Social Work: Innovations and Insights

Manohar Pawar, Wendy Bowles, Karen Bell
Australian Scholarly Publishing, 2018. 8. 31. - 320페이지

Social Work Innovations and Insights critically reflects on social work education, research and practice.

Experienced educators and practitioners offer fresh insights into the conceptualisation of social work, exploring virtues in social work, culturally responsive practice, post-conventional and eco-social paradigms.

Creative approaches to pedagogy, curriculum development and delivery in social work education are also presented, in the context of field education, human rights, international mobility and wellbeing.

In addition, examples of innovative, applied social work practice are explored including mental health, ageing, multicultural practice, wellbeing at work and the role of hope in crises and service provision.



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Innovations in Conceptualising Social Work
PostConventional Social Work
VirtueLed Social Work Practice
Combating Whiteness Behaviours Through Culturally
Innovations in Social Work Education
Sturt University
Engaging and Retaining Online Social
Cate Thomas Monica Short Heather Barton
WellBeing and Social Work Is It Possible?
The Lived Experience of Acute Mental Health Inpatient
A Personal

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