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establishıcd, and may fairly bo doubted. We believe that spccics vary, and that “ Natural Selection” works; but wo suspect that its opcration, like every analogous natural operation, may be limited by something clsc. Just as cvcry spccics by its natural rate of roproduction would soon completely fill any country it could live in, but does not, being checked by somo other specics or somo other condition--so it may bo hurmised that variation and natural sclcction Indivo their struggle and conscqucnt check, or aro limited by something inherent in the constitution of organic beings.

We are disposed to runk tho derivative hypothicsis in its fullness with the nobular hypotlıcsis, and to regard both as allowable, as not unlikely to prove tenalılu in spite of somo strong objections, but as not therefore demonstrably true. Thosc, if any there be, who regard the derivativo lıypothesis as satisfactorily prural, must lave looso notions as to what proof is. Thoso wlwu imagine it can be casily refuted and cast aside, must, wo think, lavo imperfect or very prcjudiced conceptions of the facts concerned and of the questions at issuic.

Wo aro not disposed nor prepared to take sides for. or ngainst the new hypothesis, and so, perhaps, occuJ'y a good position from which to watch the discus sion and criticise thosc objections which aro sccmingly inconclusive. On surveying thio arguments urged by those who live indertaken to demolish tho theory, wo have been most impressed with a sense of their grent inequality. Somo striko us as cxcellent and

othor viows of tho enio writors; others, wlion carriod out, as incompatiblo witli general exporiunco or gonorul beliefs, and therufuru na proving too much; still others, as proving nothing at all; bo tlut, on tho whole, the offect is ratlıer confusing and disappointiny. Wo certainly expocted a stronger adverso CNNO than any which tho thoroughgoing opposers of Dr. win appear to have mado out. Wherefore, if it loo found that the new laypothesis lins growi pon our favor as wo procecilerl, ilin 11lint lo atributed not Bo much to the force of the arguments of the book itself as to the warnit of force of several of thoroby which it ling been assile. Darwin's ar CRTIN WU might resist or adjourn; but some of the roruitatio.114 of it give us moro Concern than to book it soolf clied.

These remarks apply mainly to the philosophicul. and theological objections which lanvo been claboratoly urged, almost exclusively loy the American rovic word. The North British reviewer, indeel, roundly clo. nounccs the book ns atlicintical, but oviilently dremis

viewer, on the contrary, Acouts all wuel objectionis —18 well lo mny, sinco lio recor'ils lois belief in "a continuous creativo operation," a constantly operating eccondary creational law," thorough which specics sro successively produced ; and he omits suint, but not indistinct, glimmerings of a transmutation theory of his own;' 80 tlrat ho is equally exposed to all tho

Whatever it may be, it is not "lle homeopathilo form of the tranno mutativo hypothesin," in Darwin's le monded to boo (10. 202, 1000rbeun roo print), no limppily thine the promerijition in repentaed on the wocomil (. 209) aud third (p. 271) dilutions, no doubt, on Julmomanni'linnoun porinuto phillosophical objections advanced by Agnasiz, and to INONt of thom uirged by tho other Amorican critics,.. ngalunt Darwin himnolf.

Proposing now to criticiso tho critico, so far as to ACO what their most general and comprehensive objec. tions amount to, wo must nccds begin with the Amer. ican revicwers, and with their arguments adduced to porovo thint a derivative lıypothesis ought not to be true, or is not possibile, philosophical, or theistic.

It must not bo forgotten thut on former occnsions vory condent judgments Jonvo been pronounced by very competent perrons, which linvo not been finally rnliticd. Of the two great minds of the scventeenth (Olotury, Newton nnd ).cibnitz, botlı profoundly religSOLIN IN WOll as philosophical, one produced the theory of gravitation, the other objected to thint theory that it Wild Hulvorsive of natural religion. The nebular hy. prothicri-n natural consequence of the thicory of grav. itution and of the subsequent progress of physical and Am Dronomical discovery-lins been denounced ng athic: jmicul ovan down to our own dny. But it is now largc.:

As it tomulolo and perlinpix suflicient liypothesis, and where not accepted in no longer olujected to, so far as

T'ho gixt of the philosophical olijections urged by

ple, or an incronse of potency at cach dilution. Probably the supposed traumatiuitation in per nulla. “Jloméopathic dorcs of transmutation," Indeed! Well, II wo really mure wwallow ronsmutution in some form

poutlelo cumea or Darullon formula to the allopathie bolus which the Edimbunglo general goncillioner appears to bo compounding.

the two Boston reviotors ngninst an hypotliosis of the derivation of species or nt lenst against Darwin's particular liypothesis in, that it is incompatibilo with tho iden of any m ifurintion of design in tho uni. versc, that it donios tinal culinoM. A worious obojection this, and ono that demands very serious attention.

The proposition, that things and events in Natiiro were not designed to be so, if logically carried out, it : coubtlens tantamount to atlicial. Yot moont pooplo believe that some word designed and others weru not, alilongli they fall into n hopeless nazo wholovor ilioy undertake to delimo their position. So wu plovuel not like to stigmatizo ns atlicistically diupioned a pirmont who rcgnrds certain things and events ils licing wlint they aro through designed laws (whatevor thout expreso bion means), but as not themselves specially orduincil, or who, in another connection, believes in general, but not in particular Providence. Wo could wally puzzle him with questione; but in return ho might equally puzzle us. Then, to deny that anything will specially designed to be what it is, is ono proposition; whilo to deny that the Designer supernaturally or immediately made it so, is another: though the reviewer's appear not to recognize tho clistinctiuni.

Also, “Cornfully to ropurdintu" or to " MIICOT at the idea of any manifestation of design in the intro rial universe," is one thing; whilo to considler, one perhaps to exaggeratc, tlıc dilliculties whiclı attend tho practical application of the doctrine of final callsch to

I Ville Vorih Iverican Pierceir, for Aprill, 1800, p. 178, and Chriu. tion dirueminer, for day, p. 107.


cortain instances, is quito another thing: yet the Bos ton ruviowors, wo regret to say, have not been duly rogardful of the differenco. Whatever lo tliought of Darwin's doctrino, wo uro surprisce thint ho whould bo clinrged with soorning or snccring at tho opinions of otliers, upon such a subject. L'orhaps Darwin's viow in incompatible with final causCS We will consider, thint quention presently but as to the Examiner's charge, thint ho “wnicers at the idea of any manifestation of denign ini tho intoriul univorac," though wo li ru confident that no misrappresentation was interidel, wo nro cynlly confident thint it is not at all warranted loy the two prasangeh cited in support of it. Ilcro aro tho panungen: :

"Il groon woodpockers alono load existod, or wo did not know that thero woro many black and picd kinds, I dare sny tlont wo should luuvo thought that tho groen color was a beau. titul mimpitation to lido this trco- frequenting bird from its cniconlen."':

"If our rennon londu un to Adoniro witlı onthousinam a multi. Ludo of inimliable contrivancem in Nature, this namo ronson tells 11w, though, wo may onlly orr on both sides, that somo contrive ANCON nro lows perfect. Can wo consider the sting of tho wasp or of tho boo as perfect, which, wlien used agninst many attack. 31142 animali, cannot bo withdrawn, owing to the backward Merruturow, and moo Inevitably causes tho death of the luxeot by toutle out Its via('cr7"

If the racer hero Corapes ordinary vision in the detacheel extracts (one of them wanting the end of the ACNtence), it is, if possible, inoro imperceptible when rond with the context. Moreover, this perisal inclincs 114 to think thint the traminer lina misapprchcndled tho particular argument or oljoct, 114 well as tho wpirit,

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