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tion what arrangement can be made with the Post Master in this city concerning the postage and the payment thereof, on such letters, papers, documents, &c., sent to and from the officers and members of this Convention during its session; and that said committee report to this Convention the result of their arrangements for approval or rejection.”

Which resolution, as amended, was adopted.
The Chair appointed the following gentlemen said committee:

Messrs. Morrison of Marion, Kent, Colfax, Owen, Gregg, Bascom, and Pettit.

On motion of Mr. Edmonston,
The Convention adjourned until 2 oclock, P. M.

Two o'dock, P. M. The Convention met pursuant to adjournment. Mr. Hall submittted the following resolution:

Resolved, That no part of the present Constitution of Indiana, nor any proposed amendment thereto, shall be referred to any committee other than the committee of the whole, until the same has been considered and approved by the Cenvention as proper to be inserted in, and made a part of, the amended Constitution.

Mr Pettit moved to lay the resolution on the table;
Which motion prevailed.

Mr. Pettit moved to take from the table the resolution submitted by him on yesterday, with the pending amendments, on the subject of Committees;

Which was decided in the affirmative.

Mr. Pettit moved to lay the amendment offered by Mr. Read of Monroe, and the amendment to the amendment offered by Mr. Edmonston, on the table;

Which was decided in the negative.
The question then being upon the amendment to the amendment,
It was decided in the negative.

Mr. Maguire moved to amend the amendment by inserting the words, "two in each Congressional District ;"

Which was adopted.
The question then being upon the amendment as amended;
It was decided in the affirmative.

The question recurring upon the resolution as amended,
It was decided in the affirmative.

Mr. Kilgore offered the following resolution :
WHEREAS, In the opinion of this Conventinn, the People of Indiana

under their present wholesome Constitution, have attained an enviable position amongst the States of this Union, and now en-, joy a degree of prosperity and general happiness, of which they may well be proud : AND WHEREAS, We are admonished by the elements by which we are surrounded, and which are apparent in our midst, that there is great danger, in an effort to amend the organic law, of deranging our present wholesome system, or supplanting it by one less acceptable to the People of the State; Therefore,

Resolved, That we recommend to the People of the State the present Constitution as proposed by their Delegates in A. D. 1816, and adopted by the People. And that this Convention do now adjourn sine die.

Mr. Wolfe moved to lay the resolution on the table.
The ayes and noes being demanded by two members,

Those who voted in the affirmative were,

Messrs. Alexander, Allen, Anthony, Badger, Barbour, Bascom, Beach, Beard, Beeson, Berry, Bicknell

, Biddle, Blythe, Bourne, Brookbank, Bryant, Butler, Carr of Jackson, Carter, Chandler, Chapman, Clark of Hamilton, Clark of Tippecanoe, Coats, Cole, Colfax, Crawford, Davis of Madison, Davis of Parke, Davis of Parke and Vermillion, Dick, Dobson, Dunn of Perry, &c., Duzan, Edmonston, Farrow, Fisher, Foley, Foster, Garvin, Gibson, Gootee, Gordon, Grabam of Miami, Gregg, Haddon, Hall, Holliday, Hamilton, Harbolt, Hardin, Hawkins, Helm, Helmer, Hendricks, Hitt, Hogin, Holman, Hovey, Howe, Huff, Johnson Jones, Kent, Kendall of Miami, Kendall of White, Kinley, Lockhart, Logan, Maguire, March, Mather, Mathes, May, McClelland, McFarland, McLean, Miller of Clinton, Miller of Fulton, Miller of Gibson, Milligan, Milroy, Mooney, Moore, Morgan, Morrison of Marion, Morrison of Washington, Mowrer, Muiray, Nave, Newman, Niles, Nofsinger, Owen, Pepper of Ohio, Pepper of Crawford, Pettit, Read of Clark, Read of Monroe, Ristine, Robinson, Schoonover, Shannon, Sherrod, Shoup, Sims, Smiley, Smith of Ripley, Smith of Scott, Snook, Spann, Stevenson, Tague, Taylor, Terry, Thomas, Thornton, Trembly, Vanbenthusen, Wallace, Wheeler, Wiley, Wolfe, Work, Wunderlich, Yocum, Zenor, and Mr. President-126.

Those who voted in the negative were,

Messrs. Borden, Bowers, Chenowith, Frisbie, Kelso, Kilgore, Prather, Steele, Tannehill, Todd, and Watts-11.

So the resolution was laid upon the table.
Mr. Hall offered the following resolution :

Resolved 1. That judges, and all other officers shall be elected by the people.

2. That corporations shall be created under a general law; individual liability to the extent of stock shall be imposed; the issue of bills of credit for general circulation shall be prohibited; no banking privileges shall be granted, except to a State Bank, and a limited number of Branches, properly restricted.

3. That special legislation shall be prohibited ; no act shall embrace more than one subject, and that shall be expressed ip its title ; upon the final passage of every bill, in either House, the "yeas and nays” shall be entered upon the journals ; and no act of the General Assembly shall be i, force until after its publication ia print, and distributio i among the people.

4. That the Legislature shall be prohibited from granti. g divorces, and froin establishing lotteries.

5. That the Legislature shall be prohibited from horrowi' g money upon the faith of the State, without the consent of the people expressed through the ballot box.

6. That the Legislature shall meet biennially, but may be convened by the Governor in cases of emergency.

7. That all fines assessed for any breach of the penal laws shall be applied to the support of common schools.

8. That all distinction between proceedings in courts of law and equity shall be abolished, as also all distinction between different kinds of action.

9. That the House of Representatives shall consist of one hundred members, and the Senate shall be composed of fisty members: Provided, The number in either House may be diminished by legislative enactment.

10. That all elections by the General Assembly or either branch thereof, shall be determined by a plurality of the votes given.

Which resolution was laid upon the table by consent.
Mr. Kelso offered the following resolution:

Resolved, That it is hereby made the duty of the President of this Convention to appoint - messengers to this Convention, of whom the duty of one shall be to see a d attend to the mailing all letters, papers, documents, &c., desig ned for the mails, from the members and officers, of this body, and to receive and deliver to said members and officers, all matters sent them through the Post Office during the sitting of this Convention. Which,

On motion of Mr. Clark of Tippecanoe, Was referred to the committee on rules. Mr. Shoup offered the following resolution :

Resolved, That the State Librarian be directed to procure three copies each of the following works. The debates or journals of the New York, Kentucky, and Wisconsin Conventions; also, three copies of the American Constitutions. When procured, to be placed aid kept at the Clerk's desk in this Hall for the use of the members of this Conve.. tion. Which was adopted.

On motion of Mr. Edmonston, The Convention adjourned until to-morrow morning 9 o'clock.


The Convention met pursuant to adjournment.

The following communication was submitted by the Chair, at the request of the Secretary:

INDIANAPOLIS, Oct. 9, 1850.

WM. H. ENGLISH, Esq., Sccretary.
Dear Sir:

-The Ministers of the respective Churches in this city having met in the Supreme Court room according to the suggestion in your communications of the sth inst., and having organized by appointing Rev. T. R. CRESSEY, President, and Rev. C. E. BABB, Secretary, unanimously

Resolved, That we cheerfully accept the invitation of the Constitutional Convention, now in session in this city, to open the same each day with Prayer, and that we will attend for that purpose in the following order, (the Ministers to officiate alternately on the mornings opposite their names.) Monday mornings, Rev. Dr. Camp and Rev. C. E. Babb. Tuesday mornings, Rev. A. H. Myers and Rev. J. Hull. Wednesday mornings, Rev. J. C. Steele and Rev. F. C. Holliday. Thursday mornings, Rev. T. R. Cressey and Rev. L. H. Jameson. Friday mornings, Rev. Mr. Cooper and Rev. Mr. Coffin. Saturday mornings, Rev. C. L. Mills and Rev. Mr. Isensee.

Yours. very truly,

T. R. CRESSEY, President. CLEMENT C. BABB. Secretary.

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was then addressed to the Throne of Divine Grace by the Rev. T. R. Cressey.

The Chair announced the select committee as provided in the resolution of Mr. Read of Monroe, adopted on yesterday, on the subject of committees, to consist of the following gentlemen :

Mr. Read of Monroe;
1st Congressional District, Messrs. Owen and Edmonston;
2d Congressional District, Kent and Carr of Jackson ;
3d Congressional District, Berry and Holman;
4th Congressional District, Newman and Trembly;
5th Congressional District, Tannehill and Maguire;
6th Congressional District, Mr. Terry;
7th Congressional District, Cookerly and Davis of Parke ;
8th Congressional District, Bryant and Pettit;
9th Congressional District, Niles and Miller of Fulton;
10th Congressional District, Kilgore and May.

The Chair announced the select committee as provided in the resolution of Mr. Milroy, on the subject of printing, adopted on yesterday, to consist of the following gentlemen : Messrs.

Milroy, Dunn of Perry, Biddle, Logan, Thornton, Lockhart and Rariden.

Mr. Pettit gave notice that he would, on Monday next, or on some subsequent day, introduce a resolution instructing the committee on the judiciary to bring in a provision abolishing the grand jury system, and substituting public examinations in its place.

Mr. Pettit offered the following resolution :

Resolved, That it shall not be in order to move any resolution of instruction to any standing committee requiring any provision of the Constitution to be brought in, without first giving at least two days' previous notice of such resolution.

Mr. Dobson moved to refer the resolation to a committee of two from each Congressional District;

Which was decided in the negative.

Mr. Pettit then moved to refer the resolution to the committee on rules;

Which was decided in the affirmative.

Mr. Miller of Clinton, gave notice that he would on Tuesday next, or some subsequent day, submit a resolution instructing the committee on legislation to bring in a provision prohibiting the emigration of Negroes into this State.

Mr. Cookerly offered the following resolution :

Resolved, That the Auditor of State be instructed to correspond with the clerks of the Circuit Court in each county, and ascertain as far as possible, the cost of each session of the Court in the spective counties, inclusive of the cost of the grand jury

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