Sir Joshua and His Circle, 1권

Hutchinson & Company, 1906 - 639페이지

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291 페이지 - I perceived that he had already changed my guinea, and had got a bottle of madeira and a glass before him. I put the cork into the bottle, desired he would be calm, and began to talk to him of the means by which he might be extricated. He then told me that he had a novel ready for the press, which he produced to me.
290 페이지 - I received one morning a message from poor Goldsmith that he was in great distress, and as it was not in his power to come to me, begging that I would come to him as soon as possible. I sent him 'a guinea, and promised to come to him directly. I accordingly went as soon as I was dressed, and found that his landlady had arrested him for his rent, at which he was in a violent passion. I perceived that he had mlready changed my guinea, and had got a bottle of madeira and a glass before him.
159 페이지 - I am guilty, I own, of meannesses which poverty unavoidably brings with it : my reflections are filled with repentance for my imprudence, but not with any remorse for being a villain; that may be a character you unjustly charge me with.
315 페이지 - Bounty always receives part of its value from the manner in which it is bestowed : your Lordship's kindness includes every circumstance that can gratify delicacy, or enforce obligation. You have conferred your favours on a man who has neither alliance nor interest, who has not merited them by services, nor «ourted them by officiousness ; you have spared him the shame of solicitation, and the anxiety of suspense.
325 페이지 - Dr. Johnson had lately enjoyed. At length, the frankness and simplicity of his natural character prevailed. He sprung from the sofa, advanced to Johnson, and in a kind of flutter, from imagining himself in the situation which he had just been hearing described, exclaimed, " Well, you acquitted yourself in this conversation better than I should have done ; for I should have bowed and stammered through the whole of it.
88 페이지 - JOHNSON. Sir, I have no doubt that I can do it in three years. ADAMS. But the French Academy, which consists of forty members, took forty years to compile their Dictionary. JOHNSON. Sir, thus it is. This is the proportion. Let me see ; forty times forty is sixteen hundred. As three to sixteen hundred, so is the proportion of an Englishman to a Frenchman.
168 페이지 - Burke, sir, is such a man, that if you met him for the first time in the street where you were stopped by a drove of oxen, and you and he stepped aside to take shelter but for five minutes, he'd talk to you in such a manner, that, when you parted, you would say, this is an extraordinary man.
122 페이지 - Wit, my Lords, is a Sort of Property: It is the Property of those that have it, and too often the only Property they have to depend on. It is, indeed, but a precarious Dependence. Thank God! We my Lords, have a Dependence of another Kind...
107 페이지 - ... and dizziness, which too frequently attack him, but, thank God, not so often as formerly; looking directly foreright, as passers-by would imagine, but observing all that stirs on either hand of him without moving his short neck, hardly ever turning back; of a light brown complexion; teeth not yet failing him...
322 페이지 - Johnson said he thought he had already done his part as a writer. "I should have thought so too, (said the King,) if you had not written so well.

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