Speeches of the managers and counsel in the trial of Warren Hastings, 2권

Longman, Brown, Green, Longmans, & Roberts, 1860

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122 페이지 - ... person holding or exercising any civil or military office under the crown, or the said United Company in the East Indies, shall accept, receive, or take directly or indirectly, by himself, or any other person or persons on his behalf, or for his use or benefit, of and from any of the Indian princes or powers, or their ministers or agents (or any of the natives of Asia), any present, gift, donation, gratuity, or reward...
xiii 페이지 - No holy seer of religion, no sage, no statesman, no orator, no man of any literary description whatever, has come up, in the one instance, to the pure sentiments of morality, or, in the other, to that variety of knowledge, force of imagination, propriety and vivacity...
521 페이지 - I hope an everlasting one, with one great state ; and I at least afforded the efficient means by which a peace, if not so durable, more seasonable at least, was accomplished with another. I gave you all ; and you have rewarded me with confiscation, disgrace, and a life of impeachment.
521 페이지 - I enlarged and gave shape and consistency to the dominion which you hold there; I preserved it: I sent forth its armies with an effectual, but an economical hand, through unknown and hostile regions, to the support of your other possessions; to the retrieval of one from degradation and dishonour; and of the other, from utter loss and subjection. I maintained the wars which were of your formation, or that of others, not of mine.
521 페이지 - I maintained the wars which were of your formation or that of others, not of mine. I won one member of the great Indian confederacy from it by an act of seasonable restitution ; with another I maintained a secret intercourse, and converted him into a friend ; a third I drew off by diversion and negotiation, and employed him as the instrument of peace.
137 페이지 - ... accept, receive, or take, of or from any person or persons, in any manner, or on any account whatsoever, any present, gift, donation, gratuity, or reward...
147 페이지 - quia tanti quantum habeas sis' : quid facias illi? iubeas miserum esse, libenter quatenus id facit: ut quidam memoratur Athenis sordidus ac dives, populi contemnere voces 65 sic solitus : 'populus me sibilat, at mihi plaudo ipse domi, simul ac nummos contemplor in arca.
587 페이지 - But when the reason of old establishments is gone, it is absurd to preserve nothing but the burden of them. This is superstitiously to embalm a carcass not worth an ounce of the gums that are used to preserve it.
83 페이지 - We upon our feasts light up this whole capital city: we in our feasts invite all the world to partake them. Mr. Hastings feasts in the dark; Mr. Hastings feasts alone; Mr. Hastings feasts like a wild beast...
44 페이지 - The chief of the administration, your superior, gentlemen, appointed by the legislature itself, shall I sit at this board to be arraigned in the presence of a wretch, whom you all know to be one of the basest of mankind ? I believe I need not mention his name ; but it is N undcomar.

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