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ever be his Goodnefs!) know- dy row e Vieys!) toiggal cre. ing how dreadfully fad the cha atchimagh treih veagh y Condition would be of all Stayd ocfyn ooilley, yinnagh fuch, who fhould live and die beaghey as baafe y gheddyn fo under the Displeasure of God, Jymmoofe Yee, as cre'n Vaynand what unconceivable Hap- rys erfkyn Tufhtey_chaillagh piness they would deprive ad liorish; fhen-y-fa ayns e themfelves of; He therefore, Ard-erreeish fon lheid y Treihmoved with Compaffion for ys doogh, ghow eh er dy choffo great a Calamity, un-ney Pardoon daue. dertook to obtain their Par


In order to this, he cloath- Dy chooilleeney fhoh, ghow ed himself with our Flefh, eh er hene yn Eill ainyn, dy that, as Man, He might fuffer voddagh Eh, myr Dooinney,furwhat our Sins had deferved, ranfe fhen va ny Peccaghyn and, as He was the Son of ainyn er hoilchin; as myr v'eh God, he might make a full Mac Yee, dy voddagh eh Lhiafand fuitable Satisfaction to the faghey flane as cooie y yannoo Divine Juftice, offering him- da'n Chairys Flaunyffagh, chebfelf a Sacrifice for the Sins bal eh hene ny Oural fon Pecof the whole World: And caghyn y Theihll ooilley: As for the Joy of delivering fo er Graih yn Voggey dy livrey many Millions of Souls from whilleen milley Annym veih Mifery, he endured the Death Treihys, duillee eh Baafe ny of the Crofs, and all the Af- Crofbey, as ooilley yn Seaghyn flictions leading to it, which ta bentyn rifh, myr ta fhin we find recorded in the Gof-lhaih ayns y Sushtal.


And by this worthy Sacrifice, all Mankind are reftored to the Favour of God, and put into a Way and State of Salvation; God having for his Son's fake promifed to pardon all fuch as fhall repent, and forfake their Sins, and bring forth Fruits meet for Repentance ---As alfo to give his Holy Spirit to all

As liorish yn Oural ooafle fhoh, ta ooilley Sheelnaue reefht goit ftiagh ayns Foayr rifh Jee, as er nyn goyrt ayns Raad as Stayd dy Haualtys; Myr va Jee er Graih e Vac er n'ghialdyn dy leih dauefyn ooilley ghoys Arrys, as hreigys nyn Beccaghyn, as ymmyrkys magh Mefs cooie dy Arrys;---As myrgeddin dy choyrt e Spyrryd Ca


fuch as fhall fincerely defire fherick dauefyn ooilley nee dy him;-And lastly, to make creeoil Efhyn y yeearree;----As them eternally happy after ec y jerrey, dy chur daue Death, if during this fhort Maynrys dy bragh farraghtyn State of Trial, which is de- lurg y Vaafe, my fhe then ayns figned to amend our cor-y Stayd ghiare fhoh dy Phrowrupt and difordered Nature, al, ta kiarit dy lhiaffaghey nyn they endeavoured to obferve Ghooghys neu-ghlen as meethe Rules which he has given them, and which are abfolutely neceffary to make them capable of Heaven and Happiness.

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reiltagh, ren ad y chooid share. dy chooilleeney ny Saraghyn t'eh er hoiaghey roue, as ny Saraghyn cheddin ta er dy chooilley Chor ymmyrchagh dy yannoo ad cooie fon Niau as Maynrys.

Nifh fmooinee dy dowin er fhoh fon tammylt,as cur Ooafhley da Mieys erfkyn-earroo Yee, nagh ren beg y hoiaghey jeh Sheelnaue caillit, agh hug e Vac dy livrey fhin veih Loght Peccah.

He might in ftrict Justice Ayns y lhome Chairys odhave required Men to have dagh eh v'er harey Deiney dy lived up to the Law of Na- v'er leeideil nyn Mea corrym ture and Reafon given in the rish Leigh nyn Ghoogbys as y State of Innocence, on pain Refoon va oc 'fy Stayd dy Onid, of being for ever feparated fo Briwnys dy ve fcarrit veih from his Prefence: But in-e Eanifh fon dy bragh: Agh ftead of that, he has been ayns Ynnyd then, S'cooidfave graciously pleased to accept lefh dy grayfoil dy yannoo Soiof our fincere, tho' imper-aghey jeh nyn Miallys ynrick fect, Obedience, and of our ga neu-feeu, as jeh nyn Arrys fincere Repentance, when we firrinagh, tra ta fhin er n'yanhave done amifs, and return to noo dy aggairagh, as chyndaa our Duty. reefht gys nyn Gurrym.

Confider this feriously :----And you cannot but exprefs your Thankfulness after fome fuch manner as this.

Gow ufs fhoh dy dowin gys dty Chree:-As eifht cha vod oo agh foilfhaghey dty Vooife: theid ny Goan fhoh.




BLESSED be God for e



ANNIT dy row Jee er fon ver for this Inftance of dy bragh for y Cowrey his Love to fallen Mankind, fhoh jeh e Ghraih da Sheelin committing the miferable naue peccoil, ayns gyn coyrt Cafe of his unhappy Crea-Stayd hrimfhagh e Chretooryn tures to no lefs a Perfon than his own Son We are not worthy of all the Mercies which thou haft fhewed thy Servants.Grant, O God, that this wonderful Love may not be loft upon me: But that, knowing my fad Condition by Nature, I may be truly convinced of the Neceffity and Bleffing of a Redeemer; and that I may, with a Heart full of Gratitude, join with thy Church in giving our devouteft Thanks to Thee, and in keeping up the Remembrance of what thy bleffed Son has done and fuffered for us; to whom, with Thee and the Holy Ghost, be all Honour, Praife, and Thanksgiving, for ever and ever. Amen.


treih fo Kiarail Perfoon veg floo na e Vac hene!-Cha vel fhinyn feeu jeh ooilley ny Myghinyn t'ou er hoilfhaghey da dty Harvaantyn.------Ġiall, O Yee, nagh bee yn Ghraih yindyffagh fhoh caillit orrym's. Agh, toiggal my Stayd hreih liorish Dooghys, dy vod flane Tufhtey ve aym jeh nyn Veme as Bannaght yn Er-kionnee; as dy voddym lefh Cree lane dy Vooife, goll lefh dty Ag-1 glifh ayns coyrt dhyt nyn Mooife fmoo crauee, as ayns cummal feofe Cooinaghtyn jeh ny ta dty Vac er n'yannoo as er hurranfe er nyn fon; huggeyfyn, Mayrt's as y Spyrryd Noo, dy row dy chooilley Ooafhley, Moylley, as Toyrtbooife, fon dy bragh as dy bragh. Amen.


The End and Inftitution of the Oyr as Oardagh Shibber y


Lord's Supper.

T. Paul concludes his first Epistle to the Corinthians, with this remarkable Direction;-If any Man

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love not the Lord Jefus, let him be Anathema Maranatha; that is, Let him be feparated from your Communion, as one under the Difpleasure of God, and, without a timely Repentance, in no Poffibility of being faved; -Nothing being more grieyous in the Sight of God, than for a Sinner to flight the greatest Inftance of his Mercy that was ever offered to Man, as well as the only Means of his Salvation.

----My ta Dooinney erbee nagh nhynney lef y Chiarn Teefey, lhig da ve Anathema Maranatha; ta fhen, --Lhig da ve scarrit veih'n Chefhaght eu, myr Fer fo Jymmoofe Yee, as, fegooifh Arrys leah nagh vod er Aght erbee ve er ny hauail ;--Er-yn-oyr nagh vel Nhee erbee ny s'eajee ayns Shilley Yee, na fon Peccagh dy hoiaghey beg jeh'n Cowrey fmoo fhoh jeh e Vyghin va rieau chebbit da Dooinney, chammah as yn ynrycan Saafe jeh'n Taualtys. echey.


To prevent this, and to Dy haghney fhoh, as dy hinder Sinners from forget- lhiettal Peccee (myr t'ad ro ting [which they are but too aarloo) dy yarrood yn Cowrey apt to do] this Token of fhoh jeh Graih erfkyn- towse God's infinite Love, and to Yee, as dy hoiaghey Graih fix the Love of Jefus Chrift Yeefey Creeft ny thickyree. more furely in our Hearts ayns nyn Gree as nyn Gooinand Memory, He himself aghtyn; T'eh hene er ghoaill hath taken care, that his Love Kiarail, dy beagh Cooinaghtyn and Mercy fhould, through- er ny reayll jeh e Ghraih as e out all Generations, be re- Vyghin, trooid magh dy membered: He did there- chooilley Heeloghe: Ren eh fore ordain this Sacrament er-y-fa then goardrail y Sacraas a Memorial of our Re-ment fhoh myr Imraa jeh nyn demption, and of his Love Livrey-ys, as jeh e Ghraih for us; as a Pledge to af- dooinyn ;---myr. Gioal dy hickfure us of it, and as anyraghey fhin jeh, as myr Saafe outward Means and Sign of as Cowrey baghtal dy hoilteftifying, as well as increaf- fhaghey, chammah as dy vishing, our Love to him. aghey, nyn Ghraih huggey.

Ta Oftyllyn Catherick Chreeft, va kionfenish tra ren

The holy Apostles of Chrift, who were prefent when he firft administered this Sacra-eh hofhiaght yn Sacrament cament, give us the follow-fherick thoh y hirveish, cur


ing Account of its End and | dooin y Coontey fhoh jeh'n Institution. Oyr as yn Oardaghey.

They fignify to us in the T'ad foilfhaghey dooin ayns first Place, that this Sacra- y chied Ynnyd, dy row yn Sament was ordained by Chrift crament hoh oardit liorish the fame Night in which he Creeft yn Oie cheddin ayn was betrayed, and after they v'eh er ny vrah, as lurg daue had obferved the Paffover, v'er n'ee yn Eayn Caifht, va fawhich had been ordained to rit dy reayll feofe Cooinaghtyn preferve the Memory of their jeh nyn Livrey-ys mooar veih great Deliverance from the Bondiaght Egypt, as ren cowBondage of Egypt, and which raghey ro-laue, as va ny Adid prefigure, and was a deyrys jeh, Livrey-ys foddey Prophecy of, a much great-fmoo, va Yeefey Creeft dy chofer Deliverance, which Jefus ney, cha nee ynrycan dauefyn, Chrift was to be the Au-agh da ooilley Sheelnaue:thor of, not only for them, As va'n Phadeyrys fhen ayns but for all Mankind :-And Aght yindyffagh cooilleenit which Prophecy was furpriz- liorifh yn Pobble cheddin, gyn ingly fulfilled by that People, without knowing what they were a-doing, when they crucified Jesus Christ, the true Pafchal Lamb, the very fame Month, the very fame Day of the the Month, and the very fame Hour of the Day, that the Pafchat Lamb was firft ordained to be facrificed.

Now after the Pafchal Supper, as the Apoftles relate it, -Jefus Chrift took Bread, and bleffed it, and brake it, and gave it to his Difciples, faying, Take, eat: This is my Body, which is given for you: This do in Remembrance of Me. He took also the Cup, and gave Thanks, and gave it to them, faying, Drink ye all

Toiggal oc cre v'ad dy yannoo, tra ren ad Yeefey Creeft y chroffey, yn Eayn Caifht firrinagh, ayns yn eer Vee cheddin, er yn eer Laa cheddin jeh'n Vee, as ayns yn eer Oor cheddin jeh'n Laa, va'n Eayn Caifht hofhiaght oardit dy v'er ny ouralley.

Nifh lurg Shibber yn Eayn Caifht, myr ta ny Oftyllyn cur Coontey jeh,-----Ghow Yeefey Arran, as vannee eh eh, as vrijh eh eh, as hug ch eh da e Oftyllyn, gra, Gow-jee, ee-jee, Shob my Chorp's, t'er ny choyrt er nyn fon eu: Jean-jee fhob ayns Cooinaghtyn jeem's.---Ghow eb myrgeddin y Cappan, as hug eb Booife, as chur ch dauc ch, gra,


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