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consent of the President to the proposal to conclude a Convention extending to within a certain distance of Madagascar the mutual right of search and detention established by the Treaty of the 7th of April last.

I have, &c. Earl Russell



No. 367.--Consul Archibald to Earl Russell.-(Received March 12.) (Extract.)

New York, February 24, 1862. I TAVE the honour to report to your Lordship that the execution of the sentence of death on Captain Nathaniel Gordon, of the slaver Erie, took place on Friday lasi, the 21st instant. The most strenuous efforts on the part of his friends, aided doubtless by the pecuniary influence of the slave-trading interest in this city, were made with a view to set aside the conviction, and failing success, by resort to every available legal proceeding, to obtain a commutation of the sentence of death. A petition, said to have been signed by 25,000 inhabitants of New York, was, for this purpose, presented to the President, who, however, remained inflexible. A general impression prevailed to the last moment that the sentence would not be carried into effect, so little was the public sentiment in harmony with this exceptional enforcement of a law which, not very long since, was regarded to be so sanguinary as to induce a former prosecuting officer to abstain from pressing prosecutions for its violation.

The execution of this unhappy man at last took place under the most shocking circumstances, the prisoner having attempted to commit suicide by the taking of poison, and from the effects of stimulants to prevent the action of poison, being all but unconscious of what was taking place. Revolting, however, as are all these sickening incidents of the death-scene, for which the miserable victim was himself responsible, there is no question that whatever good effect the conviction may have, would have been very greatly lessened, had the prisoner been allowed to die by his own aet. Tarl Russell.


No. 368.-Consul Archibald to Tarl Russell.-(Rec. November 17.) (Extract.)

New York, October 31, 1862. I HAVE the honour to report to your Lordship the conviction, after a patient and impartial trial in The United States' Circuit Court, of Albert Horn, of the crime of fitting-out and despatching from this port, for the purpose of slave-trading, the steam-ship City of New York:

The punishment for the offence is penal servitude for not exceeding 5 years, and a fine of not less than 1,000 dollars, nor more than 3,000 dollars.

The conviction of this notorious offender, and the no less important conviction which will be thereby impressed upon the minds of all similar offenders, that juries can now be relied on to pronounce a verdict of guilty in cases in which the evidence will sustain such verdicts, will have a wholesome influence in suppressing, or at least in greatly diminishing, the enterprise in the equipment of slave-trading expeditions, for which New York has so long been pre-eminent.

I beg leave at the same time to report that Captain Booth, of the well-known slave-trading brig Buckeye, was yesterday brought to trial for the offence of receiving negroes on board and transporting them to Cuba, but owing to the disappearance of a material witness, he was acquitted. Earl Russell.


No. 369.-Consul Archibald to Earl Russell.-(Received December 1.) (Extract.)

New York, November 17, 1862. I HAVE the honour to report to your Lordship that the motion for a new trial in the case of Albert Horn was refused, and that he has consequently been sentenced to imprisonment for the term of 5 years.

The vigour which has characterized the proceedings of the Federal officers at this port during the last 12 months in discovering and bringing to trial parties suspected of having been engaged in slave-trading has been productive of very beneficial results. According to the best information which I have been able to obtain, no slave-trading expedition from New York has been undertaken for many months past. It would be perilous to attempt such an adventure in the face of the recent convictions, the vigilance of the police, and the change in the public sentiment, in reference to the execution of the laws for the suppression of slave-trading.

Information lately communicated to me, although somewhat vague, leads me to suspect that attempts will be made to fit out slave-trading vessels from Liverpool. It is by no means improbable that, acting on the supposition that vigilance would hardly be directed towards the detection of a proceeding so little likely to be suspected in such a place as Liverpool, adventurers may yet be bold enough to organize expeditions from that port. Cadiz, Barcelona, and Marseilles will henceforth be more resorted to than heretofore by intending slave-traders. Ear! Russell.


ACT of the Congress of the United States, to carry into effect

the Treaty between The United States and Great Britain, for the Suppression of the African Slave Trade. - July 11, 1862.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, that to carry into effect the provisions of the Treaty between The United States and Her Britannic Majesty for the suppression of the African Slave Trade, the President be and he is hereby authorized to nominate, and by and with the advice and consent of the Senate to appoint a Judge and also an Arbitrator on the part of the United States to reside at New York; a Judge and also an Arbitrator to reside at Sierra Leone; and a Judge and also an Arbitrator to reside at the Cape of Good Hope.

Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, that the said Judge at New York shall be paid at the rate of 2,500 dollars, and the said Arbitrator there at the rate of 1,000 dollars a-year; and the said Judges at Sierra Leone and the Cape of Good Hope shall be paid at the rate fo 2,500 dollars a-year, respectively, and the said Arbitrators at these two places at the rate of 2,000 dollars a-year, respectively; the said salaries to begin with the acceptance of their commissions by the said Judges and Arbitrators respectively.

Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, that the Judge of the Court at New York, whose appointment is authorized by this Act, shall bave power to appoint a Clerk or Registrar to the said Court, who shall receive such fees for his services as are allowed by law to the Clerk of the Court of The United States for the Southern District of New York for similar services ; and it shall be the duty of the Marshal of the Southern District of New York, and he is hereby authorized, to serve all processes and execute all orders and decrees of the said Court, for which he shall be allowed fees in the discretion of the Judge of the said Court.

Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, that all Acts and parts of Acts of Congress inconsistent with the stipulations of the Treaty aforesaid, and with the present Act, be, and the same are hereby repealed.

Approved, July 11, 1862.





ABYSSINIA. Correspondence with Great Britain. Relations with Great

Britain. Appointment of British Consul
(Captain Cameron).

.1861-1863. 51
Acts or CONGRESS. See United States.
Acts of PARLIAMENT. See Great Britain.
AFRICA (East Coast). Correspondence with Great Britain. Slave Trade.

1861, 1862. 1130
AFRICA (West Coast). Agreement. Aghwey and Little Popoe. Peace.

Aghwey, 14th October, 1861. 1208
Correspondence with Great Britain. Slave Trade,

1861, 1862, 1129, 1239
AGAWEY. Agreement with Little Popoe. Peace.

Aghwey, 14th October, 1861. 1208
ALLEGIANCE. Correspondence. Great Britain and United States. Lia.

bility of British Subjects, Naturalized
in The United States, to Allegiance of
Great Britain on return to their Native

.1848, 1849. 632
ANHALT-BERNBURG. Treaty with Siam, &c. Amity. Commerce. Navi.

gation ........... .Bangkok, 7th February, 1862. 741
ANHALT-Dessau-Cathen. Treaty with Siam, &c. Amity. Commerce.

Navigation.... Bangkok, 7th February, 1862. 741
ARBITRATION. Decision of the King of the Belgians, as Arbitrator between

Great Britain and Brazil, Case of Officers of the British
ship Forte

Laeken, 18th June, 1863, 150
ARGENTINE REPUBLIC. Decree of President. Estates of Intestate


Buenos Ayres, 19th November, 1862. 762
Message of President. Opening of Congress.

Buenos Ayres, 1st May, 1863, Ull
TREATIES, &c., with FOREIGN POWERS, viz. :-

Sardinia. Treaty. Friendship.

Commerce. Navigation.
Paraná, 21st September, 1853. 939
Spain. Treaty. Recognition. Peace.


Madrid, 21st September, 1863, 307
1862-63. Jun.

4 Z

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Austria, Correspondence. Great Britain. Affairs of Mexico. Pro-

posed Offer of Crown of Mexico to Archduke
Maximilian of Austria

.1862. 380-389
with Great Britain. Affairs of Poland... 1863.

Order in Council (British). Application to Austrian Ships of

Order in Council of January 9th, 1863. Cola

lisions at Sea Osborne, April 28th, 1363. 344
Protocol of Conference. Great Britain, Austria, France,

Prussia, and Russia. Ionian

London, 1st August, 1863. 23
Speech of Archduke. Opening of Reichsrath.

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TBEATIES, &c., with FOREIGN Powers, viz. :-with
Belgium, &c. Treaty. Redemption of Scheldt

Toll.... Brussels, 16th July, 1863. 8
Protocol. Explanatory Declara.
tion of Netherlands Minister.

Brussels, 15th July, 1863. 16
France and Sardinia. Final Act. Boundary be

tween Sardinia and Italian
Provinces of Austria,

Peschiera, 16th June, 1860. 943
Great Britain, &c. Protocol. Ionian Islands.

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(Do.) Treaty. Union of Ionian

Islands with Greece.

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Prussia and Russia. Convention. Surrender of

Political Offenders. Poland.

15th March, 1834. 872
Russia, Treaty. Commerce. Navigation.

St. Petersburg,


September, 1860. 713

BADEN. Trealy with Siam, &c. Amity. Commerce. Navigation.

Bangkok, 7th February, 1862. 741
BAVARIA. Correspondence with The United States. Emigration of

Foreigners to The United States. Liability
of Naturalized American Citizens to Military
Service on Return to their Native Country.

1859, 1860. 669-712
Speech of King. Opening of Legislative Chambers.

Munich, 23rd June, 1863. 1074
TREATIES, &c., with Foreigx Powers, viz. :-with

Siam, &c. Treaty. Amity. Commerce, Navi.

gation Bangkok, 7th February, 1862. 741
Spain. Convention. Ertradition of Criminals,

Vienpa, 28th June, 1860. 1046

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