Code of Federal Regulations

U.S. General Services Administration, National Archives and Records Service, Office of the Federal Register, 1969

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58 페이지 - USC 203 and 205 to the same extent as If he were to serve as a full-time employee. If the estimate Is that he will serve no more than 130 days during the following 365 days, he should be carried on the rolls of the department or agency as a special Government employee and Instructed that he Is regarded as subject only to the restrictions of 18 USC 203 and 205.
59 페이지 - Government employee to benefit from his performance of work under a grant or contract for which he otherwise would be disqualified because he had participated In the matter for the Government or It Is pending In an agency he has served for more than 60 days In the past year. More particularly, the provision gives the head of a department or agency the power, notwithstanding any prohibition In either 18 USC 203 or 205, to allow a special Government employee to represent before such department or agency...
392 페이지 - ... necessary. Every precaution shall be taken to prevent the ignition of any flammable compressed gas from any source; and when it is possible to prevent the congregation of persons not directly concerned with the emergency, this shall be done. Every practicable precaution shall be taken to keep flames or fire away from the scene of the emergency and to prevent smoking or the lighting of pipes, cigars, or cigarettes. Similarly, special care shall be exercised in the operation of any engine, whether...
202 페이지 - Parts 170-189 and 297 of this chapter. Portable tanks filled to gross weight to be shipped must be capable of withstanding a drop from a height of 4 feet onto solid concrete without rupture or serious damage, and must be equipped with lifting devices capable of holding 4 times the gross weight of filled tank.
144 페이지 - The offering of nitro mannite in a dry condition for transportation by common carriers by rail freight, rail express, highway, or water, is forbidden, except as a component of manufactured articles such as percussion caps, detonators, blasting caps, and exploders, the transportation of which is authorized in this part. (b...
602 페이지 - Test by dropping, filled with water to 98 percent capacity, from height of 4 feet onto solid concrete so as to strike diagonally on chime, or when without chime seam, to strike on other circumferential seam: also additional test on any other parts which might be considered weaker than the chime. <2> Hydrostatic pressure test of 40 pounds per square inch sustained for 5 minutes.

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