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166 페이지 - La mort a des rigueurs à nulle autre pareilles : On a beau la prier, La cruelle qu'elle est se bouche les oreilles, Et nous laisse crier. Le pauvre en sa cabane, où le chaume le couvre, Est sujet à ses lois; Et la garde qui veille aux barrières du Louvre N'en défend point nos Rois. De murmurer contre elle et perdre patience II est mal à propos ; Vouloir ce que Dieu veut est la seule science Qui nous met en repos.
15 페이지 - The womb of nature, and perhaps her grave,* Of neither sea, nor shore, nor air, nor fire, But all these in their pregnant causes mixed Confusedly, and which thus must ever fight, Unless the almighty Maker them ordain His dark materials to create more worlds...
19 페이지 - ... be united. The next consists of three double atoms; for, if only two were conjoined, magnitude would hardly ensue, since it must be produced either by size or number of particles; it cannot be their size, and therefore it must be their number. Nor is there, any reason for assuming the union of four double atoms, since three suffice to originate magnitude.** The atom then is reckoned to be the sixth part of a mote visible in a sunbeam...
xi 페이지 - Committee relinquished the entire management and direction of their female schools to a Committee of Ladies who formed themselves into a Society called the Ladies' Society for Native Female Education in Calcutta and its vicinity.
184 페이지 - ... they profess to record the actions of saints and gods, and necessarily lose, in marvellous and supernatural regard for the tamer probabilities of human life. But reject the legends, and they will be found to contain much beautiful imagery, animated description, and tender and natural feeling : in fact, neither of these works is yet well known, and nothing can be more unjust than the pictures which have been given of them ; amongst other blemishes they have been charged with " metaphors perpetual,...
19 페이지 - Being a substance and an effect, it must be composed of what is less than half itself: and this likewise is a substance and an effect; for the component part of a substance that has magnitude must be an effect. This again must be composed of what is smaller, and that smaller thing is an atom.
20 페이지 - Ossa videlicet e pauxillis atque minutis Ossibus sic et de pauxillis atque minutis Visceribus viscus gigni, sanguenque creari Sanguinis inter se multis coeuntibus guttis; Ex aurique putat micis consistere posse Aurum, et de terris terram concrescere parvis ; Ignibus ex igneis, humorem humoribus esse.
161 페이지 - Calcutta, from among whom the members of their society were to be selected, observes — that "a mere man of letters, retired from the world and allotting his whole time to philosophical or literary pursuits, is a character unknown among Europeans resident in India, where every individual is a man of business in the civil or military state, and constantly occupied, either in the affairs of government, in the administration of justice, in some department of revenue or commerce, or in one of the liberal...
19 페이지 - ... part of a substance that has magnitude must be an effect. This again must be composed of what is smaller, and that smaller thing is an atom. It is simple and uncomposed, else the series would be endless ; and were it pursued indefinitely there would be no difference of magnitude between a mustard-seed and a mountain, a gnat and an elephant, each alike containing an infinity of particles.
289 페이지 - Turcoman horses sell for from 200 to 1000 rupees. It is eleven stages from Khulm to Sheher Sebz, and no part of the road is subject to Bokhara. It belongs to the country of .the Kobadians, on the right bank of the Amu, which is subject to two rulers : one is Mural Alik...

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