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JESUS, who


TEESET, oo t'er chur
Toiggal dooinyn jeh

made known to us another Death, befides that Baafe elley, marifh y Vaafe which separates our Souls fhen ta fcarrey nyn Anmeen. from our Bodies, let thy yn veih nyn Gallinyn, lhig da Grace and Mercy deliver me dty Ghrayfe as dty Vyghin from the bitter Pains of e-mish y livrey veih Pianyn tharternal Death, Amen, roo yn Vaafe dy bragh farraghtyn. Amen.

St. Mat. xi. 29. Learn of me;
for I am meek and lowly in
Heart: and ye shall find
Reft unto your Souls.

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Noo Mian xi, 29. Ynfee-jce voym's; fon ta mee meeh as imlee ayns Cree: as yiow fhiu Fea da nyn Armeenyn.


Heavenly Mafter and Vainfhter as O Pattern, how am I afto- faunyagh, cre'n Yindys nished, when I confider thy mooar t'orrym, tra ta mee dy Humility, thy Poverty, thy dowin fmooinaghtyn er dty InMeekness, thy Refignation in jillid, dty Voghtynid, dty Veenthe midst of Injuries, Op-id, dty Viallys ayns Mean preffion, and Wrongs! It Drogh-ghellal, Tranlaase as must be thy Almighty Grace Aggair! She dty Ghrayse which muft enable me to fol- ooilley-niartal fhegin mith y low thy Example, and fub- niartaghey dy eiyrt er dty mit to this Way of Peace, Hampleyr, as dy my injillaghto which our Nature is fo a-ey hene gys y Raad fhoh dy verfe: For this Grace I now pray, thro' thy Merits and Mediation, O Jefus. Amen..

St. Luke xxiii. 34. Jefus faid, Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.

Hee, ta nyn Ghooghys wheelh noi: Son y Ghrayfe fhoh ta mee nifh guee, trooid dty Hoilchinys as dty Lhiaffaghey, O Yeesey. Amen.

Nao Luke xxiii, 34. Dooyrt

Yeefey, Ayr, jean leih daue, fon cha vel Fys oc cre t'ad dy yannoo,

HA vel fhin dy jarroo

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E do not indeed con-
fider what we do,


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Tastey cre ta fhin


when we provoke that Juf- dy yannoo, tra ta fhin bras tice which could not be appeased, but by the Death of the Son of God.----If I have Enemies, O God, I befeech Thee for them after this Example, not for Judgment and Vengeance, but for Merfor their Pardon, and for their eternal Happiness. Amen.


St. Luke xiii. 26, 27. Then fhall ye fay, We have eaten and drank in thy Precence, c.-But he shall fay, I tell you I know you not; depart from me, all ye Workers of Iniquity, &c.


naghey yn Chairys fhen nagh voddagh v'er ny veiyghey, agh liorish Baafe Mac Yee. My ta Noidyn avm's, O Yee, ta mee jannoo Padjer hood er nyn fon lurg y Sampleyr fhoh, cha nee fon Kerraghey as Cooilleen, agh fon Myghin; fon y Phardoon oc, as fon nyn Maynrys dy bragh beayn. Amen.

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Noo Luke xiii. 26, 27. Eisht nee fhiu gra, Ta fhin er n'ee as er n'iu ayns dty Eanish, &c. Agh jir efhyn, ta mee ginh diu nagh nione dou shiu; erfooyl-jee voym, ooilley fhiuifh Ghrogh-yantee, &c.

N veih dty Voayrd as dty

Y lhig dooys goll roym

Eanish, O Hiarn, fegooifh cofney yn Ghrayfe dy leeideil Bea chrauee as chreeftee,---Dy voddym fhaghney yn Vriwnys agglagh as chairal fhoh, ta dy ve er ny ockley magh orroofyn

ET me not depart from thy Table and Prefence, O Lord, without obtaining the Grace to lead a godly and a christian Life, That I may efcape this terrible and juft Judgment, to be paffed upon all thofe who enjoy the Means of Grace | ooilley ta ny Saafeyn, dy and Salvation, without being bettered by them, but continue to lead unchristian Lives, Amen.

St. John i. 12. As many as received him, to them gave he Power (and Right) to become the Sons of God, even to them that believe on his Name,

Ghrayfe as dy Haualtys oc, tegooifh ve jcant ny thare lioroo, agh tannaghtyn dy leeideil Bea neu-chrecitee. Amen.

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Peccan; toiggal, 0 Yee,
HA jean-ym beaghey ayns

am accounted thine.O Je-dy vel mee coontit that's.-----O fus, who hast obtained for Yeefey t'er chosney dooys y us this mighty Privilege, Chairys vooar fhoh, cur give me Grace to live, as Grayfe dou dy veaghey, myr becomes the Child of fo ta cooie da Lhiannoo Ayr cha great, fo good, fo holy a ooafle, cha mie, cha casherick; Father;That I may ne----Nagh jean - ym dy bragh ver abuse this Mercy, nor beg y hoiaghey jeh'n Vyghin forfeit the Right of the In- fhoh, ny Cairys y choayl ayns heritance of the Children, of Eiraght Cloan Yee, liorish God, by Infidelity, or Dif- Mee-chredjue, ny Mee-viallys ebedience to the Commands gys Saraghyn my Ayr Flauof my Heavenly Father. nyffagh. Amen.


St. John xiv. 27. My Peace
I leave with you, my Peace
I give unto you.

Noo Ean xiv. 27. My Hee ta
mee dy aagail meriu, mv Hee
ta mee dy choyrt diu

Prince dy Hee, thegin
HE dty Spyrryd's, O

T must be thy Spirit, I Prince of Peace, that muft put us into Poffeffion of this Cairys y choyrt dooinyn ayns thy laft and dying Legacy. fhoh Leggad jerrinagh dty O give me this Peace, which Vaaifh. O cur dou yn Shee the World cannot give : Shoh nagh vod y Seiblly choyrt: Which paffeth all Understand---Ta erfkyn dy chooilley Hufbing; The Peace and Plea- tey; Yn Chee as yn Eunys dy fure of being in the Favour ve ayns Foayr Yee;---As dy of God;---And that I may voddym my Annym y chumpoffefs my Soul in Peace, in mal ayns Shee, ayns Mean the midft of the Temptations, Miolaghyn, as Seaghyn, as and Troubles, and Allure- Cleayn y Theihll olk thoh wafs. ments of this prefent evil As lhig da'n Chee fhoh t'ou World. And let this Peace, er chionnaghey lefh dty Uill which thou haft purchased gheyr, ve marym's, as marih with thy precious Blood, be dty flane Agglish fon dy bragh. with me, and with thy whole Amen Church evermore. Amen.



Spiritual COMMUNION.



Creeftiaght SPYRRYDOIL.


HE Church, for the Comfort and Advantage of fuch Chriftians, as thro' any juft Impediment, are hindered from receiving the Lord's Supper, (in the manner which he has appointed, that is, from the Hands of Chrift's own Ministers) has, given us this Inftruc-y Choyrle fhoh. tion.

A'N Agglish, fon Gerjaghey as Vondeifh lheid ny Creefteenyn, as ta trooid Lhiettrimys erbee lowal, er ny reayll veih goaill Shibber y Chiarn (ayns yn Aght t'eeifh er phointeil, ta fhen, veih Laueyn Shirveishee Chreeft hene) er choyrt dooin

That if we do truly repent My ta fhin dy firrinagh goaill of our Sin; Have a Arrys jeh nyn Beccah ;--" My ta lively Faith of God's Mer-"Credjue ain avns Myghin Yee "cy thro' Chrift, with a "trooid Creeft, lesh Cooinaghtyn "thankful Remembrance of "" vooifal jeb e Vaafe, &c. ta "his Death, &c. we do eat "fhin gee as giu Corp as Fuill "and drink the Body and "Chreeft dy vondeifhagh, as gys "Blood of Chrift profitably," Slaynt nyn Anmey, ga nagh vel "and to our Soul's Health," fhin goaill y Sacrament leh nyn "although we do not receive "Meeal."

"the Sacrament with our "Mouth."

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They that compofed this Adfyn ren y Rubrick fhoh, Rubrick, had, it is probable, te feer laik, dy row Socill oc an Eye to the daily Sacrifice, gys yn Oural gagh-laa, va fo which under the Law of Leigh Vofes er ny hebbal fon Mofes was offered for the flane Pobble Ifrael; ec yn Ouwhole people of Ifrael; at ral cheddin dy chooilley Pherwhich all fuch pious Per- foon crauee nagh voddagh, er fons who could not poflibly Aght erbee, ve kionfenith, ren be prefent, yet offered their foaft chebbal Padjeryn gaghdaily Prayers to God in U-laa gys Jee ayns Unnaneys nion of Spirit, and in virtue | Spyrryd, as ayns Bree

yn Ou


of that Sacrifice offered in the Temple, no Doubt of it, were accepted of God.

Oural fhen va chebbit ayns y
Chiamble, as gyn Dooyt, va
Soiaghey jeant jeu liorish Jee.

Dy yannoo nyn Aignaghyn ny s'booifal da nyn Ver-kionnee,

Now forafmuch as very Nish son wheesh as dy vel many pious Souls do labour ymmodee dv Anmeenyn cravee under this fad Impediment, lhie fo yn Lhiettrimys hrimefpecially in many Country fhagh fhoh, erfkyn ooilley ayns Churches, where this Sacra- Kialteenyn Cheerey, raad ta'n ment is but too feldom admi- Sacrament fhoh agh ro-anvenniftered: To fupply this De- nick er ny hirveish: Dy yanfect, fome fuch Help as the noo mie fon y Lhiettrimys following may be made ufe fhoh, foddee lheid y Chooney of, on the Lord's Day, or as t'ayns shoh chebbit dhyt ve on any other Holy Day, in er ny chliaghtaghey, er Laa yn order to preferve in our Chiarn, ny er Laa feailley erMinds-The Memorial of our bee elley, dy reayll ayns nyn Redemption,To improve Aignaghyn-----Cooinaghtyn jeh our grateful Affections towards nyn Livrey-ys veih Peccah,---our Redeemer,To keep up a continual correfpondence with Heaven,To preferve Dy reayll feofe Caardys in us a spirit of Piety, Devo- chinjagh rifh Niau,-Dy tion, and Charity, that we chummal aynin Spyrryd dv may always be prepared to Chraueeaght, dy Phadjer, as receive the Lord's Supper, dy Ghiaftyllys, dy vod mayd whenever we fhall have an ve kinjagh aarloo, dy ghoaill Opportunity of doing it in Shibber y Chiarn, cre-erbee yn Publick, as a Publick and fo- Traa yiow mayd Caa dy yanlemn Acknowledgment of our noo eh y Cheeill, myr Goaillbeing in Communion with rifh fofhlit as arrymagh dy vel Christ, and with every Mem- fhin ayns Shefhaght rifh Creeft, ber of the Church of Chrift, as rifh dy chooilley Olt jeh and which no good Chriftian Agglish Chreeft; as fhoh cha will neglect, on any Pretence jean Creeftee mie erbee y lhigof spiritual Commuunion. gey fhaghey, er Lefhtal Creeftiaght Spyrrydoil.


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