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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1874

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563 페이지 - That any bridge authorized to be constructed under this act shall be built and located under and subject to euch regulations for the security of navigation of said river as the Secretary of War shall prescribe...
482 페이지 - An Act to procure the necessary surveys, plans, and estimates upon the subject of roads and canals." It authorized the President to cause surveys and estimates to be made of the routes of such roads and canals...
139 페이지 - Ocean, the first thing which strikes us is, that, the north-east and south-east monsoons, which are found the one on the north and the other on...
378 페이지 - Congress directing the topographical and hydrographical survey of the delta of the Mississippi River, with such investigations as might lead to determine the most practicable plan for securing it from inundation, and the best mode of deepening the channels at the mouths of the river.
623 페이지 - And in case of any litigation arising from any obstruction or alleged obstruction to the free navigation of said river, the cause may be tried before the district court of the United States of any State in which any portion of said obstruction or bridge touches.
558 페이지 - WeitzePs report is to be found at page 463 of the Annual Report of the Chief of Engineers for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1872.
200 페이지 - The United States may construct works for the improvement or security of a given harbor, or as a shelter for ships from storms, or in time of war, and they may interpose for the conservation of said works, or to guard against any diminution of the existing advantages of a river, lake, or sea by the usurpation of individuals, or even of a sovereign State of the Union. But so also iu my judgment may that State itself.
322 페이지 - ... for the improvement of the Mississippi River between the mouths of the Illinois and Ohio Rivers, the distribution of the sum to be at the discretion of the Chief of Engineers.
34 페이지 - ... Commonwealth, having immediate cognizance of the crime with which such prisoner is charged, or of the court by which such prisoner has been convicted, to appoint a commission of three citizens of this Commonwealth, of whom one shall be of the profession of medicine, and one of the profession of law, whose duty it shall be to inquire into and report upon the mental condition of such prisoner ; and if, in a report signed by a majority or all of the members of such commission, it shall appear that...
623 페이지 - ... mark, as understood at the point of location, to the bottom chord of the bridge, nor shall the spans of said bridge be less than two hundred and fifty feet in length, and the piers of said bridge shall be parallel with the current of said river...

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