Bureau publication (United States. Children's Bureau). no. 11, 1915, 11호

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1915

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14 페이지 - tenement house " shall be taken to mean and include every house, building or portion thereof, which is rented, leased, let or hired out to be occupied, or is occupied, as the home or residence of three families or more, living independently of each other, and doing their cooking upon the premises, or by more than two families upon any floor, so living and cooking, but having a common right in the halls, stairways, yards, water closets or privies or some of them.
19 페이지 - ... further supervision of midwives. ECONOMIC STATUS OF THE FAMILY. It is obvious that even the care given the baby by its mother often must be offset by the evils resulting from an income insufficient for the family's needs, since a low income frequently must involve undesirable housing accommodations, an overworked mother, insufficient nourishment for mother and child, and lack of competent medical advice. Sir Arthur Newsholme has found in his English studies that ' ' infant mortality is higher...
34 페이지 - The stable yards shall be drained and kept in a clean, dry condition, and no accumulation of household garbage, vegetable or other putrescible matter shall be allowed to remain, or decay, in said stable yards. 98. Rule 5. Cattle shall at all times be kept in a clean condition, and the udders shall be wiped dry and clean with a clean damp cloth before each milking. 99. Rule 6. No milk or cream shall be sold or offered for sale, or distributed, in the City of Erie, obtained from any cow that has calved...
12 페이지 - State reports not yet available. The census report on mortality statistics for 1911 gives the estimated infant mortality rate for the birth registration area of the United States for 1910 as 124. This estimated rate may be compared with the rates for foreign countries in the following table, in which the 1912 figures have been given wherever possible, and in all other cases the year indicated is the latest year for which statistics are available. Deaths of infants under 1 year of age per 1,000 live...
35 페이지 - ... reaction of each individual cow shall be filed with this board. All cows which react shall be removed from the premises at once if the sale of milk is to continue, and no cows shall be added to a herd until certificates of satisfactory tuberculin tests of said cows have been filed with this board. The board of health may, from time to time, when in its opinion the public interest may require, permit, by resolution, the sale of milk that is produced under conditions other than as herein specified,...
35 페이지 - Drawn from any cow within fifteen days before or twelve days after parturition. o. No milk in partially filled bottles shall be sold or offered for sale, and no bottles shall be filled, capped, or recapped outside of the dairy building regularly used for this purpose. Provided that the subdivisions a, b, c, and d shall not apply to milk sold under the title of "skimmed milk.
19 페이지 - Table 7 shows that in Montclair the infant mortality rate was approximately two and one-half times as high among families where the income was less than $12 a week as among families where the income was $23 a week or more. TABLE 7.
34 페이지 - ... from sale or delivery in said town. Water supplied to cows shall be pure and free from all contamination from stable or household 'wastes, and no spring or shallow well in or adjoining any stable yard shall be used for watering said cows. EMPLOYEES. SEC. 6. (a) All milkers and all other attendants handling milk in any dairy shall be personally clean. When entering upon their duties connected with the dairy their hands and outer garments must be clean.
36 페이지 - No milk shall be delivered, stored, or transported at a temperature exceeding 50° F.

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