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Ayns y Cheeill, ny ec y Thie.

FTER you have received,

and are returned to your Seat, you may (as you have Time) continue your De


And remember, that now is the proper Seafon to beg of God the Graces and Blefings you most defire; whether for Yourself, for your Friends, ---or for your Enemies, who fhould always have a Place in your Prayers.

And be not under any Concern for fuitable Words to make known the Defires of your Heart.God is our Father, and will understand his Childrens Meaning, however imperfectly expreffed. You know how the hum

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Chreeftiaght, as er hyn. URG dhyt v'er ghoaill y

daa gys dty Seat, foddee oo, (myr ta Traa ayd) goll er dty hofhiaght lefh dty Phadjeryn.

As cooinee, dy nee nifh y Traa cair dy ghuee gys Jee fon ny Grayfeyn as ny Bannaghtyn fmoo t'ou dy yeearree; edyr Dhyt bene,----da dty Chaarjyn, ny da dty Noidyn, ad lhifagh dy kinjagh v'er nyn enmys ayns dty Phadjeryn.

As ny bee ayns veg yn Imnea fon Goan cooie dy hoilfhaghey Yeearreeyn dty Chree. She Fee nyn Ayr, as toiggee eh Smooinaghtyn e Chlienney, ga nagh vel eh cheet lhieu dy floaoil dy ockley magh ad.--Ta fys ayd kys va'n Publican imlee er ny


ble Publican was heard, tho' | chlafshtyn, ga nagh dooyrt eh

he faid no more than-----God be merciful unto me a Sinner.

The following Scriptures, and the Meditations upon them, may help your Devotions, either now, or at any other Time, to obtain the Graces you stand in need of; To preferve in your Heart a Spirit of Piety;----Or to keep in your Mind the Vows that are upon you.

arragh agh---Dy row Jee myghinagh dooys ta my Ghooinney peccoil.

Nee ny Scriptyryn ta mee nifh cur royd, as yn Ynfaghey cheet voue, cooney lefh dty Phadjeryn, edyr nish ny Traa erbee elley, dy chofney ny Grayfeyn ta Feme ayd orroo; ---Dy reayll ayns dty Chree Spyrryd dy Chraueeaght ;----Er-nonney dy chummal ayns dty Aigney ny Breearraghyn t'ou foue.

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and Praise for them; but, O as Moylley cooie y choyrt er God, accept of this my Sacri- nyn fon; agh, O Yee, jean fice of Praise and Thankfgi. Soiaghey 'yannoo jeh fhoh ving.For this, and for all my Oural dy Voylley as dy thy known and unobferved Hoyrt-booife.---Er fon fhoh, as Favours of Nature and of er fon ooilley dty Chenjallys Grace, I blefs thy good Pro-er-fys as gyn-yfs dy Ghooghys vidence; befeeching Thee to as dy Ghrayfe, ta mee cur pardon my Ingratitude, and Bannaght da dty Ard-chiarail that I have paffed fo many vie; guee ort dy leih dou my Occafions without obferving Neu-vooife, as fon dy vel mee and without acknowledging thy er lhiggey fhaghey whilleen great Goodness to thy un- Keayrt fegooifh Geill, y choyrt worthy Servant.For when da, as fegooifh Goaill-rifb, dty I confider my Dependence upon Vieys vooar gys dty Harvaant Thee.for my Life,-----for neu-feeu.----Son tia ta mee my Prefervation,- --for my finooinaghtyn dy nee ort ta my Redemption, and for the varrant,---fon my Vioys,---fon Means of Grace and Salva-my Choadey,---fon my Livreytion which thou haft afforded ys veih Peccah,----as fon ny me, I cannot but be very Saafeyn dy Ghrayfe as dy Hauthankful.----As long therefore altys t'ou er ftowal orrym, cha as I live, I will praife Thee---- voddym gyn ve feer vooifal.--Glory be to God my Crea- Shen-y-fa choud as vee'm bic, tor, Glory be to JESUS neem oo y voylley---Gloyr dy my Redeemer,--Glory be row gys Jee my Er-croc,-to the HOLY GHOST my Gloyr dy row gys YEESEY my Sanctifier, my Guide, and Haualtagh.---Gloyr dy row gys Comforter. All Love, all y SPYRRYD Noo ta dy my Praife and Glory be to God chafkerickey, dy my lecideil, as Moft High. Amen.

St. John xvi. 23. Verily, ve

dy my gherjaghey.---Dy chooilley Ghraih, dy chooilley Voylley as Gloyr dy row gys y Jee fmoo Syrjey. Amen.

Noo Ean xvi. 23. Dy fir

rily, I fay unto you, What-rinagh, firrinagh, ta mee gra focver ye fhalt afk the Fa- riu, Cre-erbee hirrys fhiu er yn ther in my Name, He will Ayr ayns yn Ennym aym's, dy give it you. der eh diu eh.


YNS dy chooilley Injillid,

N all Humility, O Heaven-Ayr Flauny flagh, ta IN ly Father, I lay Claim to this thy Son's most faithful Promife, confirmed by his Oath In his Name, and for his fake, I befeech Thee to give to me an Heart tru ly fenfible of his great Love in paying the Debt due, by me, to thy divine Juftice; and grant that the Merits of his Death and Sacrifice may not be loft upon me.

Give me a faving Faith

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and Knowledge;-A fincere Love for thee, and for thy holy Word;---An hearty Defire to pleafe Thee;---A Fear of offending Thee ;----A Zeal for thy Glory; and a great Regard for every thing that belongs to thee.

. Give me fuch a Love for my Neighbour as thou haft commanded: a due Regard for my Betters, and an utter Abhorrence of all manner of Fraud, Injustice and Wrong.

Give me a tender Confcience, a meek and quiet Spirit, a charitable, an humble, and a contented Mind.

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mee cur ftiagh fon Cairys gys y Ghialdyn finoo firrinagh fhoh jeh dty Vac, jeant fhickyr dooin liorish e Vreearrey.----Ayns yn Ennym echeyfyn, as er e Ghraih, ta mee guee ort dy chur dou Cree leth Ennaghtyn firrinagh jeh e Ghraih vocar ayns geeck y Feeaghyn, va orrym's dy eeck, da dty Chairys flaunyffagh; as giall nagh bee 1 oilchinys y Vaafe as yn Oural echey caillit orrym's.

Cur dou Credjue as Tuhtey oddys my hauail; Graib firrinagh orts, as er dty Ghoo cafherick;---Yeearree creeoil dy dty wooiys;---Aggle dy chur Jymmoofe ort ;---Graih jeean da dty Ghloyr; as Arrym mooar da dy chooilley Nhee ta bentyn dhyt.

Cur dou lheid y Ghraib da my Naboo as t'ou er harey: Arrym cooie dauefyn t'er my fkyn, as Dwoaie firrinagh da dy chooilley Vonney dy Volteyrys, dy Vee-chairys, as dy Aggair.

Cur dou Coinflcanfe veigh, Spyrryd meen as feagh, Aigney ghiaftyllagh, imlee, as beoiagh tcfb my Stayd hene.

Give me a just Serfe of Cur dou Ennaghtyn firrinagh my own Infirmities, a Dread jeh my Annocinidyn hene, atof Sentual Pleafures, a Pow-chim roifh Eunyflyn ny Foaler over my Appetites, and a ley, Pecar harrith my YeearFear of the World and its reeyn, as Aggle jeh yn. Seihll, Idols. as e Yallooyn.


Leave me not to my own Ny faag mee dy reih er Choices-Keep me from from my hon hene---Freill mee veih Pride, and from prefumptious Moyrn, as veih Roonid Peccab; Sins; From wicked Prin----Veih Drogh - chredjue, as ciples, and wicked Company; Drogh-hefhaght; as veih Pecand from the Vices of the caghyn y Theihll, as yn Ynnyd Age and Place I live in. raad ta mee cummal..

Make me ever mindful of my latter End, and of the Account I must one Day give of my Life and of the Talents with which Thou fhalt entrust me.--And grant that I may lead an innocent and a useful Life, by doing Good in my Generation.

Take Poffeffion of my Soul, until I am reftored to thy divine Image, from which I am fadly fallen.

For these, and for all the Graces I ftand in need of, I plead thy gracious Goodnefs, and my Saviour's Merits and Promife to all that afk in his Name: And I know thou wilt not deny me, because the very Will to Will to afk these Mercies is from Thee, and thy good Spirit. Amen.

Rom. viii. 32. He that fpared not his own Son, but delivered Him up for us all, how fhall be not with him

Freill mee kinjagh ayns Cooinaghtyn jeh my Laa jerrinagh, as jeh'n Choontey fhegin dou un Laa y choyrt. jeh my Vea as jeh ny Talentyn t'ou er hreifhteil orrym.---As giall dy voddym Bea gyn-loght as vendeifhagh y leeideil, liorifh Mie 'yannoo ayns my Heeloghe.

Gow my Annym ayns dty chummal, derrey vee'm reefht er ny chaghlaa gys y Chaflys flaunyffagh ayd's, veih ta mee dy trimfhagh er duittym.

Er nyn fon oc fhoh, as fon dy chooilley Ghrayse ta femoil dou, ta mee pleadeil gys dty Vieys ghrayfoil, as gys Toilchinys as Gialdyn my Haualtagh dauefyn ooilley ta geearree ayns yn Ennym echeyiyn: As ta Fys aym nagh jean oo mish y obbal, fon dy vel yn eer Aigney dy birrey ny Myghinyn fhoh cheet void's, as veih dty Spyrryd mie. Amen.

Rom. viii. 32. Eyn nagh ren e Vac hene y haghney, agh livrey eh feoje eh er nyn fon ooilley, kys nagh der efbyn dooin


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