Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal, 18권,파트 2

Baptist Mission Press, 1850
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797 페이지 - Tahiti will grow rapidly upon it, and the palms and bananas of Japan will change it into flowers. The oxygen we are breathing was distilled for us some short time ago by the magnolias of the...
735 페이지 - I cannot learn the cause of the great difference. A youth who has no means of discharging this sum, must go to the house of his father-in-law elect and there literally earn his wife by the sweat of his brow, labouring, more judaico, upon mere diet for a term of years, varying from two as an average, to five and even seven as the extreme period. This custom is named Gaboi by the Bodo — Gharjya by the Dhimals.
792 페이지 - For in tropical countries, where the quantity of aqueous vapour in the atmosphere is great, but where, on the other hand, the direct rays of the sun are most powerful, any impediment to the free circulation of air, or any...
736 페이지 - Take and eat, heretofore you have eaten and drunk with us, you can do so no more ; you were one of us, you can be so no longer ; we come no more to you, come you not to us.
744 페이지 - ... days, and the liquor is ready. The Agaichito plant is grown at home : its root, which serves for balm, is called Emon. I have never seen it. Besides this beer — of which both people use much — they likewise freely use tobacco ; but never opium...
797 페이지 - The rain we see descending, was thawed for us out of the icebergs which have watched the polar star for ages, and the lotus lilies have soaked up from the Nile, and exhaled as vapour, snows that rested on the summits of the Alps.
797 페이지 - The oxygen we are breathing was distilled for us some short time ago by the magnolias of the Susquehanna, and the great trees that skirt the Orinoco and the Amazon — the giant rhododendrons of the Himalayas contributed to it, and the roses and myrtles of Cashmere, the cinnamon-tree of Ceylon, and the forest older than the flood, buried deep in the heart of Africa, far behind the Mountains of the Moon.
710 페이지 - Tamulian form, on the contrary, there is less height, less symmetry, more dumpiness and flesh : in the Tamulian face, a somewhat lozenge contour caused by the large cheek bones ; less perpendicularity in the features to the front, occasioned not so much by defect of forehead or chin, as by excess of jaws and mouth ; a larger proportion of face to head, and less roundness in the latter ; a broader, flatter face, with features less symmetrical, but perhaps more expressive, at least of individuality...
793 페이지 - By felling the trees, that cover the tops and the sides of mountains, men in every climate prepare at once two calamities for future generations ; the want of fuel, and a scarcity of water. Trees, by the nature of their perspiration, and the radiation from their leaves in a sky without clouds, surround themselves with an atmosphere constantly cool and misty.
708 페이지 - The Kocch sacrifice to the sun, moon and stars, to the gods of rivers, hills and woods, and every year, at harvest home, they offer fruits and a fowl to deceased parents, though they believe not in a future state ? Their chief gods are Rishi and his wife Jago.

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