The History of the Late Revolution of the Empire of the Great Mogul: Together with the Most Considerable Passages, for 5 Years Following in that Empire. To which is Added, A Letter to the Lord Colbert, Touching the Extent of Indostan; the Circulation of the Gold and Silver of the World ... and the Principal Cause of the Decay of the States of Asia

Printed, and sold by M. Pitt, 1824
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29 페이지 - ... then resided, at the Mogul's court, " that the Nile had its origin in the countrey of Agaus, that it issued out of the earth by two springs bubbling up near to one another, which did form a little lake of about 30 or 40 paces long ; that, coming out of this lake, it did make a considerable river ; and from space to space it received small rivers increasing it. They added that it went on circling and making as 'twere a great isle, and that afterwards it tumbled down from steep rocks into a great...
42 페이지 - I have been representing, who, because they will have all, at list lose all, and who, because they will make themselves too rich., at length find themselves without riches, or, at least, very far from that, which they covet after, out of their blind ambition and passion of being more absolute than the Laws of God and Nature do permit. For, where would be those Princes, those...
45 페이지 - I still remember, that after you had thus amused me, I know not how long, with your fine philosophy, all I retained of it was a multitude of barbarous and dark words, proper to bewilder, perplex, and tire out the best wits, and only...
65 페이지 - Bengal, and often penetrating so far as forty or fifty leagues up into the country, surprised and carried away whole towns, assemblies, markets, feasts, and weddings of the poor Gentiles, and others of that country, making women slaves, great and small, with strange cruelty, and burning all they could not carry away.
35 페이지 - I bestow money and take pains of bettering or manuring this land since I must every hour expect to have it taken from me, or exchanged for another ? I labour neither for myself nor for my children ; and that place which I have this year, I may perhaps have no more the next. Let us draw from it what we can whilst we possess it, though the peasant should break or starve, though the land should become a desert when I am gone.
54 페이지 - ... be tied the one to the other with chains to shut the passage to the cavalry. Behind these pieces of cannon he placed also, front wise, a great number of light camels on the fore part of the bodies whereof they fasten a small piece of the bigness of a double musquet, a man sitting on the hind part of the camel being able to charge and discharge without lighting ; behind these...
45 페이지 - Know you not, that childhood well govern'd, being a state which is ordi" narily accompanied with an happy memory, is capable of thousands of good " precepts and instructions, which remain deeply impressed the whole remainder " of a man's life, and keep the mind always raised for great actions ? The law, " prayers, and sciences, may they not as well be learned in our mother-tongue " as in Arabick ? You told my father, Chah Jehan, that you would teach me
45 페이지 - Tis true, I remember very well, that you have entertained me for many years with airy questions, of things that afford no satisfaction at all to the mind, and are of no use in humane society...
43 페이지 - Pegu, China and Matchina did tremble at the name of the kings of Indostan. Admirable geography ! You should rather have taught me exactly to distinguish all those different states of the world, and well to understand their strength, their way of fighting, their customs, religions, governments, and interests ; and, by the perusal of solid history, to observe their rise, progress, decay, and whence, how, and by what accidents and errors those great changes and revolutions of empires and kingdoms have...
20 페이지 - ... gurgis, were ready to fall upon and to seize his person, as had been projected ; but that a certain Omrah, touched with tenderness, could not forbear to cry out, though he was of the party, and a creature of the Emir, " Doth not your Majesty see that this is Aurangzeb ? Away or you are taken.

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