The Study of History in American Colleges and Universities

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1887 - 299페이지

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115 페이지 - I call therefore a complete and generous education, that which fits a man to perform justly, skilfully, and magnanimously all the offices, both private and public, of peace and war.
188 페이지 - FELKIN, HM— Technical Education in a Saxon Town. Published for the City and Guilds of London Institute for the Advancement of Technical Education.
198 페이지 - IX-X. American Constitutions; The Relations of the Three Departments as Adjusted by a Century. By HORACE DAVIS.
22 페이지 - Every Schollar shall be present in his Tutors chamber at the 7th. houre in the morning, immediately after the sound of the Bell, at his opening the Scripture and prayer, so also at the 5th.
17 페이지 - Every schollar, that on proofe is found able to read the originals of the Old and New Testament into the Latine tongue, and to resolve them logically ; withall being of godly life and conversation ; and at any publick act hath the approbation of the Overseers and Master of the...
14 페이지 - And by the side of the Colledge a faire Grammar Schoole, for the training up of young Schollars, and fitting of them for Academicall Learning, that still as they are judged ripe, they may be received into the Colledge of this Schoole : Master Corlet is the Mr.
14 페이지 - Latine Author extempore, and make and speake true Latine in Verse and Prose, suo ut aiunt Marte ; And decline perfectly the Paradigm's of Nounes and Verbes in the Greek tongue: Let him then and not before be capable of admission into the Colledge.
25 페이지 - Polity," succeeding in that chair Professor James Walker, who became president of the college upon the resignation of Mr. Sparks. Professor Bowen's interpretation of the duties of the Alford Professorship of Natural Religion, Moral Philosophy, and Civil Polity was very favorable to a broad construction of the subject last named.
118 페이지 - The terms of office of the members first taking office shall expire, as designated by the President at the time of nomination, one at the end of the...
131 페이지 - I desire that this shall prove to be the beginning of an institution which shall furnish better means for the culture of all men, of every calling, of every aim ; which shall make men more truthful, more honest, more virtuous, more noble, more manly ; which shall give them higher purposes, and more lofty aims, qualifying them to serve their fellow- men better...

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