Annual of Scientific Discovery: Or, Year-book of Facts in Science and Art, for [1850]-71, Exhibiting the Most Important Discoveries and Improvements in Mechanics, Useful Arts, Natural Philosophy, Chemistry, Astronomy, Geology, Biology, Botany, Mineralogy, Meteorology, Geography, Antiquities, Etc., Together with Notes on the Progress of Science ... a List of Recent Scientific Publications; Obituaries of Eminent Scientific Men, Etc. ...


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195 페이지 - possible that the motions of the earth and of the heavenly bodies, and the heat of the sun, may all be due to gravitation ; or, thai the potential energy of gravitation may be in reality the ultimate created antecedent of all motion, heat, and light
265 페이지 - should not hold less than one, or more than five tons, of fluid iron at each charge. The vessel should be placed so near to the discharge hole of the blast furnace as to allow the iron to flow along a gutter into it ; a small blast cylinder will be required capable
230 페이지 - is the significant number of those beautiful crystals which show that minerals (as well as stars) have their geometry. Five is the model number of the highest class of plants, those with reticulated veins and branches, is the typical number of the fingers and toes of vertebrate animals, and is of frequent occurrence among
265 페이지 - being about three-eighths of an inch in diameter; they are so put into the brick lining (from the outer side) as to admit of their removal and renewal in a few minutes when they are worn out. At one side of the vessel, about half way up from the bottom, there is a hole made for running
139 페이지 - object was to show, that when electricity performs any mechanical work which does not return to its source, electrical power is lost. The first experiment was made in the following manner :—A Leyden jar, of one square foot coated surface, has its interior connected with a Cuthbertson's electrometer, between which
140 페이지 - by a stiff wire inserted between the attracting knobs, and the Leyden jar charged by discharging from the unit-jar. After a certain number of these (twenty-two in the experiment performed in the theatre of the Institution), the discharge of the large jar takes place across the ^-inch interval ; this may
365 페이지 - SNOW ON VEGETATION IN ARCTIC LATITUDES. Few of us at home can realize the protecting value of this warm coverlet of snow. No eider-down in the cradle of an infant is tucked in more kindly than the sleeping dress of winter about this feeble
269 페이지 - or SOlbs., each of which is moulded and fashioned by human labor, carefully watched and tended in the furnace, and removed therefrom one at a time, to be carefully manipulated and squeezed into form. When we consider the vast extent of the manufacture, and the gigantic scale
269 페이지 - which the early stages of the process are conducted, it is astonishing that no effort should have been made to raise the after processes somewhat nearer to a level commensurate with the preceding ones, and thus rescue the trade from the trammels which have so long surrounded it.