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[blocks in formation]

but ye,

When all these floods are past and fully

gone away. Noah. Lord, homeward will I haste as fast

as that I may. My (wife] 45 will I fraist 46 what she

will say,

And I am aghast that we get some fray

Betwixt us both;
For she is full teethy,47
For little oft angry,
If anything wrong be,

Soon is she wroth.

With floods that from above shall fall,

and that plenty; It shall begin full soon to rain inces

santly, After days seven be done, and endure

days forty,
Without fail.
Take to thy ship also,
Of each kind, beasts two,
Male and female, but no mo,

Ere thou pull up thy sail.
For they may thee avail when all this

thing is wrought; Stuff thy ship with victual, for hunger

that ye perish not. Of beasts, fowl, and cattle, for them have

thou in thought ; For them is my counsel, that some succor

be sought
In haste;
They must have corn and hay,
And other meat alway.
Do now as I thee say,

In the name of the Holy Ghost.

Then he goes to his wife. God speed, dear wife; how fare ye? Wife. Now, as ever might I thrive, the

worse I thee see! Do tell me belive,48 where has thou thus

long been? To death may we drive, or life for thee, 49

For want.
When we sweat or swink,50
Thou does what thou think,
Yet of meat and of drink

Have we very scant.
Noah. Wife, we are hard stead with tid-

ings new.

37 shut.
38 device.
39 tiers of.

40 more.
41 skill.
42 kind of wrong.

43 mate.
44 bless me!
45 missing in MS.

46 ask.
47 testy
48 quickly.

49 for all you care.
50 work.

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Noah. Ah! wilt thou so? Marry, that is

mine! Wife. Thou shall 58 three for two, I swear

by God's pain! Noah. And I shall quit thee then, in faith,

ere syne.59 Wife. Out upon thee, ho! Noah.

Thou can both bite and whine With a rerd ! 60 For all if she strike Yet fast will she screech; In faith, I hold none (such]

In all middle-earth.

Now my gown will I cast, and work in

my coat; Make will I the mast, ere I flit one foot. Ah, my back, I trow, will burst! this is;

a sorry note! It is wonder that I last, such an old

dote, 70
All dold,1
To begin such a work,
My bones are so stark,
No wonder if they wark,72


For I am full old.

51 beaten black and

blue. 52 pledge. 53 curse. 54 grieve.

55 give him his de

56 flee from this

67 thong.

58 understand have. 63 prepare.
69 long.

64 again.
60 cf. n. 30.

65 take. 61 work to do.

66 unless. 62 rest.

67 å sluggard,

88 carpentry. 69 Qy. streght? 70 dotard. 71 stupid, stiff. 72 ache.

[merged small][merged small][ocr errors][merged small][merged small]

1 Son. It shall be done full soon. Broth

ers, help to bear. 2 Son. Full long shall I not hone 87 to do

my dever, 88

Brother Shem.
3 Son. Without any yelp, 89

At my might shall I help.
Wife. Yet for dread of a skelp,

Help well thy dam.


[ocr errors]

Window and door, even as he said,
Three chess 74 chambers, they are well

Pitch and tar full sure thereupon laid.
This will ever endure, therefore am I

paid ;
For why?
It is better wrought
Than I could have thought;
Him that made all of nought

I thank only.
Now will I hie me and nothing be lither,
My wife and my meinie to bring even

Tent 76 hither tidily, wife, and consider;
Hence must us flee, all sam together

In haste.
Wife. Why, sir, what ails you?

Who is that assails you?
To flee it avails you

And 78 ye be aghast.


[blocks in formation]


Noah. Dame, as it is skill,98 here must us

abide grace;

ye blame.

Noah. There is yarn on the reel other, my Therefore, wife, with good will come into dame.

this place. Wife. Tell me that each a deal,79 else get Wife, Sir, for Jack nor for Jill will I

turn my face, Noah. He that cares may keel, blessed be Till I have on this hill spun a space his name!

On my rock.94
He has (spoken] 80 for our sele 81 to Well were he might get me!
shield us from shame,

Now will I down set me;
And said,

Yet rede 95 I no man let 96 me,
All this world about

For dread of a knock.
With floods so stout,
That shall run in a rout,

Noah. Behold to the heaven the cataracts
Shall be overlaid.


That are open full even, great and small, He said all shall be slain but only we, And the planets seven left has their stall; Our bairns that are bain, 82 and their These thunders and levin 97 down gar wives three;

fall, A ship he bade me ordain to save us and

Full stout, our fee;

Both halls and bowers,



90 blow. 79 poop. 84 helper of misery.

96 hinder. 79 every bit.

80 suggested by 74 d. n. 39 above.

85 tremble.

91 thrive.

97 lightning 75 lazy.


86 harm. hindrance. 92 hostelry, inn. 76 take heed. 81 happiness.

87 delay. 77 together. 82 obedient. 88 duty (devoir).

94 distaff. 79 it. 88 property. 89 boasting.

95 advise

98 make.

03 reason.


penny dole.?




But I,

Castles and towers,


What say ye, Wat Wink? Full sharp are these showers

Noah. Speak!
That runs about.

Cry me mercy, I say!
Wife. Thereto say I

nay. Therefore, wife, have done; come into Noah. But thou do, by this day, ship fast.

Thy head shall I break. Wife. Yea, Noah, go clout thy shoon; the better will they last.

Wife. Lord, I were at ease and heartily 1 Wife. Good mother, come in soon, for

full whole, all is overcast,

Might I once have a mess of widow's Both the sun and the moon.

cole 5; 2 Wife.

And many a wind blast 1 For thy soul, without lese, should I deal Full sharp; These floods so they run;

So would more, no frese, that I see on

this sole Therefore, mother, come in. Wife. In faith, yet will I spin ;

Of wives that are here; All in vain ye carp.

For the life that they lead,

Would their husbands were dead! 3 Wife. If ye like, ye may spin, mother,

For, as ever eat I bread, in the ship.

So would I our sire Noah. Now is this twice; come in, dame,

Noah. Ye men that has wives, while they on my friendship.

are young, Wife. Whether I lose or win, in faith, thy fellowship

If ye love your lives, chastise their

tongue. Set I not at a pin. This spindle will I

Methinks my heart rives, both liver and slip

lung, Upon this hill,

To see such strifes wedmen 11

among. Ere I stir one foot. Noah. Peter! I trow we dote.

As have I bliss, Without any more note,

Shall chastise this.
Come in if


Wife. Yet may ye miss,

Nicol Needy ! Wife. Yea, water nighs so near that I sit not dry;

Noah. I shall make thee still as stone, beInto ship with a birr 2 therefore will I

ginner of blunder! hie,

I shall beat thee, back and bone, and For dread that I drown here.

break all in sunder. Noah.

Dame, securely,

Wife. Out, alas, I am gone! out upon It is bought full dear, ye abode so long

thee, man's wonder! by

Noah. See how she can groan, and I lie Out of ship.

under! Wife. I will not for thy bidding

But, wife, Go from door to midden.3

In this haste let us ho,12 Noah. In faith, and for your long tarrying For my back is near in two. Ye shall lick on the whip.

Wife. And I am beaten so blue

That I may not thrive. Wife. Spare me not, I pray thee, but even

Ι as thou think,

1 Son. Ah, why fare ye thus, father and These great words shall not flay 4 me.

mother both ? Noah.

Abide, dame, and drink, 2 Son. Ye should not be so spitous," For beaten shall thou be with this staff

standing in such a woth.14 till thou stink.

3 Son. These 15 are so hideous, with many Are strokes good? Say me!

a cold cothe. 16 “do

7 aims (in memory

means 99 patch thy shoes.

as dience.

does 18 malicious. verb; 1 probably a slightest thing.'

Noah in the next of the dead).

14 peril. 4 put to flight.


8 doubt. blows.

15 Manly suggests 5 broth. 2 rush. fare: MS.

These (strifes). 9 place; Noah's wife 10 i.e. Noah. 3 dunghill; the

coyll, Scotch kail. is here speaking 11 married people. 16 disease. whole phrase 6 lying

directly to the au.

12 stop.



[blocks in formation]

Now are the weathers 27 ceased and cata

racts knit, Both the most and the least. Wife.

Methinks, by my wit, The sun shines in the east; lo, is not

Now are these fowls flown into sere

countries; Pray we fast each one, kneeling on our

yond it?


17 seize.
18 cf. n. 76 above.
19 wild.
20 difficulty.
21 promised.

22 helm.
23 have.
24 This work (i.e.

the sounding), I
perceive, I have

had in vain.
25 completely.
26 thoroughly.
27 tempests.
28 restrained.

29 gong.
30 tarry.
31 cast.
32 hand.
33 hinder.

34 wager.
35 without delay.
36 hunting.
37 several.

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