The Poetical Works of Robert Lloyd, A. M.: To which is Prefixed an Account of the Life and Writings of the Author, 1권

T. Evans, 1774 - 242페이지

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78 페이지 - Shakefpear leads the mind a dance'^ From France to England, hence to France, Talk not to me of time and place ; I own I'm happy in the chace. Whether the drama's here or there, 'Tis nature...
22 페이지 - Artist! tho' thy skill can raise The bursting peal of universal praise, Tho' at thy beck Applause delighted stands, And lifts, Briareus' like, her hundred hands, Know, Fame awards thee but a partial breath ! Not all thy talents brave the stroke of death. Poets to ages yet unborn appeal, And latest times th
17 페이지 - A single look more marks th' internal woe, Than all the windings of the lengthen'd Oh. Up to the Face the quick sensation flies, And darts its meaning from the speaking Eyes ; Love, transport, madness, anger, scorn, despair, And all the passions, all the soul is there. In vain Ophelia gives her flowrets round, And with her...
xiv 페이지 - Nor tinged with envy, wish that genius mine : To Churchill's muse can bow with decent awe, Admire his mode, nor make that mode my law ; Both may perhaps have various powers to please, Be his the strength of numbers, mine the ease.
55 페이지 - tis a match ; nay, no denial ; I lay my shell upon the trial.
82 페이지 - Fore the beginning of this Play, I, haplefs Paiydore, was found By Fifhermen, or others, drown'd ! Or, I, a Gentleman, did wed, The Lady I wou'd never bed, Great Agamemnon's royal Daughter, Who's coming hither to draw Water.
100 페이지 - And poets dread their mock dominion. So have you feen with dire affright, The petty monarch of the night, Seated aloft in elbow chair, Command the...
34 페이지 - InJJeepy refidence at college; Whofe lives are like a ftagnant pool, Muddy and placid, dull and cool; Mere drinking, eating; eating, drinking; With no impertinence of thinking...
31 페이지 - GEORGE, (thank heav'n !) has got an heir. A royal babe, a PRINCE of WALES. Poets ! I pity all your nails What reams of paper will be fpoil'd ! What gradufes be daily foil'd By inky fingers, greafy thumbs* Hunting the word that never comes ! Now Academics pump their wits, And lafh in vain their lazy tits...
15 페이지 - While fober humour marks th' impreffion ftrong. Her proper traits the fixt attention hit, And bring me clofer to the poet's wit; With her delighted o'er each fcene I go, Well-pleas'd, and not amam'd of being fo.

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