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Abbott, John S. C., Portrait, 96
Adobeland Stories, by Verner G. Reed, 323
Africa in the Nineteenth Century, by Edgar Sanderson,

Along the Bosphorus, by Mrs. Susan E. Wallace, 140
Amateur Cracksman, The. by E. W. Hornung, 243
American Art Annual, by Florence N. Levy, 336
American Revolution, The. Part I., by Sir George Otto

Trevelyan. A Review by W. P. Trent, 134 America's Foreign Policy, by Theodore S. Woolsey, M.A.,

142 Among My Books, by Augustine Birrell, 408 An Incident and Other Happenings, by Sarah Barnwell

Elliott, 323 Apthorp, William F., Note, 98 ; Portrait, 99; Review of ** By the Way," 239; Biographical Note and Portrait,

307 Archer, William, Note, 280 Armageddon, by Stanley Waterloo, 248 Art and Personality. An Essay by Clara E. Laughlin,

292 Ashes of Empire, by Robert W. Chambers, 149 ; Note, 366 Austen, Jane, Memorial, Note, 17 Autobiography of Charles H. Spurgeon, 331 Bach, A. D., Portrait, 96 Bacon, Leonard, Portrait, 96 Baker, George H., Portrait, 11 Baneroft, George, Portrait. 11 Barr, Robert, Portrait, 448. Pictures of his homes, 448,

419 Barry, Rev. William, Portrait, 194 ; Review of “The Two

Standards," 214 Beacon Biographies, Note, 18 Beardsley, Aubrey, The Memorial of, The Early Work of,

and A Second Book of Fifty Drawings by. Illustrated

Review, 371 Beneath Blue Skies and Gray, by Ingram Crockett, 252 Bird Gods, by Charles De Kay,233 Bismillah. by A. J. Dawson, 149 Black Douglas, The, by S. R. Crockett, 405 Black, William, Note 18 : Portrait, 19 Book Plates, Lawrence E. Woodsworth, 98 Books Received, 68, 150, 251, 416 Book Without Types, A, by Samuel P. Avery. Illus

trated, 379 Bossuet, Portrait, 308 Roston Public Library, Gift to, 20. Note, 448 Brooks, Shirley, Portrait, 453 Browning. The Letters of Robert and Elizabeth Barrett.

A Review by Virginia Leila Wentz, 237 Brown, William Harvey, Note and Portrait, 291 Bryant, William Cullen, Portrait, 96 Bullen, Frank T., Portrait, 190 ; Review of "The Cruise

of the Cachelot," 215 Bunner, H. C., The Medal, Note and Reproductions of,

365 Burroughs, John. Note, 100; Portrait, 101 By the Way, by William Foster Apthorp. 239 By the Western Sea, by Marshall Isley, 253 By Way of Cape Horn, by Paul Eve Stevenson, 142 Campaigning in Cuba. by George Kennan, 329 Carroll, The Life and Letters of Lewis, by Stuart Dodg

son Collingwood. An Illustrated Review by Ellen

Burns Sherman, 120 Castle Inn, The, by Stanley J. Weyman, 62 Century of French Fiction, A, by Benjamin W. Wells,

333 Chesnutt. Charles W., Note, 360 ; Portrait, 361. Review

of “The Conjure Woman," by Mary Tracy Earle, 401 Chitral : The Story of a Minor Siege, by Sir G. S. Robert

son, 137
Chopin, Kate, Note and Portrait, 186
Civilian Attaché, A. by Helen Dawes Brown, 407
Composition, by Arthur W. Dow, 336
Conjure Woman, The, by Charles W. Chesnutt, 401

Contemporary French Novelists, by René Doumic. A

Review by Elizabeth Gilbert Martin, 235 Corner of Spain, A, by Mrs. M. C. Harris, 142 Correspondence. A Question of War Maps, by John R.

Spears, 37 : Prof. Matthews, Dr. Wolfe and Du Maurier, by J. L. Brown, 37 ; Nursery Mpemonics, by Carolyn Wells, 37 ; Mrs. Wharton and Her Use of the Epigram in “The Greater Inclination," by F. J. G., 395 ;

Literature and Life, by John Wright Buckham, 473 Cougar-Tamer, The, by Frank Welles Calkins, 484 Court of the Second Empire, The, by M. Imbert de St.

Amand, 331
Cranch, Christopher C., Portrait, 193
Cruise of the Cachelot, The, by Frank T. Bullen, 245
Cruise Under the Crescent, A, by Charles Warren Stod-

dard, 140
Curtis, George William, Portrait, 367
Cyrano, Portrait, 294 : Note. 295
Daudet, Alphonse, Portrait, 295

of the Vine, A, by Gertrude Atherton, 404
Dawn of Reason, The, by Dr. James Weir, Jr., 414
Deadman's, by Mary Gaunt, 324
Destroyer, The, by Benjamin Swift, 64
Dickens and His Illustrators, by Frederic G. Kitton,

an Illustrated Review, 112 Diet in Illness and Couvalescence, by Mrs. Winthrop, 330 Dryden, Portrait, 217 Dumas, Pere, Portrait, 366 Dumb Foxglove. by Annie Trumbull Slosson, 66 Dunne, Finley Peter, Note, 12; Portrait. 13 : Review by

James L. Ford of "Mr. Dooley in Peace and in War,

60; Note 362 Each Life Unfulfilled, by Anna Chapin Ray. 405 Early Stamped Bindings, An Illustrated Sketch, by S. T.

Prideaux, 41 Egypt, The Land of the Temple Builders, by Walter

Scott Perry, 413 Elson, Louis C., Biographical Note and Portrait, 306 Emin Pasha, His Life and Works. by George Schweitzer,

57 Espiritu Santo, by Henrietta Dana Skipper, 324 Essay on the Bases of Mystic Knowledge, by E. Recéjác,

319 Essays on the Higher Education, by Prof. George Trum

bull Ladd, 332 Evolutional Ethics and Animal Psychology, by E. P.

Evans, 231 Experimental Wooing. An, by Tom Hall, 247 Eye of a God, The, by W. A. Fraser, 415 Facts and History, An Essay by Charles G. D. Roberts,

355 Familiar Book Titles, A Competition, 378 Fatal Gift, The, by F. Frankfort Moore, 64 Fenelon, Portrait. 219 Field, David Dudley. 193 Fight for Santiago, The, by Stephen Bonsal, 328 Fighting in Cuban Waters, by Edward Stratemeyer. 329 Finck, Henry T., Biographical Note, 303 ; Portrait, 304 Fowler, The, by Beatrice Harraden, 403 Frederic, Harold, Silhouette of, 102 ; Note, 102 From Chaucer to Arnold, by Andrew J. George, 331 From Me to You, by Lillian Gertrude Sherman, 252 From Sunset Ridge, by Julia Ward Howe, 249 Frontier Stories, by Cy Warman, 67 Fur and Feathers Tales, by Hamblen Sears, 483 Glimpses of Modern German Culture, by Prof. Kuno

Francke, 335 Gloria Mundi, by Harold Frederic, 62 God's Prisoners, by John Oxenham, 246 Greater Inclination. The, by Edith Wharton, 400 Great Salt Lake Trail, The, by Col. Henry Inman and

Col. William F. Cody, 409 Hains, T. Jenkins, Note and Portrait, 364, Review of his

" The Wind-Jammers." 415 Hale, Edward Everett, Portrait, 294 ; Note, 364

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page 131

Hale, Fhilip, Biographical Note and Portrait, 306
Hawthorne, Hildegarde, Portrait, 188
Hay, Helen, Note and Portrait, 188. Review of “Some

Headley, J. T., Portrait. 193
Hedin, Sven, Portrait, 31. Illustrated Review of

" Through Asia," by E. H. Mullin, 30
Henderson, W.J., Note, 183; Portrait, 184. Review of

“The Orchestra and Orchestral Music," 239 ; Review
of " How Music Developed," 240; Biographical Note

and Portrait, 305
Highways and Byways in Donegal and Antrim, by Ste-

phen Gwynn. An Illustrated Review by Frederick

James Gregg, 383
Historic New York, Edited by Maud Wilder Goodwin

and Others, 21
Historic Pilgrimages in New England, by Edwin M. Ba-

con, 23
Historic Towns of New England, by Lyman P. Powell,

History of English Romanticism in the Eighteenth Cen-

tury, A, by Henry A. Beers, 406
History Up to Date, by William A. Johnston, 329
Hoar, Senator George Frisbie, Portrait, 14 : Note, 15
Hornung, E. W., Portrait, 97. ' Review of “The Amateur

Cracksman," 213
Howells, Mildred, Portrait, 189
Howells, W. D., Portrait by Penrhyn Stanlaws, opposite
How Music Developed, by James Huneker. 240
How to Prepare for a Civil-Service Examination, by

Francis E. Leupp. 335
Huneker, James, Note, 183; Portrait, 185. Review of

* Recent Music Books," 238; Review of "Mezzotints
in Modern Music," by Esther Singleton, 241 ; Biograph-

ical Note and Portrait, 306
Hurll, Estelle M., Note and Portrait, 94
Idyll of the Wabash, An, by Anna Nicholas, 66
Idylls of the Sea, by Frank T. Bullen, 485
Illustrators, Modern. Illustrated. I, Frederick G. Kit-
ton, by A. H. Garland, 109; II, Walter Appleton Clark,

by Jay Hambidge, 211
Imperialism, by C. de Thierry, 143
Imperial Republic, The, by James C. Fernald, 332
Impressions, by Lilla Cabot Perry, 252
In Cuba with Shafter, by Lieut. Col. John D. Miley. A

Review by William Conant Church, 321
In the Forbidden Land, by A. Henry Savage Landor.

An Illustrated Review, 33
In the Republic of Letters, by W. Macniele Dixon, 408
Introduction to American Literature, An, by Henry S.

Pancoast, 145
Italians of To-day, The, by Réné Bazin, 398
Jackson, Frederick G., Portrait, 465.
Jamesons, The, by Mary E. Wilkins, 401
Jerrold, Douglas, Portrait, 152
Jerusalem the Holy, by Edwin Sherman Wallace, 140
John Burnet of Barns, by John Buchan, 117
Johnston, Mary, Note and Portrait, 94
Keene, Charles, Portrait, 453
Kennan, George, Picture of his Summer Home, 292
Kennedy, John P., Portrait, 11
Kipling, Rudyard, Note, 12
Kitton, Frederic G., Author and Artist, Illustrated, by

A. H. Garland. 109
Knapp, Arthur Mason. Biographical Note, 102
Krehbiel, H. E.. Review of " Music and Manners," 240;

Biographical Note and Portrait of, 304
Labor and the Angel, by Duncan C. Scott, 253
Lampman, Archibald, Note, 188; Portrait, 189
La Fontaine, Portrait, 119
Land of the Pigmies, The, by Captain Guy Burrows, 141
Later English Drama, The, by Calvin S. Brown, 146
Lecouvreur, Adrienne, Portrait, 303
Leech, John, Portrait, 453
Lemon, Mark, Portrait, 451
Letters of Robert and Elizabeth Barrett Browning, The,

A Review by Virginia Leila Wentz, 237
Life and Letters of Lewis Carroll, The, by Stuart Dodgson

Collingwood, An Ilustrated Review, by Ellen Burns

Sherman, 120
Lincoln, Abraham, Note, 18
Literary Likings, by Richard Burton, 408
Literary News in England, The, by J. M. Bulloch, 41, 130,

229, 314, 386, 475
Literary Querist, The, Edited by Rossiter Johnson, 69,

151, 255,337, 417. 487
Lithography and Lithographers, by Joseph and Eliza-

beth Robins Pennell, An Illustrated Review, by Ch.

Fitzgerald, 208
Longfellow, H. W., 367

Lover's Revolt, A, by J. W. De Forest, 63
Love's Dilemmas, by Robert Herrick, 400
Lowell, James Russell, Portrait, 367 : Lowell the Man,

by Elisabeth L. Cary, Illustrated, 431; "A Few Low-

ells," by George V. W. Duryee, 436
Mabie, Hamilton Wright. Portrait in color from a draw-
ing by Penrhyn Stanlaws, opposite page, 279 : A Bio-
graphical Sketch of, by Henry van Dyke, 279; Old Books
and New Readers, An Essay by, 179
Maine, The, by Captain Charles D. Sigsbee, 325
Maintenon, Mme. de, Portrait of, opp. page 85
Marie Antoinette, Portrait, 312
Massachusetts Historical Society, Note, 192, 291
McCarthy, Miss Lillah, as “Gwendolin" in Swinburne's

“Locrine," 315
McTeague, by Frank Norris, 244
Melville, Herman, Portrait, 11
Memory and its Cultivation, by T. W. Eldridge Green,

Mexico and the United States, by Matias Romero, 136
Meynell, Alice, Sketch with Portrait, by Katherine Tynan

Hinkson, 204 ; Review of “The Spirit of Place," by
Henry van Dyke, 206
Miscellanies, by Austin Dobson, 407
Mitchell, Donald G., Portrait, 193
Modern Political Institutions, by Dr. Simeon E. Baldwin,

Mr. Dooley in Peace and in War, by F. P. Dunne, 60
Munkacsy, Note and Portrait, 20
Music and Manners, by H. E. Krehbiel, 240
Music and Poetry, by Sidney Lanier, A Review by Rich-

ard Burton, 144
Music Lover's Library. Note, 17
Mutineer, The. by Louis Becke and Walter Jeffery, 64
Natural History of Digestion, The, by Dr. A. Lockhart

Gillespie, 411
Neal, John, Portrait, 296
Nikisch, Arthur, Note and Portrait, 293
Niobe, by Jonas Lie, 59
No. 5 John Street, by Richard Whiteing, 403
Norris, Frank, Note and Portrait, 187. Review of "Mc-

Teague," 244
Notes of Rare Books, by Ernest Dressel North, 39, 133,

227, 318, 396, 472
Old Books and New Readers, An Essay, by Hamilton W.

Mabie, 179
Old Friends with New Faces. A Review of Recent Re-

prints. Illustrated, 124
On Some Illustrators of Dickens. Illustrated. By F.

Weitenkampf, 103
On the Edge of the Empire, by Edgar Jepson and Cap-

tain D, Beames, 479
Open Question, The, by C. E. Raimond (Elizabeth Rob-

ins), 116
Orchestra and Orchestral Music, The, by W. J. Hender-
Our Country's Flag and the Flags of Foreign Countries,

by Edward S. Holden, 333
Our Island Empire, by Charles Morris, 336
Outlines of Descriptive Psychology, by George Trumbull

Ladd, 231
Out of Mulberry Street, by Jacob A. Riis. 67
Paine's Monument at New Rochelle, by E. H. Shaw. Il-

lustrated, 370
Pastor Naudié's Young Wife, by Édouard Rod, 405
Perugia, by Margaret Symonds and Lina Duft Gordon,

Philippine Islands, The, by John Foreman, 390
Philippine Islands, The, by Ramon Reyes Lala, 391
Phil O-rum's Canoe, by W. H. Drummond, 251
Pictures of Travel, by Mackenzie Bell, 253
Poems, by Eva Gore Booth, 251
Poor Human Nature, by Elizabeth Godfrey, 148
Porto Rico of To-day, The, by Albert Gardner Robinson,

Procession of Life, The, by Horace A. Vachell, 324
Puerto Rico and Its Resources, by Frederick A, Ober,

- Punch" and Its Makers. I. The Writers. Illustrated.

By Rufus Rockwell Wilson, 459
Putnam, Herbert. Note, 202
Racine, Portrait, 311
Ragged Lady, by W. D. Howells, 322
Rapin, The, by thenry De Vere Stacpoole, 244
Recollections of the Civil War, by Charles A. Dana, 52
Reid, Mayne, Portrait. 296
Rod, Édouard, Note, 15; Portrait, 16 ; Review of "Pastor

Naudié's Young Wife, by A. Schade Van Westrum, 405
Rodman, the Boatsteerer, by Louis Becke, 67
Roman Africa, Archaelogical Walks in Algeria and

Tunis, by M. Boissier, 412

son, 239

Roosevelt, Theodore, The Writings of, by Gansey R.

Johnston, 4
Rossetti, Mrs., and her Children, Dante Gabriel, Chris-

tina, and William, 93
Rousseau, Jean Baptiste, Portrait, 220
"Saints and Sinners,'' Corner, The Other, Verses by John

H. Finley, 363 ; Note, 362
Salt Lake of Literature, The, An Essay by Ellen Burns

Sherman, 357
Sarcey, Francisque, A Biographical Essay by Perriton

Maxwell, 440. Portrait by Valentine Greene, 441
Savage, Philip Henry. Biographical Note, 446
Saxe, John G., Portrait, 296
Schurz, Carl, Portrait, 367
Seidl. Anton, Note and Portrait, 183; Portrait, 184
'76: Lyrics of the Revolution, by Rev. E. C. Jones, 251
Shafter, General, and his Staff, 91
Shakespeare, A Life of William, by Sidney Lee, 50
Shapes and Shadows, by Madison Cawein, 250
Shelley, Percy B., Locket Pictures and Note, 445
Shrine of Love, The, by Lucien V. Rule, 252
Sinking of the Merrimac, The, by Richmond Pearson

Hobson, 327
Sister to Evangeline, A, by Charles G. D. Roberts, 149
Smith, Goldwin, At Home, An Illustrated Sketch by

Frank Yeigh, 195
Social and Ethical Interpretation in Mental Development,

by J. Mark Baldwin, 233
Some Colonial Homesteads, by Marion Harland, 23
Some Notes of Stevenson's Childhood, by Eve Blantyre

Simpson, With Early Portraits and Other Illustrations,

Some of Our Musical Critics, by Philip G. Hubert, Jr.,

With Eight Miniature Portraits, 303
Some Persons Unknown, by E. W'. Hornung, 65
Some Verses, by Helen Hay, 253
Song of the Wave, The, by George Cabot Lodge, 251
Songs from Puget Sound, by Herbert Bashford, 253
Songs from the Ghetto, by Maurice Rosenfeld, 58
Songs from the Southwest Country, by Freeman E.

Miller, 252
Songs of Destiny, by Julia P. Daborey. 252
Songs of War and Peace, Sam Walter Foss, 251
Spanish-American War, The, hy Eye Witnesses, 329
Spirit of Place, The, by Alice Meynell, A Review by

Henry van Dyke, 206
Spring Books, The, 222
Stevenson, E. Irenaeus, Biographical Note and Portrait,

Stevenson, Kipling, and Anglo-Saxon Imperialism, An

Essay, by E. H. Mullin, 85
Stevenson, R. L., Note, 17 ; Sketch of Memorial Fountain,

190 ; A Unique Stevenson Collection, Illustrated, 200;
Notes and Pictures Relating to, 288, 291 ; Some Notes of
Stevenson's Childhood, Hlustrated, by Eve Blantyre

Simpson, 298
Stolen Story, The, by Jesse Lynch Williams, A Review,

by Chester S. Lord, 325
Stories in Light and Shadow, by Bret Harte, 65
Story of Old Fort Loudon, by Charles Egbert Crad-

dock. 2 13
Story of the Rough Riders, The, by Edward Marshall,

Strong Hearts, by George W. Cable, 246
Student's History of the United States, by Prof. Edward

Channing, 332
Studies in American Literature, by Prof. Charles Noble,

Studies in Psychical Research, by Frank Podmon, 235
Successors of Homer, The, by W.C. Lawton, 334
Sundown Letlare, by Frederic Remington, 247
Swallow, by H. Rider Haggard, 213

Sweethearts and Wives, by Anna A. Rogers, AS
Taming of the Jungle, The, by Dr. C. W. Doyle, 480
Tales of the Malayan Coast, by Rounsevelie Wildman,

Tattle Tales of Cupid, by Paul Leicester Ford, 67
Taylor, Tom, Portrait, 42, 453
Tennyson, Alfred, Portrait, 95
Texas Ranger, A, by N. A. Jennings, 482
Theophile, by Henry Copley Greene, 250
Thompson, Ernest Seton, Portrait, opp. page 4, Note 13
Thompson, Helen Stuart, Note, 364
Three Studies in Literature, by Lewis E. Gates, 407
Through Persia on a Side Saddle, by Ella C. Sykes, 411
Through the Turf Smoke, by Seumas McManus, 245
Thousand Days in the Arctic, by F. G. Jackson, An Il-

lustrated Review, by Cyrus K. Adams, 164
Tides, The, by Prof. George H. Darwin, 415
Timrod, Henry, Note, 16, Portrait, 17
Tiverton Tales, by Alice Brown, 399
Tolstoy, Count, Note, 18
Trimalchio's Dinner, translated by H. T. Peck, 54
'Trio of French Eighteenth Century Portrait Engravers,

by William Loring Andrews, Illustrated : I, Etienne
Ficquet, 115: II, Odieuvre's Publication of Ficquet's
Portraits, and Others, 216 : III, Savart and Grateloup,

Two Standards, The, by Rev. William Barry, 244
Uncalled, The, by Paul Laurence Dunbar, 63
Unique Stevenson Collection, A, Illustrated, by Freder-

ick James Gregg, 200
Van Dyke, Henry, Portrait in Colors from a drawing by

Penrhyn Stanlaws, opp. page 179, Review of Mrs. Mey-
nell's The Spirit of Place, 206, Hamilton Wright Mabie.

A Sketch, 279
Verne, Jules, Portrait, 447
Voltaire, Portrait, 117
War in the Peninsula, The, by Alexander Innes Shand.

War is Kind, by Stephen Crane, Note, 368
Wayfarers, The, by Josephine Preston Peabody, 250
Wescott, Edward Noyes, Portrait, 369
West Point Wooing, A, by Clara Louise Burnham, 244
Wharton, Edith. Portrait, opposite page 355 ; Note, 360.

Mrs. Wharton and Her Use of the Epigram, A Letter
from F. J. G., 395. Review of "The Greater Inclina.

lion,'' by Mary Tracy Earle, 400.
What Shall Our Boys Do For a Living ? by Charles F.

Wingate, 331
Wheel of God, The, by George Egerton, 323
Where Ghosts Walk, by Marion Harland, 22
Where to Educate, by Grace Powers Thomas, 335
Wild Fowl of North America, The, by Daniel Giraud

Elliot, 333
Williams, Jesse Lynch, Note and Portrait, 297. Review

of - The Stolen Story," by Chester S. Lord, 325
Willis, N. P., Portrait, 296
Wind-Jammers, The, by T. Jenkins Hains. 415
Windyhaugh, by Graham Travers, 247
Wire-Cutters, The, by Mrs. M, E. M. Davis, 243
Within the Purdah, by S. Armstrong-Hopkins, 140
With Kitchener to Khartum, by G. W. Steevens. A

Review of, by E. H. Mullin, 139
With Peary Near the North Pole, by Eivind Astrup, 141
With Sampson Through the War, by W. A. M. Goode, 327
With Ski and Sledge Over Arctic Glades, by Sir Martin

Conway, 141
Workingman's Insurance, by William F. Willoughby, 410
Yale: Hier Campus, Class Rooms and Athletics, An Illus-

trated Review, by A. R. Kimball, 459
Young Author and the Old Author, The, by Charles S.

Skilton, 26
Young Lives, by Richard Le Gallienne, 404

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The Book Buyer



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FEB 3 1899


Theodore Roosevelt's Writings: A
Sketch, by G. R. Johnston
Early Stamped Bindings—A Note
by Miss Prideaux-
Book Reviews, by John Malone,
Col.W.C. Church, James L. Ford,
F. C. Mortimer, and Others
New Portraits of Ernest Seton
Thompson, Sven Hedin, Edouard
Rod and F. P. Dunne(Mr. Dooley)








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Ernest Seton Thompson

From a Photograph by Miss Ben-Yusuf.
The Writings of Theodore Roosevelt

Gansey R. Johnston .

5 The Rambler

With ten Portraits, and other Illustrations. Old Roads and New Finger-Posts

Mary Tracy Earle An Essay, with

six Illustrations, on " Literary Pilgrimages," including references to several new books upon the subject. The Young Author and the Old Author

Charles S. Skilton

A " Literary Coaversation " reported.
Two Explorers and Their Discoveries .

sE. H. Mullin
| F. R. G. S.

Reviews, with six Illustrations, of Sven Hedin's "Through Asia," and A. Henry Savage Landor's “In the Forbidden Land."
"A Question of War Maps," by John R. Spears.--. prof

. Matthews, Dr. Wolfe and Du Maurier," by J. L. Brown.--. Nursery Mnemonics," by Carolyn Wells. Notes of Rare Books

Ernest Dressel North

39 With a Check List of the works of Eugene Field. Early Stamped Bindings

S. T. Prideaux

41 With Seven Illustrations

from Original Bindings. The Literary News in England

J. M. Bulloch

47 Current Literature

50 Signed Reviews of the Newest Books, by John Malone, William Conant Church, Richard Burton, James L. Ford, F. C. Monti

mer, and Others. The Literary Querist.

Rossiter Johnson



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MR. JOHN LANE begs to announce for Publication during February:

[merged small][ocr errors]

THE COLLECTED POEMS OF WILLIAM WATSON. Crown 8vo, 305 pp., designed cover. $2.50.

This volume includes the work contained in the author's several volumes, “ Poems,"“ Odes and other Poems," "" The Father of the Forest and other Poems," "The Year of Shame,"“ The Hope of the World and other Poems," with the exception of a few poems excluded by the author.

The London Dail, Chronicle says: "As we look through this collected edition of his work, we feel confirmed in our belief that whatever his limitations, and they are not few, it is Mr. Watson's function and his glory to hand on, in this generation, the great classical tradition of English poetry. on the threshold of the twentieth century he reconciles and brings to a common denominator, as it were, the best qualities of eighteenth-century and nineteenth-century verse. He is the heir no less of Dryden tban of Tennyson; it is hard to say wherber Keats or Pope has more potently influenced him. There is significance in the fact that bis favorite instrument, which he fingers with the utmost mastery, is the classic instrument of the English Muse- the iambic pentameter. Pregnant, resonant, memorable lines flow inexhaustibly from his pen; and some of them, we venture to predict, will live with the language. THB SILENCE OF Love. By Edmond Holmes. Small 4to, $1.50. A volume of Sonnets, THE RUBAIYAT OF OMAR KHAYYAM. A Paraphrase from several literal translations. By Richard Le Gallienne.

Now edition. With a cover design by WILL BRADLEY. $1.25.
A DAUGHTER OF THE Vine. By Gertrude Atherton. Crown 8vo., $1.50.

A new novel by Mrs. Atherton; a companion volume to “ The Californians," and "American Wives and English Husbands."
THE SPIRIT OF PLACE AND OTHER ESSAYS. By Alice Meynell. F.cap 8vo, $1.25.
THE ALHAMBRA AND OTHER POEMS. By P. B. Money-Coutts. $1.25. By the author of “ The Revelation of St.

Love the Divine,"


Third edition. F.cap 8vo, $1.25. The Boston Journal says: “It is generally a commonplace of criticism to say that a sequel is quite independent of its predecessor, and has an interest of its own. To the devoted readers of Mr. Grahame's books such a recommendation seems a sacrilege. What pity would we not offer to the daring unfortunate who would wish to read ' Dream Days' without reading the Golden Age,' who would force himself into intimacy with the characters whom he cannot appreciate. This must not deter anyone from reading this very charming book; he must only remember to read also its classic forerunner.' PAN AND THE YOUNG SHEPHERD. By Maurice Hewlett. Crown 8vo, $1.25.

The Bookmar says : “ Like the Forest Lovers,' it is bathed in a woodland atmosphere and vitalized with the passion of love and youth. It has the throbbing note of life, the spirit of everlasting youth and the bumaa impulse in it which find the universal beart,"

The London Daily Chroniclo sayo : “ It is a strange piece of work thoroughly characteristic of the imaginative writer who gave us that delightful romance. The Forest Lovers.'"


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