History of the Rise of the Mahomedan Power in India: Till the Year A, 2권

Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green, 1829
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319 페이지 - From that time to this, it has been the general custom in the Deccan to spare the lives of prisoners in war, and not to shed the blood of an enemy's unarmed subjects.
318 페이지 - tliat though twice the number required by his vow might have been skin, yet till the Ray satisfied the musicians, he would neither make peace nor spare the lives of his subjects." To this the Ambassadors, who had full powers, immediately agreed, and the money was paid on the instant. Mahomed Shah then said, " Praise be to God, that what I ordered has been performed. I would not let a light word be recorded of me in the pages of history.
438 페이지 - Here the sun never enlivened with his splendour the valleys ; nor had providence designed that it should penetrate their depths. The very grass was tough and sharp as the fangs of serpents, and the air fetid as the breath of dragons. Death dwelt in the waters and poison impregnated the breeze.
71 페이지 - Utarid (Venus), civil officers, and persons of that description, were received ; and there were five other palaces for the remaining five planets. In each of these buildings he gave public audience, according to the planet of the day. The furniture and paintings of each, as also the dresses of the household attendants, bore some symbol emblematical of the planet. In each of these palaces he transacted business one day in the week.
437 페이지 - The passage alludes, probably, to offices at court only. in person, and laid siege to a fort the Raja of which was named Sirka *, whom he speedily obliged to surrender, and to deliver himself and family into his hands. Mullik-oot-Toojar insisted that Sirka should embrace the faith of Islam, or be put to death ; upon which the subtle infidel, with much assumed humility, represented that there existed between him and Shunkur Ray, who owned the country around the fortress of...
510 페이지 - Sufficient of the work remains, however, even at the present day, to afford some notion of its magnificence and beauty. The outline of the square, and some of the apartments, are yet entire, and one of the minarets is still standing. It is more than one hundred feet in height, ornamented with tablets, on which sentences of the Koran, in white letters, three feet in length, standing forth. on a ground of green and gold, still exhibits to the spectator a good sample of what this superb edifice once...
71 페이지 - He also caused seven halls of audience to be built, in which he received persons according to their rank. The first, called the Palace of the Moon, was set apart for ambassadors, messengers, and travellers. In the second, called the Palace of...
312 페이지 - Muhammadans employed them, also observes, that Turks and Europeans skilled in gunnery worked the artillery. That guns were in common use before the arrival of the Portuguese in India in 1498, seems certain, from the mention made of them by Faria-e-Souza.
386 페이지 - From the gate of the city to the palace, being a distance of nearly six miles, the road was spread with cloth of gold, velvet, satin, and other rich stuffs. The two princes rode on horseback together, between ranks of beautiful boys and girls, who waved plates of gold and silver flowers over their heads as they advanced, and then threw them to be gathered by the populace. After this, the inhabitants of the city made offerings, both men and women, according to their rank. After passing through a square...
276 페이지 - Khan, after performing prodigies of valour, worn out by fatigue, and loss of blood from wounds he received in the action, fell from his horse. Some of his dependents, however, bore him off the ground ; and his army, according to custom, followed, leaving...

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