Portland Cement: Its Manufacture and Use

D. Van Nostrand Company, 1895 - 192페이지

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22 페이지 - Levelling. A TREATISE on the PRINCIPLES and PRACTICE of LEVELLING ; showing its Application to Purposes of Railway and Civil Engineering, in the Construction of Roads ; with Mr. TELFORD'S Rules for the same. By FREDERICK W. SIMMS, FGS, M. Inst. CE Sixth Edition, very carefully revised, with the addition of Mr.
12 페이지 - A Guide to the Determination of Rocks : being an Introduction to Lithology. Translated from the French by GW Plympton, Professor of Physical Science at Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute. 12mo, cloth $1 . 50 JEHL, F., Mem.
14 페이지 - MERRILL, Col. WM. E., USA Iron Truss Bridges for Railroads. The method of calculating strains in Trusses, with a careful comparison of the most prominent Trusses, in reference to economy in combination, etc.
7 페이지 - M. The Metallurgy of Gold. A Practical Treatise on the Metallurgical Treatment of Gold-bearing Ores, including the Processes of Concentration and Chlorination, and the Assaying, Melting and Refining of Gold. Fifth Edition, revised and greatly enlarged. Over 300 illustrations and numerous folding plates. 8vo, cloth $7.50 The Hydro-Metallurgy of Copper.
26 페이지 - THE ART OF SOAP-MAKING. A Practical Handbook of the Manufacture of Hard and Soft Soaps, Toilet Soaps, &c. Including many New Processes, and a Chapter on the Recovery of Glycerine from Waste Leys. By ALEXANDER WATT.
3 페이지 - BLAKE, WP Report upon the Precious Metals. Being Statistical Notices of the Principal Gold and Silver producing regions of the world, represented at the Paris Universal Exposition. 8vo, cloth $2 . 00 BLAKESLEY, TH Alternating Currents of Electricity.
23 페이지 - SWEET, SH Special Report on Coal, Showing its Distribution, Classification, and Costs delivered over Different Routes to Various Points in the State of New York and the Principal Cities on the Atlantic Coast. With maps. 8vo, cloth $3.00 SWOOPE, CW Practical Lessons in Electricity: Principles, Experiments, and Arithmetical Problems.
21 페이지 - SCHUMANN, F. A Manual of Heating and Ventilation in its Practical Application, for the use of Engineers and Architects. Embracing a Series of Tables and Formulae for Dimensions of Heating, Flow and Return Pipes for Steam and Hot-water Boilers, Flues, etc. 12mo, illustrated, full roan $1.50 SCHMALL, CN, and SHACK, SM Elements of Plane Geometry.
16 페이지 - NUGENT, E. Treatise on Optics; or, Light and Sight theoretically and practically treated, with the application to Fine Art and Industrial Pursuits. With 103 illustrations. 12mo, cloth.
8 페이지 - FOSTER, Gen. JG, USA Submarine Blasting in Boston Harbor, Massachusetts. Removal of Tower and Corwin Rocks. Illustrated with 7 plates.

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