent state expecAlexander's expedition, which has been censured torant; in their bojled state, on account of their


mucilage, demulcent, provided the quantity taken to our fishermen : these insects will frequently be sufficient. Some have found in leeks a som eat up a whole fish while it hangs in the net. niferous quality; and onions are undoubtedly ONKELOS, surnamed the Proselyte, a famous possessed of this property, as any person may rabbi of the first century, and the author of the be satisfied, by eating one or two, when wakeful Chaldee Targum on the Pentateuch. He flouin the night. Besides the three species above rished in the time of Jesus Christ, according to mentioned, there are several others belonging to the Jewish writers. The Talmudists tell us that the same tribe, which we use as condiment; but he assisted at the funeral of Gamaliel, and was only the leek and onion as diet. In its recent at a very large expense to make it magnificent. state the onion is the most acrid ; in its boiled ONʻLY, adj. & adv. From one. Single; state the leek retains its acrimony most tena- sole; this, emphatically: one-like; simply; ciously. On account of this, and some difference singly; merely; so and no otherwise. of texture, the onion is more easily digested and

Every imagination of the thoughts of his heart more universally used than the leek; being was only evil continually.

Genesis, vi, 5. more easily broken down, and more generally The only child of shadeful Savernake. Drayton. agreeable.

The posterity of the wicked inherit the fruit of Osion River, a river of Vermont, which is their father's vices; and that not only by a just judgformed in Cabot, passes by Montpelier, and ment, but from the natural course of things. runs west into lake Champlain, four miles north

Tillotson. west of Burlington, North America. It is one of All who deserve his love, he makes his own ; the principal rivers of Vermont, and flows through And, to be loved himself, needs only to be known.

Dryden. a fertile country. Between Colchester and Burlington it has worn through a solid rock of lime This only man was worth the conquering.

Of all whom fortune to my sword did bring, stone, forming a chasm seventy or eighty feet

The logick now in use has long possessed the chair, deep, and at Bolton there is another similar as the only art taught in the schools for the direction chasm. Length seventy miles.

of the mind in the study of the sciences. Locke. OMISCUS, in zoology, a genus of insects be I propose my thoughts only as conjectures. Burnet. onging to the order of aptera. It has fourteen Nor 'must this contrition be exercised by us only legs, bristly feelers, and an oval body. The for grosser evils ; but when we live the best. Wake. most remarkable species are these :

To maintain a character then with decency, we 1. O aquaticus, of an ashen color, and tolera- must keep our eye only upon that which is proper to bly smooth. Its body is composed of seven ar



Can ticulations, exclusive of the head and tail; which


resolve on shame? that only ill last part is much larger than the other segments,

The generous fear that kills the soul itself.

Thom on. round at the extremity, from which issue two

By numbers here from shame or censure free, appendices, each divided into two threads. It All crimes are safe

, but hated poverty. has seven legs on each side; the last of which This, only this, the rigid law pursues ; gradually increase in length, and are constantly This, only this, provokes the snarling muse, larger than the foremost. The antennæ have but

Johnso three long articulations, the last of which is much Arts once esteemed may be with shame dismissed; longer than the rest. This insect is found in Charity may relax the miser's fist; pools, small rivulets, and especially in springs. The gamester may have cast his cards away,

2. O. armadillo is broad, very glossy, and Forgot to curse, and only kneel to pray. Cowper. smooth; its color is black, with a small portion ONOMACRITUS, an Athenian soothsayer, of white on the edge of the segment, which color who flourished under Pisistratus and his sons, often varies; but still the insect is glossy and about A. A.C. 516. He is generally believed to smooth. Its body is composed of ten segments, have been the author of the Greek poem on the besides the head and tail." of the ten segments, Expedition of the Argonauts, which bears the the first seven are broad, and the last three short. name of Orpheus; as well as of the elegant poems The first of these three appears divided in the still extant under the name of Musæus. He was middle, which is broader than the rest, into three exiled by Hipparchus. Herod. vii. 6. more. These last short segments, with that of ON’OMANCY, n. s.)

Gr.ovoua, name and the tail, form the extremity of the body, which ONOMAN'TICAL. is round, without any appendix, and constitutes Prediction by names. the specific character of this insect. It has four

Destinies were superstitiously, by onomancy, deteen feet, seven on each side. When touched, ciphered out of names, as though the names and it rolls itself up into a ball, bringing its head and

natures of men were suitable, and fatal necessities tail together like the armadillo, and neither an- concurred herein with voluntary motion. Camden. tennæ nor feet are seen : it might be taken for a Theodatus, when curious to know the success of round shining pearl. It is found in woods. his wars against the Romans, an onomantical or name

3. O. asellus, millepes, or wood-louse, is oval; wisard Jew, willed him to shut up a number of the tail obtuse, with two undivided bristles; swine, and give some of them Roman names, others various as to color; length, five lines.

Gothic names with several marks, and there to leave them.

Camden, 4. O entomon, the sea wood-louse, is white; eres black; convex above, beneath flat, margin ONOMANCY, ONOmantia, or ONOMANCIA, a acute; antennæ four; four hind pair of legs lar- branch of divination, which foretels the good gtst, hairy. Body of ten segments. Length one or bad fortune of a man from the letters in his line and a half. Found on the coast. It accoin

From the same principle the young panies the herring, and is an enemy well known Romans drank to their mistresses as often as

Navtis, divination.


there were letters in their names : hence Mar- but in the year 1768 it was taken by the British, tial says, Naevia sex cyathis, septem Justina, and the buildings destroyed; shortly after which bibatur.

it was retaken by Hyder. In 1783 it was reONON, a' river of Asiatic Russia, on the fron- taken by the British under general Matthews, tier of Chinese Tartary. It rises in a mountain- who found five ships of war, and a number of qus country, and flows north-east till, combined small vessels ; but it was restored to Tippoo on with the Ingoda, it forms the Chilka, which the conclusion of the peace. The sultan, conafterwards discharges itself into the Amour. Its vinced of the impracticability of forming a marine waters abound in fish, and throw on shore frag- at that place, withdrew the artificers, and, with ments of cornelian, chalcedony, and jasper. The the province of Canara, it came into British banks are chiefly occupied by tribes of wander- possession in 1799. ing Bannats, Tunguses, &c.

ONOSANDER, a Greek author and Platonic ONONDAGA, a county of New York, philosopher, who wrote Commentaries on Plato's bounded north by Oswego county, east by Ma- politics, which are lost; but particularly famous dison county, south by Courtland county, and for a treatise entitled Aoyos Stpatnyucos; Of the west by Cayuga county. Population 25,987. Duty and Virtues of the General of an Army;'

ONONDAGA, a post town, the capital of Onon- which has been translated into Italian, Spanish, daga county, New York, fifty miles west of and French. The time when he lived is not Utica, 145 west of Albany. It is a large, valuable, precisely known; but is imagined to have been and flourishing town, and has two villages, Onon- in the reign of Claudius I. daga Hollow, and West Hill. The latter, which ONOSMA, in botany, a genus of the monois two miles west of the former, contains a court gynia order, belonging to the pentandria class of house, a jail, printing-office, &c. Onondaga plants; and in the natural method ranking Hollow contains a state arsenal, an academy, a under the forty-first order, asperifoliæ. The comeeting-house, a printing-office, and considerable rolla is campanulated, with the throat pervious : manufactures. 200 of the Onondaga Indians there are four seeds. live three miles south of this village ; 200 of the ON'SET, n. s. & v. a. On and set. A set same tribe reside on Buffalo Creek, 100 on the on; attack; assault; first brunt: to assault. Alleghany, and 100 on the Ouse, in Upper As well the soldier dieth, which standeth still, as. Canada.

he that gives the bravest onset.

Sidney. ONONDAGA, or Salt Lake, a lake in Onondaga

All breathless, weary, faint, county ; seven miles north of Onondaga; seven Him spying, with fresh onset he assailed, miles long, and two broad. It discharges its And kindling new bis courage, seeming queint, waters from the north end into Seneca River. Struck him so hugely, that through great restraint. On its borders are celebrated salt springs.

He made him stoop.

Spenser ONONIS, in botany, a genus of the decandria I will with deeds requite thy gentleness ; order, belonging to the diadelphia class of plants ;

And for an onset, Titus, to advance and in the natural method ranking under the

Thy name and honourable family, thirty-second order, papilionaceæ. The calyx is

Lavinia will I make my empress.

Shakspeare. quinquepartite, with the segments linear; the This for a while was hotly onsetted and a reasonvexillum striated; the legumen turgid and ses able price offered, but soon cooled again. Carew. sile; the filaments coalited without a fissure.

The shout
ONOPORDUM, woolly thistle, in botany, a

Of battle now began, and rushing sound
Of onset.

Milton's Paradise Lost. genus of the polygamia æqualis order, belonging to the syngenesia class of plants; and in the

Sometimes it gains a point; and presently it finds natural method ranking under the forty-ninth itself baffled and beaten off; yet still it renews the order, compositæ. The receptacle is honey

onset; attacks the difficulty afresh ; plants this reacombed; the scales of the calyx mucronated or

soning and that argument, like so many intellectual

batteries, till at length it forces a way into the obpointed.

stinate enclosed truth.

South. ONORE, or Honavur, a sea-port of North

Without men and provisions it is impossible to Canara, Hindostan, standing at the mouth of a small river which communicates with a fine salt

secure conquests that are made in the first on sets of an invasion.

Addison. water lake. This lake extends nearly as far to

Observe the east as the foot of the mountains, and is The first impetuous onsets of his grief ; studded with islands. The fish are salted by

Use every artifice to keep him stedfast. the natives, and form a considerable article of

Philips. trade. The country also produces much pepper ON'SLAUGHT, n. s. On and slay. See and rice. Ships may anchor to the south of SLAUGHTER. Attack; storm; onset. Not in use. Fortified Island, at the distance of one mile and

They made a halt a half, or two miles, from the shore, in five or To view the ground, and where t' assault, six fathoms water. Onore, when the Portuguese Then called a council, which was best, first arrived in India, was the seat of an inde By siege or onslaught to invest pendent rajah, whom they subdued, and built a The enemy; and 'twas agreed fortress here. It was subsequently taken from By storm and onslaught to proceed. Hudibras. them by the Dutch, who relinquished it; for in ONSLOW, a county, south part of North 1763 it was taken by Hyder Aly, and then con- Carolina, on the coast. Population 6669. sidered one of the possessions of the ranee of Slaves 2299. Chief town Swansborough. Bednore. Hyder caused docks to be erected ONTARIO, LAKE, one of that great northern here for the purpose of building ships of war; chain which divides the United States from

Gr. ονυχα.


n S.

Upper Canada. In length it is 171 miles, its to be what some others call ontology, or ontosophy,. greatest breadth fifty-nine and a half, and it is i. e. the doctrine de ente, or of being, quatenus being. 467 in circumference; the depth of water varies,

Dr. A. Rees. but it is seldom less than three, or more than ONUPHRIUS PANVINUS, a learned Italian, fifty fathoms, except in the middle, where of the order of hermits of St. Augustine. He attempts have been made with 300 fathoms, was born of a noble family at Verona in 1529; without striking. Its bearing is nearly east and and became so indefatigable in his studies that west. Towards the south and in the north-east he spent whole days and nights in reading the the shores are low and marshy; to the north and ancients; which made Manutius style him Helluo Dorth-west they assume a lofty character. The Antiquitatis. His first performance was A country around is covered with wood, except Chronicle of Popes and Cardinals, which was where patches of settlements diversify the printed without his knowledge at Venice in scene. Of the many rivers flowing into Lake 1557, and some time after more correctly by Ontario there are done that lay claim to no- himself. He afterwards continued Platina's tice but the Genesee and Oswego: but there are Lives of the Popes, from Sextus IV. to Pius V., some fine bays and inlets. Burlington Bay is and subjoined annotations. He also wrote four both spacious and seeure; but its entrance is pieces upon Roman Antiquities, which are narrow, and so shallow as to admit nothing printed in Grævius's Collection. He died in larger than boats. Hungry Bay, on the contrary, his thirty-ninth year in 1568. affords good anchorage and safe shelter among ON’YCHA, n. s.

A fragrant the islands, to ships of the largest size. York and gum. See below. Kingston harbours, belonging to the English, and Take sweet spices, onycha, and galbanum. Exodus. Sacket's harbour to the Americans, are unques

ONYCOMANCY, or ONYMANCY, a kind of tionably the best upon the lake. The two latter divination by the nails of the fingers. The word are strongly fortified. Very heavy squalls of is from the Greek ovvč, nail, and yavrela, diviwind occur here, but they are unattended either nation. The ancient practice was to rub the with difficulty or danger. Of the many islands nails of a youth with oil and soot, or wax; and at the east end the Grand Isle, which lies imme- to hold up the nails thus smeared against the diately at the outlet of the lake into the St. Lawrence, is the most considerable: and, below

Upon them were supposed to appear this , the islands are so numerous in the channel figures or characters which showed the thing re

quired. of the St. Lawrence that they have received the

O'NYX, n Gr. ovvč. A gum. See below. appellation of the Thousand Isles. The Ontario

Nor are her rare endowments to be sold lake discharges its waters into the St. Lawrence from the north-east end, and communicates with

For glittering sand by Ophir shown,

The blue-eyed saphir, or rich onyx stone. Lake Erie at the south-west part, by the Nia

Sundys. gara. Long. 76° 30' to 80° W., lat. 43° 15' to

The onyx is an accidental variety of the agate kind : 44® N.

it is of a dark horny colour, in which is a plate of a ONTARIO, a county of New York, bounded bluish white, and sometimes of red : when on one north by the above lake, east by Seneca county, or both sides the white there happens to lie also a south by Steuben and Alleghany counties, and place of a reddish or fresh colour, the jewellers call west by Genesee county. Canadoqua is the the stone a sardonyx. Woodward on Fossils. capital. Also a county of Upper Canada, con Onyx, in lithology, one of the semipellucid sisting of islands in lake Ontario.

gems, with variously colored zones, but none ONTIGOLA, a well-built village of Spain, red. There are four varieties of this gem. three miles east of Aranjuez, on a small lake of A bluish white one, with broad white zones : 2. the same name. The foreign envoys reside A very pure onyx, with snow-white veins : 3. here, when the court is at Aranjuez.

The jasponyx, or horny onyx, with green zones: ONTINIENTE, a considerable manufacturing 4. The brown onyx, with bluish white zones. town of Valencia, Spain, is situated in a moun- The ancients attributed wonderful properties to tainous and fertile neighbourhood. It is an in- the onyx, and imagined that if worn on the land place, twelve miles south-west of the town finger it acted as a cardiac; they also recomof San Felippe ; than which, though nearly as po- mended it as an astringent; but at present no repulous, as it contains about 11,000 inhabitants, it gard is paid to it. The word ovvę signifies nail; is much less known, from being unfortified and the poets feigning this stone to have been formed distant from any sea-port

. Its inhabitants carry by the Parcæ from a piece of Venus's nail, cut on manufactures of woollen, paper, and copper. off by Cupid with one of his arrows. The variety of temperature gives rise to a con Onyx, in ichthyology, or the onyx fish, found siderable diversity in the fruits, the lower grounds in the Red Sea, and has the property of being producing figs ; the higher pears, apples, and uncommonly odoriferous, whence it is a princiother products of a colder climate.

pal ingredient in the Indian perfumes. We have ONTOL'OGY, n. S. Gr. ovro oyla. The met with no description of it.

ONTOL'OG IST. } science of the general OOCHINADROOG, UJAYINI DURGA, a affections of being. METAPHYSICS, which see. strong hill fort in the Balaghaut territories, dis

The modes, accidents, and relations that belong trict of Harponully. Lat. 14° 32' N., long. 75° to various beings, are copiously treated of in meta- 55' E This fortress is situated about twelve physicks, or more properly ontology. Watts's Logick. miles to the eastward of Hurryhur, and has the

Others, with more propriety, conceive metaphysics appearance of great strength ; being of consider


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