The British Theatre: Or, A Collection of Plays, which are Acted at the Theatres Royal, Drury Lane, Convent Gardin, Haymarket, and Lyceum, 15권

Mrs. Inchbald
Hurst, Robinson, 1824

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46 페이지 - I'll be divorced immediately. Leon. You shall not, You shall not have so much will to be wicked. I am more tender of your honour, Lady, And of your Age, you took me for a shadow ; You took me to gloss over your discredit, To be your Fool, you had thought you had found a Coxcomb ; I am innocent of any foul dishonour I mean to ye.
49 페이지 - Uneasiness! what uneasiness ? Where business is transacted as it ought to be, and the parties understand one another, there can be no uneasiness. You agree, on such and such conditions, to receive my daughter for a wife; on the same...
69 페이지 - Fanny. I cannot, my lord — indeed, I cannot. — Mr. Lovewell must tell you my distresses — and when you know them — pity and protect me! (Exit, in tears. LORD OGLEBY, alone How the devil could I bring her to this?
38 페이지 - I will walk i'the churchyard, The dead cannot offend more than these living. An hour hence I'll expect ye. Estif. I'll not fail, sir. Per. And, do you hear, let's have a handsome dinner, And, see all things be decent as they have been, And let me have a strong bath to restore me: I stink like a stale fish shambles, or an oil-shop.
47 페이지 - Certainly most women magnify their modesty, for the same reason that cowards boast their courage, because they have least on't. Come, come, Sir Harry, when you make your next assault, encourage your spirits with brisk burgundy ; if you succeed, 'tis well ; if not, you have a fair excuse for your rudeness. I'll go in, and make your peace for what's past. — Oh, I had almost forgot — Colonel Standard wants to speak with you about some business.
72 페이지 - With any fortune, or no fortune at all, sir. Love is the idol of my heart, and the demon Interest sinks before him. So, sir, as I said before, I will marry your youngest daughter; your youngest daughter will marry me.
60 페이지 - I think the war's begun i'the house already. Leon. The preparation is, they're taking down And packing up the hangings, plate, and jewels, And all those furnitures that shall befit me, When I lie in garrison. Enter LORENZO.
17 페이지 - What d'ye think of these bracelets? I shall have a miniature of my father, set round with diamonds, to one, and Sir John's to the other. — And this pair of ear-rings! set transparent ! — here...
49 페이지 - Not that I ever knew ; now I look better, I think you married her ; give you much joy, sir. Per. Give me a halter. Mar. You may reclaim her ; 'twas a wild young girl. Per. Is not this house mine, madam ? Was not she owner of it ? Pray, speak truly.
39 페이지 - Under such embarrassed circumstances as I have been, can you wonder at my irresolution or perplexity ? Nothing but despair, the fear of losing my dear Fanny, could bring me to a declaration even now: and yet, I think I know Mr. Sterling so well, that, strange as my proposal may appear, if I can...

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