The Rivals

William Heinemann, 1905 - 102페이지

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10 페이지 - It be necessary for her to handle any of your mathematical, astronomical, diabolical instruments;— but, Sir Anthony, I would send her at nine years old to a boarding-school, in order to learn a little ingenuity and artifice. — Then, sir, she should have a supercilious knowledge in accounts;— and as she grew up, I would have her instructed in geometry, that she might know something of the contagious countries; — but above all.
9 페이지 - Madam, a circulating library in a town is as an evergreen tree of diabolical knowledge. It blossoms through the year ! And depend on it, Mrs. Malaprop, that they who are so fond of handling the leaves will long for the fruit at last.
9 페이지 - But I say it is, miss; there is nothing on earth so easy as to forget, if a person chooses to set about it. I'm sure I have as much forgot your poor dear uncle as if he had never existed — and I thought it my duty so to do; and let me tell you, Lydia, these violent memories don't become a young woman.
84 페이지 - Then let us study to preserve it so : and while Hope pictures to us a flattering scene of future bliss, let us deny its pencil those colours which are too bright to be lasting. — When hearts deserving happiness would unite their fortunes, Virtue would crown them with an unfading garland of modest hurtless flowers ; but ill-judging Passion will force the gaudier rose into the wreath, whose thorn offends them when its leaves are dropped l \Exeunt omnes.
22 페이지 - I cannot express the sense I have of your munificence. — Yet, sir, I presume you would not wish me to quit the army ? Sir Anth.
7 페이지 - But you know I lose most of my fortune if I marry without my aunt's consent, till of age ; and that is what I have determined to do, ever since I knew the penalty.
4 페이지 - MALAPROP'S Lodgings. LYDIA sitting on a sofa, with a book in her hand. LUCY, as just returned from a message. Lucy. Indeed, ma'am, I traversed half the town in search of it! I don't believe there's a circulating library in Bath I han't been at. Lyd. And could not you get The Reward of Constancy? Lucy. No, indeed, ma'am. Lyd. Nor The Fatai Connexion? Lucy. No, indeed, ma'am. Lyd. Nor The Mistakes of the heart?
48 페이지 - God ! no one can say of me) ; well, my honour makes me quarrel with another gentleman of my acquaintance. So, we fight. (Pleasant enough that !) Boh ! I kill him ! (the more's my luck). Now, pray, who gets the profit of it ? Why, my honour ! — But, put the case, that he kills me ! By the mass .' I go to the worms, and my honour whips over to my enemy ! Acres.
23 페이지 - Yes, Jack, the independence I was talking of is by a marriage — the fortune is saddled with a wife; but I suppose that makes no difference.
39 페이지 - So we will, ma'am — so we will! Ha! ha! ha! a conceited puppy, ha! ha! ha! — Well, but Mrs. Malaprop, as the girl seems so infatuated by this fellow, suppose you were to wink at her corresponding with him for a little time — let her even plot an elopement with him — then do you connive at her escape — while I, just in the nick, will have the fellow laid by the heels, and fairly contrive to carry her off in his stead.

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