Thoughts on the Future Civil Policy of America

Harper & brothers, 1871 - 325페이지

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48 페이지 - Yes, we are all there, — from the Atlantic to the Pacific, from the Lakes to the Gulf...
186 페이지 - I think it was, that this faculty became positively distressing to me: at night, when I lay awake in bed, vast processions passed along in mournful pomp; friezes of never-ending stories, that to my feelings were as sad and solemn as if they were stories drawn from times before (Edipus or Priam, before Tyre, before Memphis.
96 페이지 - ... the heathen for an inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth for a possession.
286 페이지 - London and Londoners he felt an aversion which more than once produced important political effects. His wife and daughter were in tastes and acquirements below a housekeeper or a stillroom maid of the present day. They stitched and spun, brewed gooseberry wine, cured marigolds, and made the crust for the venison pasty.
288 페이지 - He was permitted to dine, with the family; but he was expected to content himself with the plainest fare. He might fill himself with the corned beef and the carrots : but, as soon as the tarts and cheesecakes made their appearance, he quitted his seat, and stood aloof till he was summoned to return thanks for the repast, from a great part of which he had been excluded...
96 페이지 - It was one unspeakable outrage, one unutterable ruin, without discrimination of age or sex. They who died not under the lash in a tropical sun, died in the darkness of the mine.

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