A Modern System of Natural History: Containing Accurate Descriptions, and Faithful Histories, of Animals, Vegetables, and Minerals. Together with Their Properties, and Various Uses in Medicine, Mechanics,manufactures, &c, 5권

F. Newbery, the corner of St. Paul's Church-Yard, Ludgate-Street, 1775

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87 페이지 - I therefore charged again with ball, and hit the bird under the throat, which made it mine. I accordingly ran up to seize it ; but even in death it was terrible, and defended itself upon its back with its claws extended against me, so that I scarcely knew how to lay hold of it.
153 페이지 - It is near six inches in length from the tip of the bill to the end of the tail, the former being about half an inch, and the latter two inches and a half.
40 페이지 - The length of the peacock, from the tip of the bill to the end of the tail', is about three feet eight inches.
100 페이지 - A waterman, who happened to be near, hearing the cry, made to the place where the parrot was floating, and taking him up, restored him to the king. As it seems the bird was a favourite, the man insisted that he ought to have a reward rather equal to his services than his trouble ; and, as the parrot had cried twenty pounds, he said the king was bound in honour to grant it. The king at last agreed to leave it to the parrot's own determination, which the bird hearing, cried out,
10 페이지 - ... one whole peppercorn ; after which let it be returned to its mother. From that time it will become hardy, and fear the cold no more than a hen's chick. But it...
88 페이지 - ... black. A short down, of a brown colour, covered the head ; the eyes were black, and surrounded with a circle of reddish brown. The feathers on the breast, neck, and wings, were of a light brown ; those on the back were rather darker. Its thighs were covered with brown feathers to the knee. The thigh bone was ten inches long ; the leg five inches ; the toes were three before, and one behind : that behind was an inch and a half, and the claw with which it was armed was black, and three quarters...
145 페이지 - Geo. 3. c. 29. any perfon who ihall fhoot at, or by any means kill or take, with a wilful intent to deftroy, any pigeon, he fhall on conviction thereof, by confeffion, or oath of one witnefs, before one juftice, forfeit 2os.
143 페이지 - ... rofe, and fo proceed over a whole piece of ground, if they like it. Although you cannot perceive any grain above the ground, they know how to find it. I have feen them lie fo much upon a piece of about two or three acres fown with peas, that they devoured at leaft three part...
105 페이지 - ... parrot sing and dance to entertain us. If we agreed to her request, as soon as she had pronounced some words to the bird, it began not only to leap and skip on the perch on which it stood, but also to talk and to whistle, and imitate the shoutings and exclamations of the Brazilians when they prepare for battle. In brief, when it came into the woman's head to bid it sing, it sang ; to dance, it danced.

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