The Land-systems of British India, 1권

Clarendon Press, 1892

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76 페이지 - State, to conduct the business transacted in the United Kingdom in relation to the government of and the correspondence with India...
486 페이지 - I am also convinced that, failing the claim of right of the zemindars, it would be necessary for the public good to grant a right of property in the soil to them, or to persons of other descriptions.
75 페이지 - ... and disposed of for the purposes of the government of India alone, subject to the provisions of this Act.
159 페이지 - The sons will take the places of their fathers ; the same site for the village, the same position for the houses, the same lands will be reoccupied by the descendants of those who were driven out when the village was depopulated ; and it is not a trifling matter that will drive them out, for they will often maintain their post through times of disturbance and convulsion, and acquire strength sufficient to resist pillage and oppression with success.
79 페이지 - A Regulation for forming into a regular code all regulations that may be enacted for the internal government of the British territories in Bengal", laid down the mode of exercise of legislative powers which was subsequently approved by Parliament.
158 페이지 - The Village Communities are little Republics, having nearly everything they can want within themselves, and almost independent of any foreign relations. They seem to last where nothing else lasts. Dynasty after dynasty tumbles down; revolution succeeds to revolution; Hindoo, Patan, Mogul, Mahratta, Sikh, English, are all masters in turn; but the Village Communities remain the same.
582 페이지 - It being the duty of the ruling power to protect all classes of people, and more particularly those who from their situation are most helpless, the...
203 페이지 - The first thing then the student has to do is to get rid of the idea of absolute ownership. Such an idea is quite unknown to the English law. No man is in law the absolute owner of lands. He can only hold an estate in them.
374 페이지 - ... taluqdars, andjagirdars under the Mughal and Hindu Governments, and what they were bound to pay ; it also directed the redress of the grievances of those who had been unjustly displaced in the course of the earlier tentative and imperfect revenue arrangements.