John Wesley

Small, Maynard & Company, 1900 - 128페이지

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23 페이지 - When at Oxford, I took up Law's ' Serious Call to a Holy Life,' expecting to find it a dull book, (as such books generally are), and perhaps to laugh at it But 1 found Law quite an overmatch for me ; and this was the first occasion of my thinking in earnest of religion, after I became capable of rational enquiry.
50 페이지 - The open firmament above me, the prospect of the adjacent fields, with the sight of thousands and thousands, some in coaches, some on horseback, and some in the trees, and at times all affected and drenched in tears together, to which sometimes was added the solemnity of the approaching evening, was almost too much for, and quite overcame me.
35 페이지 - But oh ! with what joy, joy unspeakable, even joy that was full of, and big with glory, was my soul filled, when the weight of sin went off, and an abiding sense of the pardoning love of God, and a full assurance of faith, broke in upon my disconsolate soul ! Surely; it was the day of my espousals,day to be had in everlasting remembrance.
66 페이지 - Wesley, who has stated the case with equal force and truth, " the sum of all is this ; one in twenty (suppose) of mankind, are elected; nineteen in twenty are reprobated! The elect shall be saved, do 'what they will : the reprobate shall be damned, do what they can.
71 페이지 - Newport-Pagnell, and then rode on till I overtook a serious man, with whom I immediately fell into conversation. He presently gave me to know what his opinions were, therefore I said nothing to contradict them. But that did not content him. He was quite uneasy to know " whether I held the doctrines of the decrees as he did "; but I told him over and over: " We had better keep to practical things, lest we should be angry at one another.
117 페이지 - In dress, he was a pattern of neatness and simplicity : a narrow plaited stock ; a coat, with a small upright collar ; no buckles at his knees ; no silk or velvet in any part of his apparel ; and a head as white as snow, gave an idea of something primitive and apostolic ; while an air of neatness and cleanliness was diffused over his whole person.
97 페이지 - Know all men that I John Wesley think myself to be providentially called at this time to set apart some persons for the work of the ministry in America. And therefore under the Protection of Almighty God, and with a single eye to his glory, I have this day set apart, as a superintendent, by the imposition of my hands and prayer (being assisted by other ordained ministers...
52 페이지 - I could scarce reconcile myself at first to this strange way of preaching in the fields, of which he set me an example on Sunday ; having been all my life (till very lately) so tenacious of every point relating to decency and order, that I should have thought the saving of souls almost a sin, if it had not been done in a church.
116 페이지 - When he came to that, part of the service, "Forasmuch as it hath pleased Almighty God to take unto himself the soul of our dear brother...
56 페이지 - O thou devil! thou cursed devil! yea, thou legion of devils ! thou canst not stay in me. Christ will cast thee out. I know His work is begun. Tear me in pieces, if thou wilt; but thou canst not hurt me.

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