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and forests, from a groundless fear of our forces. It likewise contributed to reap the fruits of the victory for the other provinces, by attending to their wants and freeing them from the coercion to which they had so long been subject.

The 1st brigade has been disembodied, part of the troops returning to their homes, and the rest being drafted off to different points as the necessities of the country required.

So irregular and lawless a situation as that from which the Republic recently emerged leaves behind it innumerable evils ; among these the most notable is the enormous number of men raised by such warlike times to a high military grade, and in this respect the National Government can never sufficiently deprecate the prodigality of the late Administration of Paraná.

The Government is besieged by petitioners of this stamp, but, seeing the imperative necessity of reducing the staff to the proportions of the actual standing army, and of the national revenue, it has been, and ever will be, inflexible in resisting such exaggerated demands, without, at the same time, failing to recognize true merit and veteran services to the country, in all which cases justice and equity will determino.

It will be readily seen that the War Department had an onerous duty to perform in organizing the national forces, establishing the various inilitary offices, and, above all, guarding the several provinces whose frontiers were completely exposed, and invited the forays of Indian marauders.

Experience had proved that the disposition of forces along the frontiers, especially in the provinces of Cordoba and Santa Fé, was nowise suited to the object in view; the Government, therefore, after careful consideration, fixed a new frontier line in those provinces which will at once secure a better protection to property, and annex, for the purposes of civilization, a large tract of territory formerly possessed by the Indians.

When some of the forts on the new frontier line were already concluded and others on the point of completion, the bandits of Rioja made inroads in some districts of the Sierra de Cordoba, causing a complete disorganization among the picquets of National Guard quartered in these forts. Immediate steps were taken to make head against this evil.

And here it is proper to call your attention to the difficulties besetting Government in raising the army of the line to a sufficient number for the military necessities of the Republic. The absence of a conscription law, or some such method, to fill the vacancies in the regular army, obliges the Government to call out the National Guard, although from their nauu vi' discipline, training, and precision, they can never afford more thau a casual and feeblo assistance.

Touching this important point, as well as others of military administration, the Minister of War will give you information in his memorial, and the Government will, as soon as possible, propose the suitable measures.

The Government regrets to state that the barbarians of the desert have made several invasions in various parts of the Republic, causing serious loss of life and property. This is an evil which this country has experienced for many years, and which unfortunately our own domestic struggles have encouraged; but the present Government is determined to omit no sacrifice or effort to ex. tirpate it.

For this purpose we are now accustoming our soldiers to the desert, sending out into the vast solitudes of the Pampas, where the footprint of the Christian is unknown, strong divisions which have attacked the savages in their very fastnesses, and made them feel the strength of our arms; decimating them, and carrying death and terror where they thought themselves most secure. The expeditions almost simultaneously sent against the Indians of the Gran Chaco and the Ranqueles, have been most successful; overcoming every imaginable obstacle and privation, they defeated the Indians with great slaughter and drove them from their retreats. Our soldiers returned with a number of prisoners and cattle.

The Government repeats to you that it does not lose sight for one moment of this subject, most vital and important for the progress and prosperity of the Republic. A more extensive plan is under consideration, which the Government hopes to carry out if peace and order, which everything so happily augurs, should afford the tranquillity and the time indispensable for the accomplishment of all that it desires for the welfare of the country.

Previous to the termination of your last session, a local revolution occurred in Corrientes against the lawful Government. At the request of that Government, and being authorized so to do, the National Executive immediately despatched forces, under the command of the Minister of War, to restore order. The step, however, was unnecessary, as the Government troops of Corrientes had triumphed over all opposition.

The conflict was deplorable, indeed, amongst men attached to the same cause, and who had fought together for the vindication of the rights and liberties of that heroic province. Now, it is the pleasing duty of the Government to inform you that those who were but yesterday engaged in mortal strife one with another, are to-day in brotherly union, consulting, without hatred or fear, for the prosperity and happiness of all.

We have yet before our eyes the disagreeable impressions made on this country by the incursions of ganys of freebooters from Rioja into several unprotected towns of the province of Cordoba. The

Government, on being apprised by that of Cordoba of these enormities, took eslicacious measures to overpower the rebels, to chastise them, and to restore order. Retribution followed the offence. . The invaders were subdued and fled for refuge to the mountains of Rioja, where they will be pursued by the combined national forces under the Governor of San Juan. The northern Governments will also lend willing aid to reinstate the legal authorities of Rioja, and quell the seditious elements which have kept the neighbouring provinces in alarm, and the Government of Rioja in continual conflict. '

The Government fulfils a just obligation in recommending to the consideration of Congress and the country the valiant soldiers of the nation, who, under Colonels Sandes and Iseas, crossed at forced marches the immense distance intervening between them and the localities invaded by the bandits, falling upon them, and reestablishing the reign of peace and order.

The same may be said of the militia of the province of Cordoba and part of the national guard of the city, who hastened, with patriotic zeal, to support the laws; the forces of San Luis also responded to the summons of authority, and those of Mendoza and Catamarca deserve honourable mention for their gallantry.

To attend more actively to the turn of affairs, the Minister of War removed to the town of Rosario, and after concluding the objects of his mission, returned to the metropolis, leaving the Commander-General at Arms in his place, to give the rapid and proper impulse to military operations.

The national navy has been reduced according to the require. ments of the service, only 3 vessels remaining on a war footing, and the rest being hired out to private persons, thus combining economy with facilities for commerce.

Captaincies of ports and sub-delegations have been created, in divers places where necessary, with all the customary appurtenances for their regular working; attention has been likewise paid to other works in order to facilitate maritime trade in the various ports of the Republic

The regulation of the police of those ports was of urgent necessity, and the Government, after due deliberation, issųed the regulations which are now in force.

Fellow Citizens ! Such is the picture, giving, in broad outlines, a review of the labours of Government in the brief interval just elapsed; and such is actually the political and administrative condition of the Republic. The Ministers of State will place before you, in detail, in their respective memorials, all documents and information relative to each particular branch of the administration, fulfilling thus the double duty of submitting all public acts to your

deliberation, and furnishing the necessary elements to enable you to proceed judiciously in every case.

Meantime, as I have fulfilled the duty imposed on me by the Constitution, it affords me sincere pleasure to salute and congratulate you on the present inauguration of your legislative labours, hoping that you will, as heretofore, lend to Government the aid of your prudence and wisdom, in order to advance the country towards the grand destiny which awaits it, under the protecting shelter of its institutions, in the midst of liberty and peace. I have moreover a lively confidence that the Most High will continue to have us in His holy keeping, and to shower down blessings upon the great Argentine family.


CORRESPONDENCE of Great Britain, relative to the Slave Trade, 1861, 1862; viz.:





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1862 26. Mr. Layard to H.M.'s Commis- Nov. 5 Appointment of Mr. sioners.


United States' Judge




1861 33. Consul Sir H. Huntley to Earl Nov. 24 lleged illegal search Russell.

of Portuguese vessel

1862 by British ship of war 1131 35. H.M.'s Commissioners to Earl Jan. 8 Removal of Slaves to Riissell,

St. Thomas

1134 41.

Mar. 12 British subjects inte

rested in “ União Mer.

1186 43. Consul Sir H. Huntley to Earl Apr. 7 Has declined to receive Russell.

a letter on Slave Trade
affairs addressed to
him as Consul by the
Secretary to Govern-

1137 45. H.M.'s Commissioners to Earl Apr. 8 Emigration of free neRussell.

groes from Loanda to
St. Thomas

1142 46.

Apr. 15 Refusal of Governor

General to receive

Slave Trade



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48. H.M.'s Commissioners to Earl May 5 Slaves to St. Thomas ;

and communications
on Slave Trade. Cor-
respondence with Go-

vernor-General ............ 1152 49. Consul Sir H. Huntley to Earl Apr. 30 | Respecting correspond. Russell.

ence between authori

ties at Loanda 1176 50. Earl Russell to H.M.'s Commis- July 23 Correspondence with sioner.

Governor General.
Copy of despatch to
Mr. Herries

1193 51.

May 30 Libertade with negroes

for St. Thomas board. ed by Torch

1193 52.

Aug. 28 Correspondence with

Governor General.

Approves proceedings 1194 53.

Aug. 28 Slaves to St. Thomas.

Approves proceedings 1194 54.

Sept. 23 ) Slaves to St. Thomas.

Steps taken by Portu-
guese Government to

1194 56. H.M.'s Commissioner to Earl July 10 Slaves to St. Thomas. Russell.

Sailing of Dona An.

1195 58.

July 12 Termination of French

Emigration system.
Arrival of new French

1195 68.

Sept. 27 Arrival of Governor

General Andrade....... 1196

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81. Commodore Edmonstone to the Nov. 18 Respecting Emigration
Secretary to the Admiralty.

of negroes from Loanda 1862 to St. Thomas

1198 87.

Jan. 2 Lagos and Abbeokuta.

Disturbed State of .... 1199 88,

Jan. 2

King Catty. Not de.
sirable to adopt hostile

measures against 1205 91.

Mar. 3 Endeavours to establish

peace between Little

Popoe and Aghwey .... 1206 118.

Sept. 12 Atrocities in Dahomey.

Threatened attack on

1210 119.

Oct. 6 Outrage on Mr. Henry's

1213 122. Commodore Edmonstone to Rear- July 20 Unsatisfactory state of Admiral Sir B. Walker.

affairs in Congo 1216

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