Bell's British Theatre: Consisting of the Most Esteemed English Plays, 24권

and under the direction of George Cawthorn, British Library, Strand, 1797

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v 페이지 - ... must have its place, and the rough conqueror of a whole people must instantly become le chevalier Gengiskan, as errant a lover as ever sighed in the Thuilleries at Paris.
xiv 페이지 - On eagle wings the poet of to-night Soars for fresh virtues to the source of light, To China's eastern realms: and boldly bears Confucius
ix 페이지 - I do not see what end can be answered by Zamti's loyalty ; his prospect is at least so distant, that it becomes almost chimerical; and therefore as history warrants an expulsion of the Tartars ; as it was not upon the first inroad, but in process of time and experience that they learned to incorporate themselves with the conquered by adopting their laws and customs, I had recourse to my own preconceived notions.
ix 페이지 - ... whereas when the orphan is grown up to maturity, when he is a moral agent in the piece, when a plan is laid for revenging himself on the destroyers of his family, it then becomes a more pressing motive in the mandarin's mind; nay, it is almost his duty, in such a case, to sacrifice even his own offspring for the good of his country. In your story, sir, give me leave to say, I do not see what end can be served by Zamti's loyalty: his prospect is at least so distant, that it becomes almost chimerical....
26 페이지 - I conveyed the infant Far as the eastern point of Corea's realm ; There, where no human trace is seen, no sound Assails the ear, save when the foaming surge Breaks on the shelving beach, that there the youth Might mock their busy search. Then check thy fears — Retire, my love, awhile ; I'll come anon — And fortify thy soul with firm resolve, Becoming Zamti's wife. Man. Yes, Zamti's wife Shall never...
36 페이지 - Where this inventive race have lavifh'd all Their elegance— ye gay apartments hail ! Beneath your ftoried roof, where mimic life Glows to the eye, and at the painter's touch A new creation lives along the walls...
23 페이지 - To save the royal child, the new-born babe, From the dire slaughter of his ancient line. Zamti. Yes, my Mandane, in that hour of carnage, For purposes yet in the womb of time, I was reserved.
75 페이지 - Gone out at thy fell blast. Art thou not come To sack our cities, to subvert our temples, The temples of our gods, and with the worship, The monstrous worship, of your living Lama, Profane our holy shrines ? Timur.
x 페이지 - The snow of SHAKESPEARE is but a cold expression, but perhaps it will be more agreeable to you than a word of greater energy that should convey a full idea of the astonishing powers of that great man; for we islanders have remarked of late that M. de VOLTAIRE has a particular satisfaction in descanting on the faults of the most wonderful genius that ever existed since...
45 페이지 - Alas! my son, Have I then bore thee in these matron arms, To see thee bleed? Thus dost thou then return? This could your mother hope, when first she sent Her infant exile to a distant clime? Ah ! could I think thy early love of fame Would urge thee to this peril? Thus to fall By a stern father's will.

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