The Dublin Quarterly Journal of Medical Science: Consisting of Original Communications, Reviews, Retrospects, and Reports, Including the Latest Discoveries in Medicine, Surgery, and the Collateral Sciences, 43권

Hodges and Smith, 1867

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454 페이지 - A government cannot have too much of the kind of activity which does not impede, but aids and stimulates, individual exertion and development. The mischief begins when, instead of calling forth the activity and powers of individuals and bodies, it substitutes its own activity for theirs; when, instead of informing, advising, and, upon occasion, denouncing, it makes them work in fetters, or bids them stand aside and does their work instead of them.
454 페이지 - This central organ should have a right to know all that is done, and its special duty should be that of making the knowledge acquired in one place available for others. Emancipated from the petty prejudices and narrow views of a locality by its elevated position and comprehensive sphere...
447 페이지 - For the speedy interment of the dead : For house to house visitation : For the dispensing of medicines, guarding against the spread of disease, and affording to persons afflicted by or threatened with such epidemic, endemic, or contagious diseases, such medical aid and such accommodation as may be required...
454 페이지 - ... to secure as much of the advantages of centralized power and intelligence, as can be had without turning into governmental channels too great a proportion of the general activity, is one of the most difficult and complicated questions in the art of government.
210 페이지 - My thoughts are with the Dead ; with them I live in long-past years, Their virtues love, their faults condemn, Partake their hopes and fears, And from their lessons seek and find Instruction with an humble mind.
202 페이지 - And never on the weak ; or you'll appear As there no hero, no great genius here. As in smooth oil the razor best is whet, So wit is by politeness sharpest set : Their want of edge from their offence is seen...
454 페이지 - But I believe that the practical principle in which safety resides, the ideal to be kept in view, the standard by which to test all arrangements intended for overcoming the difficulty, may be conveyed in these words : the greatest dissemination of power consistent with efficiency; but the greatest possible centralization of information, and diffusion of it from the centre.
126 페이지 - ... the disease be slow or rapid — whether there may be much, little, or no pain, or emaciation, or gastric symptoms — or great or little effect upon the general health — the abdominal tumour is the most prominent characteristic of the disease. As Bright observed (Abdominal Tumours — Sydenham Society's Edit., p. 199): — 'The enlargement shows itself much more towards the anterior part of the abdomen than towards the loins.
135 페이지 - In other words, ovarian tumours are in front of the intestines, renal tumours are behind the intestines. 2. Large tumours of the right kidney usually have the ascending colon on the inner border of the tumour. Tumours of the left kidney are usually crossed from above downwards by the descending colon. 3. The discovery of intestine in front of a doubtful abdominal tumour should lead to a careful examination of the urine. It is possible that one kidney may be diseased and the urine quite normal, because...

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