The Whig Almanac and United States Register For..

Greeley & McElrath, 1854

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32 페이지 - ... having stipulated with the great powers of Europe, that in no future time, under no change of circumstances, by no amicable arrangement with Spain, by no act of lawful war (should that calamity unfortunately occur), by no consent of the inhabitants of the island, should they, like the possessions of Spain on the American continent, succeed in rendering themselves independent; in fine, by no overruling necessity of self-preservation should the United States ever make the acquisition of Cuba.
31 페이지 - As a domestic question, it is no fit subject for comment in a communication to a foreign minister ; as a question of public law, there never Was an extension of territory more naturally or justifiably made. It produced a disturbed relation with the government of Mexico; war ensued, and in its results other extensive territories were, for a large pecuniary compensation on the part of the United States, added to the Union. Without adverting to the divisions of opinion...
32 페이지 - England take a lively interest, an evil which still forms a great reproach upon the civilization of Christendom and perpetuates the barbarism of Africa ; but for which it is to be feared there is no hope of a complete remedy, while Cuba remains a Spanish colony.
32 페이지 - England to become parties to the proposed convention. He is persuaded that these friendly powers will not attribute this refusal to any insensibility on his part to the advantages of the utmost harmony between the great maritime States on a subject of such importance. As little will Spain draw any unfavorable inference from this refusal; the rather, as the emphatic disclaimer of any designs...
31 페이지 - ... industrious and prosperous community, in the bosom of which they find political and religious liberty, social position, employment, and bread. It is a fact which would defy belief, were it not the result of official inquiry, that the immigrants to the United States from Ireland alone, besides having subsisted themselves, have sent back to their kindred, for the three last years, nearly five million of dollars annually; thus doubling in three years the purchase money of Louisiana. " Such is the...
31 페이지 - Vast provinces, which had languished for three centuries under the leaden sway of a stationary system, are coming under the influences of an active civilization. Freedom of speech and the press, the trial by jury, religious equality, and representative government, have been carried by the constitution of the United States into extensive regions in which they were unknown before. By the settlement of California, the great circuit of intelligence round the globe is completed.
28 페이지 - The high contracting parties declare, severally and collectively, that they will not obtain or maintain for themselves, or for any one of themselves, any exclusive control over the said island, nor assume nor exercise any dominion over the same.
30 페이지 - Lawrence to the Gulf of Mexico, and from the Alleghanies to the Mississippi ; beyond which, westward, the continent was a wilderness, occupied by wandering savages, and subject to a conflicting and nominal claim on the part of France and Spain. Everything in Europe was comparatively fixed...
23 페이지 - The dangers of a concentration of all power in the general government of a confederacy so vast as ours are too obvious to be disregarded. You have a right, therefore, to expect your agents in every department to regard strictly the limits imposed upon them by the Constitution of the United States.

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