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14 페이지 - For money they employ the white porcelain shell, found in the sea, and these they also wear as ornaments about their necks. Eighty of the shells are equal in value to a saggio of silver or two Venetian groats, and eight saggi of good silver, to one of pure gold.
23 페이지 - The very small mote which may be discerned in a sunbeam passing through a lattice is the first of quantities, and men call it a trasarenu.
2 페이지 - ... to that contemplated by its depositor. This accumulation, so singular in its numerical amount, is not the less remarkable in the details of its component elements — whether as regards the, so to say, newness and sharpness of outline of the majority of the pieces themselves, the peculiarly local character of the whole collection, or its extremely limited range in point of time. It may be said to embrace compactly the records of ten kings, ten mint cities, and to represent 107 years of the annals...
61 페이지 - On both banks of the stream there are most charming villas and plantations and gardens ....... Having departed hence, he sailed up the river Ganges for the space of three months, leaving behind him four very famous cities, and landed at an extremely powerful city called Maarazia . ...... having spent thirteen days ' on an expedition to some mountains to the eastward, in search of carbuncles' . . he , returned to the city of Cernove, and thence proceeded to Buffetania.
4 페이지 - This, of course, I disbelieved; but when I was there in 1767 and 1768, I found no other currency of any kind in the country; and upon an occasion when an increase in the revenue of the province was •enforced, several boat-loads (not less than fifty tons each) were collected and sent down the Burrampooter, to Dacca.
56 페이지 - III. to proceed against him in all the pomp and following of an Oriental suzerain — resulting only in the confession of weakness, conveniently attributed to the periodical flooding of the...
8 페이지 - curante', —a definition accepted in later days on the Continent as 'par les mains de, par les soins de, etc., In the present instance it would seem to imply a more or less direct intervention by the Commander of the Faithful himself in favour of his...
5 페이지 - Ketasun, on the frontier of Jagepur, where he found the army of the Raja had thrown up intrenchments to oppose him.' . . . Now, in the first place, Jajipur was never a separate principality, as here described ; and there is no such place in Orissa as Ketasun. Ferishtah is altogether silent on this subject in his history of Bengal, but in his general history he ascribes the siege of Gour, in the very year in question, to a party of Mogul Tartars who had invaded Bengal by way of Chitta, Thibet, etc....
1 페이지 - August, 1863, an unusually large hoard of coins, numbering in all no less than 13,500 pieces of silver, was found in the Protected State of Kooch Bahar, in Northern Bengal, the contents of which were consigned, in the ordinary payment of revenue, to the Imperial Treasury in Calcutta. Advantage was wisely sought to be taken of the possible archaeological interest of such a discovery, in selections directed to be made from the general bulk to enrich the medal cabinets of the local Mint and the Museum...
52 페이지 - Sildhdilr, took possession of the government, and proclaimed his independence. He was in the first instance defeated by the troops sent against him from Lakhnauti, but finally succeeded in maintaining his authority, and, as the coins prove, in retaining his hold on Sonargaon and its dependencies throughout the nine years, from 741 to 750 AH, comparatively undisturbed.

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