Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal, 1권

Asiatic Society, 1832
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Analysis of the Puranas By H H Wilson Sec As Soc
Extracts from Dr Royles Explanatory Address on the Exhibition of his Collec
On the Utility of Cesspools in Calcutta
On the Temperature and Saltness of the River Hiigli from Calcutta to the Sea By G A Prinsep Esq
Scientific Intelligence 1 Burmese Varnish
Progress of Improvements in France Ill 5 Mode of conducting the Meetings of the Academie ib 6 Caoutchouc
Directions for collecting and preserving Plants in Foreign Countries By W J Hooker L L D Reg Prof Bot at Glasgow
Explanation of the Sketches of the Horns of the Jarai Plate V
Proceedings op Societies 1 Asiatic Society
Medical and Physical Society 117
Natural History Society of the Mauritius
APRIL I Geographical Notice of Tibet By Mr Alexander Csomu de Koros
Account of Barren Island in the Bay of Bengal Drawn up by the late Dr J Adam
Flora Indica or Descriptions of Indian Plants By the late William Rox burgh M D F R S E c kc Vols I II and III
A Sketch of the Route and Progress of Lieut A Burnes and Dr Gerard By a recent Traveller
Some Account of the Salt Mines of the Panjub By Lieut A Burnes Bombay Army
Mode of Extracting the Gold Dust from the Sand of the Ningthee River
Note on Indian Saline Deposits By the Rev R Everest
Smelting of Iron in the Kasya Hills
On Chinese Vermilion
Abstract of Meteorological Tables kept at Bancoora by Mr J MacRitchie for 1830 and 1831
Native Receipt Book
Proceedings of Societies 1 Asiatic Society
Medical and Physical Society
Natural History Society of the Mauritius
Catalogue of Mammalia observed in the Dakhan By Major W H Sykes
Some Account of the Lacquered or Japanned Ware of Ava By Major H Burney Resident at the Burmese Court
Analysis of the Chinese Varnish By Mr I Macaire Prinsep

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529 페이지 - ... a former world entombed in these ancient deposits. In classing together distant unknown formations under one name ; in giving them a simultaneous origin, and in determining their date, not by the organic remains we had discovered, but by those we expected hypothetically hereafter to discover, in them; we have given one more example of the passion with which the mind fastens upon general conclusions, and of the readiness with which it leaves the consideration of unconnected truths.
425 페이지 - It appears from the evidence, that the first extensive trial of Steam as an agent in draught on common roads, was that by Mr. Gurney, in 1829, who travelled from London to Bath and back, in his Steam Carriage.
529 페이지 - ... I think it right, as one of my last acts before I quit this Chair, thus publicly to read my recantation. We ought, indeed, to have paused before we first adopted the diluvian theory, and referred all our old superficial gravel to the action of the Mosaic Flood. For of man, and the works of his hands, we have not yet found a single trace among the remnants of a former world entombed in these ancient deposits.
528 페이지 - It was indeed a most unwarranted conclusion, when we assumed the contemporaneity of all the superficial gravel on the earth. We saw the clearest traces of diluvial action, and we had, in our sacred histories, the record of a general deluge. On this double testimony it was, that we gave a unity to a vast succession of phenomena, not one of which we perfectly comprehended, and under the name diluvium, classed them all together.
x 페이지 - The bounds of its investigations will be the geographical limits of Asia, and within these limits its enquiries will be extended to whatever is performed by Man, or produced by Nature.
113 페이지 - ... and so on, layer above layer of paper and specimens, subjecting them then to pressure. As soon as you find that the paper has absorbed a considerable...
427 페이지 - In steam power, on the contrary, ' there is no danger of being run away with, and that of being overturned is greatly diminished. It is difficult to control four such horses as can draw a heavy carriage ten miles per hour, in case they are frightened, or choose to run away; and for quick travelling they must be kept in that state of courage, that they are always inclined for running away, particularly down hills and at sharp turns of the road.
269 페이지 - H. is rightly reckoned the first of English deists, the writings of all of whom partake more or less of the same character; although it is not easy to trace any links of direct connection between him and the outburst of deistical literature in the end of the 17th and beginning of the 18th century. HERBERT...
372 페이지 - If two wires, A and B, be placed side by side, but not in contact, and a Voltaic current be passed through A, there is instantly a current produced by induction in B, in the opposite direction. Although the principal current in A be continued, still the secondary current in B is not found to accompany it, for it ceases after the first moment...
59 페이지 - It often measures nine feet in length from the tip of the nose to the end of the tail, and when full grown, weighs two hundred pounds.

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