Interstate Commerce: Argument of L.E. Chittenden Before the Committee on Commerce, House of Representatives

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1884 - 15페이지

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21 페이지 - Provided that all such tolls be at all times charged equally to all persons, and after the same rate, •whether per ton per mile or otherwise, in respect of all passengers, and of all goods or carriages of the same description, and conveyed or propelled by a like carriage or engine, passing only over the same portion of the line of railway under the same circumstances...
5 페이지 - It is the power to regulate ; that is, to prescribe the rule by which commerce is to be governed. This power, like all others vested in congress, is complete in itself, may be exercised to its utmost extent, and acknowledges no limitations other than are prescribed in the constitution.
16 페이지 - Erie — swaying power such as has never in the world's history been trusted in the hands of mere private citizens, controlled by single men like Vanderbilt, or by combinations of men like Fisk, Gould, and Lane, after having created a system of quiet but irresistible...
5 페이지 - among," means intermingled with. A thing which is among others, is intermingled with them. Commerce among the states cannot stop at the external boundary line of each state, but may be introduced into the interior.
5 페이지 - among" them; and how is it to be conducted? Can a trading expedition between two adjoining states commence and terminate outside of each? And if the trading intercourse be between two states remote from each other, must it not commence in one, terminate in the other, and probably pass through a third?
18 페이지 - The system of corporate life and corporate power, as applied to industrial development, is yet in its infancy. It tends always to development, — always to consolidation, — it is ever grasping new powers, or insidiously exercising covert influence. Even now the system threatens the central government.
5 페이지 - ... paralyzed and hungry mouths are stinted. The influence of a lack of supply or a rise in the price of an article of such prime necessity cannot be measured. It permeates the entire mass of the community, and leaves few of its members untouched by its withering blight. Such a combination is more than a contract; it is an offense.
5 페이지 - ... and property on their way from any State to another State, and to receive compensation therefor, and to connect with roads of other States so as to form continuous lines for the transportation of the same to the place of destination.
17 페이지 - Modern society has created a class of artificial beings who bid fair soon to be the masters of their creator. It is but a very few years since the existence of a corporation controlling a few millions of dollars was regarded as a subject of grave apprehension, and now this country already contains single organizations which wield a power represented by hundreds of millions. These bodies are the creatures of single States ; but in New York, in Pennsylvania, in Maryland, in New Jersey...
18 페이지 - The existing coalition between the Erie Railway and the Tammany Ring is a natural one, for the former needs votes, the latter money. This combination now controls the legislature and courts of New York. That it controls also the executive of the state, as well as that of the city, was proved when Governor Hoffman recorded his reasons for signing the infamous Erie director's bill.

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