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795 페이지 - And so thou shalt," Napoleon said, " You've both my favour justly won ; A noble mother must have bred So brave a son." He gave the tar a piece of gold, And, with a flag of truce, commanded He should be shipped to England old, And safely landed.
904 페이지 - Here mid this rocky dreariness, My love I ne'er shall find. The truest wife by yonder brook Will roam the mournful day, And hither cast the anxious look, Long as immured I stay. Whene'er she breaks a small blue flower, And says, Forget me not ! the power I feel, though far away. Yes, e'en though far, I feel its might, For true love joins us twain, And therefore mid the dungeon's night I still in life remain. And sinks my heart at my hard lot, I but exclaim ; Forget me not ! And straight new life...
1078 페이지 - History of Europe from the Commencement of the French Revolution to the Restoration of the Bourbons in 1815.
904 페이지 - The gard'ner's favorite flower ; He sets it now beneath the light, Now shields it from its power. Yet 'tis not pomp, which o'er the rest In splendor shines, can make me blest ; It is a still, small flower.
912 페이지 - Blutbildungslebens im thierischen Organismus, insbesondere des Blutbildungsprocesses, der Natur der Blutkörperchen und ihrer Kernchen. Ein Beitrag zur Physiologie und Heilmittellehre. Gekrönte Preisschrift.
904 페이지 - The little rose has cause for pride, And upwards aye will soar ; Yet am I held by many a bride The rose's wreath before. And beats thy bosom faithfully, And art thou true, and pure as I, Thou'lt prize the lily more.
904 페이지 - tis not pomp, which o'er the rest In splendor shines, can make me blest ; It is a still, small flower. Violet. I stand conceal'd, and bending low, And do not love to speak ; Yet will I, as 'tis fitting now, My wonted silence break. For if 'tis I, thou gallant man, Thy heart desires, thine, if I can, My perfumes all I '11 make.
780 페이지 - Naturgeschichte und Rohwaarenkunde. Enthaltend: Erklärungen und Nachweisungen über alle Gegenstände der Naturreiche, welche bis auf die neuesten Zeiten in medicinischpharmaceutischer, toxikologischer und diätetischer Hinsicht bemerkenswert!!
904 페이지 - Tis no light grief oppresses me ; For in the days my steps were free, I had it always near. Far round the tower I send mine eye, The tower so steep and tall ; But nowhere can the flower descry From this high castle wall ; And him who'll bring me my desire, Or be he knight, or be he squire, My dearest friend I'll call.
1034 페이지 - Verzeichniss der Chinesischen und Mandschu-Tungusischen Bücher und Handschriften der königlichen Bibliothek zu Berlin. Eine Fortsetzung des im Jahre 1822 erschienenen Klaproth'schen Verzeichnisses.

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