Riots, Civil and Criminal Disorders, and Disruptions on College Campuses: Stenographic Transcript of Hearings; Volume No. 56


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8083 페이지 - These codes should also recognize the universal duty to obey the civil and criminal laws of the larger society, and the right of the civil authorities to act when laws are violated. (2) Universities should prepare and currently review contingency plans for dealing with campus disorders.
8078 페이지 - You do solemnly swear the evidence you shall give before this Senate subcommittee shall be the, truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God ? Mr.
8240 페이지 - The committee stands adjourned until 10 o'clock in the morning. (Whereupon...
8108 페이지 - More than seven million young Americans are enrolled in the nation's colleges and universities; the vast majority neither participate in nor sympathize with campus violence. If aid is withdrawn from even a few students in a manner that the campus views as unjust, the result may be to radicalize a much larger number by convincing them that existing governmental institutions are as inhumane as the revolutionaries claim.
8242 페이지 - Senator John L. McClellan (chairman of the subcommittee) presiding. Members of the subcommittee present : Senator John L. McClellan, Democrat, Arkansas; Senator Edmund S.
8083 페이지 - Out of many discussions with faculty members, students and administrators, and with full appreciation that no two institutions are the same, we offer the campus community the following specific suggestions : (1) A broad consensus should be achieved among students, faculty and administration concerning the permissible methods of presenting ideas, proposals and grievances and the consequences of going beyond them. Excellent guidelines have been provided by the American Council on Education's recent...
8083 페이지 - ... education. So threatening is the situation, so essential is the need for understanding and calm appraisal, that this Commission feels compelled to speak now rather than to remain silent until publication of its final report next fall. We offer our comments during the summer pause in the hope that they will contribute to constructive thought and action before the beginning of the new academic year in September.
8195 페이지 - I agree with those who say that it is not appropriate for secret military research to be carried on within university campuses. Not many universities do this now, and I would urge others to phase out any classified weapons research which they are doing.

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