Hongdae Fire

Broke Publishng, 2020. 12. 12. - 218페이지
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When catastrophe strikes in South Korea's struggling underground punk scene, it falls to punk-turned-journalist Won Yoo-kyung, better known as 6,000 Won or 6kyung, drummer of punk band the Tigers of Yuinmak, to uncover the truth and get justice for her friends.

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저자 정보 (2020)

J.A. Dunbar is a writer living in Seoul, originally from Edmonton, Canada. He works as a copy editor for The Korea Times and is a council member of the Royal Asiatic Society Korea, where he is general editor of the Korean studies journal Transactions. He has been involved in the punk scenes since the 1990s in Edmonton and Seoul, helping promote and organise through photography, writing, and publishing. He founded the Korean punk zine Broke in Korea in 2005.

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