The Cincinnati Medical Journal, 4권

M.A. Spencer, 1889

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180 페이지 - State, a letter of inquiry as to whether the said corporation has all or any part of its business or interest in or with any trust, combination or association of persons or stockholders as named in the preceding provisions of this act, and to require an answer, under oath...
179 페이지 - If any corporation, organized under the laws of this or any other State or country, for transacting or conducting any kind of business in this State...
356 페이지 - Yellow fever. (a) The unprotected avenues through which yellow fever is liable to be brought into the United States.
145 페이지 - THE PSYCHIC LIFE OF MICRO-ORGANISMS: A STUDY IN EXPERIMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY.' By Alfred Binet. Translated from the French by Thomas McCormack, with a preface by the author written especially for the American edition. Chicago.
179 페이지 - State, or any partnership or individual or other association of persons whatsoever, shall create, enter into, become a member of or a party to, any pool, trust, agreement, combination, confederation, or understanding with any other corporation, partnership, individual, or any other person or association of persons, to regulate or fix the price of any article of merchandise or commodity...
356 페이지 - The Executive Committee have selected the following topics for consideration at said meeting : 1. The Causes and Prevention of Infant Mortality.
180 페이지 - Any purchaser of any article or commodity from any individual, company or corporation transacting business contrary to any provision of the preceding sections of this act shall not be liable for the price or payment of such article or commodity, and may plead this act as a defense to any suit for such price or payment.
179 페이지 - It shall not be lawful for any corporation to issue or to own trust certificates, or for any corporation, agent, officer or employes, or the directors or stockholders of any corporation, to enter into any combination, contract or agreement with any person or persons, corporation or corporations, or with any stockholder or director thereof, the purpose and effect of which combination, contract or agreement shall be to place the management or control of such combination or combinations, or the manufactured...
392 페이지 - His eyes are as the eyes of doves by the rivers of waters, washed with milk, and fitly set. His cheeks are as a bed of spices, as sweet flowers: his lips like lilies, dropping sweet smelling myrrh.
403 페이지 - ... necessary adjuncts to the treating cylinder, or in accessory and less expensive cylinders, by use of which valuable time can be saved and the wood can be prepared to accomplish the best results. I trust that I have presented the case so that it will be understood, and I regret that the very limited time at my disposal will not permit me to go into the subject at length, as I would like to do, but I reflect that there are others probably better informed on this subject than I am, and I hope that...

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