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of the New Covenant, which is fhed for you, and for many, for the Remiffion of Sins: This do, as oft as ye full drink it, in Remembrance of Me; for as oft as ye shall eat this Bread, and drink this Cup, ye do fheiv the Lord's Death till he come.

this, for This is my Blood | lu-jee ooilley jeb fhob, for She' Shoh my Vill's jeh'n Chonaant Noa, t'er ny gheayrtey er nyr fon euifh, as er fon ymmodee, fon Leib Peccaghyn: Shoh jean-jee, cha mennick as iu-ys hiu eb, ayns Gooinaghtyn Jeem's; fon cha mennick as eeys fhiu yn ran fhob, as iuys fhiu yn Cappan fboh, ta fhiu foilfbaghey magh Baafe y Chiarn derrey big eh.


Shen-y-fa ayns Biallys da'n Sarey fhoh jeh Yeefey Creeft, t'er livrey shinyn veih Bondiaght foddey fmoo na Bondiaght Egypt.Ta'n Agglish

In Obedience therefore to this Command of Jefus Chrift, who has delivered us from a mach greater Bondage than that of Egypt The Chriftian Church keeps up the Memo-Chreeftee cummal feofe Cooinry of his Love, his Sacrifice, and his Sufferings and Death, after this folemn Manner:

aghtyn jeh e Ghraib, jeh e Oural, as jeh e Hurranfe as e Vaafe, er yn Aght arrymagh fhoh:

First, as an Acknowledge- Hofhiaght, myr Cowrey dy ment that our Lives, and all vel nyn Mioys, as ooilley ny that we eat or drink to pre- ta fhin dy ee as dy iu dy reayll serve them, are owing to the thin bio, cheet veih Feoiltys Bounty of God, we prefent Yee, ta fhin foiaghey magh er upon his Table, by the Hands y Voayrd echey, lefh Laueyn of his own Minister, a Portion e Hirveifhagh, hene, Ayrn jeh of his Creatures, the best wee Chretooryn, yn chooid fhare have for the Support and t'ain dy niartaghey as dy gherComfort of our natural Life, jaghey nyn Mioys dooghyffagh, namely, Bread and Wine. ta then dy ghra, Arran as Feeyn. After this the Bread and Wine-Ny lurg fhoh ta'n Arran as are confecrated, the Bread isy Feeyn er nyn gafherickey, ta'n broken, and the Wine pour- Arran er ny yrihey, as ta'n ed out, to reprefent the Death Feeyn er ny gheayrtey magh, of Chrift whole Body was dy chowraghey Baafe Chreeft, broken, and whofe Blood was e Chorp ver ny vrishey, as e hed for us. Uill v'er ny gheayrtey er nyn fon.

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Then the Minifter of GOD, as the Steward of Chrift's Houfhold, applies thefe Bleffings to every Perfon who receives this Sacrament, in this devout Prayer: The Body and Blood of Chrift, which were given and fhed for Thee, preferve thy Body and Soul unto everlasting Life.

And we may be affured of it, that this Sacrament will be to every worthy Communicant, what the Tree of Life would have been unto Adam and Eve in Paradife: And that as they, had they continued obedient, would have been in no Danger of temporal Death; even fo we, while we feed on this Bread now endued with a Life-giving Spirit, and live as we ought to do, are in no Danger of Death eternal.

Thefe being Pledges to affure us, that as certainly as Bread and Wine do nourish our Bodies, fo do thefe feal to us all the Benefits which Jefus Christ hath purchased for us, by his Sacrifice and Death.

Eisht ta Shirveishagh Yee, myr Stiurt harrish Lught-thic Chreeft fhirveish ny Bannaghtyn fhoh er dy chooilley Pherfoon ta goaill y Sacrament cheddin, ayns y Phadjer chrau ce fhoh:-Corp as Fuill nyn Fiarn Creeft hie er coyrt as er deayrtey er dty hon's, dy vreill ad dty Chorp as dty Annym gys y Vea dy bragh farraghtyn.

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As foddee mayd ve fhickyr jeh, dy bee yn Sacrament Shob da dy chooilley unnane ta goaill eh dy feeu,jeh'n Foays cheddin veagh Billey yn Vea er phrowal da Adam as Aue ayns Pargeiys: As myr nagh beagh adfyn, dy beagh ad er hannaghtyn biallagh, er ve ayns Gaue erbee Baaifh 'fy Theihll fhoh; eer myr fhen, choud as ta fhinyn beaghey er yn Arran fhoh nifh coamrit lefh Spyrryd bioghee, as gymmyrkey nyn Mea myr lhifagh fhin, cha vel fhin ayns Gaue erbee jeh'n Baafe dy bragh farraghtyn:

Son t'ad fhoh Gialteenyn dy chur Shickyrys dooin, cha firrinagh as ta Arran as Feeyn beaghey nyn Gallinyn, cha firrinagh cheddin dy vel ad fhoh fealal dooin ooilley ny Bannaghtyn ta Yeefey Creeft er chofney dooin, liorish e Oural as e Vaafe.

And when any Chriftian As tra ta Creeftee erbee jeh does wilfully, and for wante Yioin, as fon laccal Credjue, of Faith, deprive himself of giarey magh eh hene veih'n


this Spiritual Food, he falls, as our firt Parents did, into a State purely natural, and deftitute of the Means of Grace and Salvation.

Beaghey Spyrrydoil fhoh, t'eh tuittym, myr ren nyn gied Ayr as Moir, ayns Stayd eer dooghyffagh, as fegooifh ny Saafeyn dy Ghrayfe as dy Haualtys.

For the Happiness of the Son ta Maynrys y Theihll, as World, and of every Soul in dy chooilley Annym t'ayn, it, depends upon the Sacrifice lhie er Oural Chreeft, jeh ta of Chrift, of which we are fhin kianlt dy reayll feofe Cooinbound to keep up the Re-aghtyn er yn Aght casherick membrance after this folemn fhoh.


That whenever we pray Cre-erbee yn Traa ta fhin for any Favour or Bleffing guee fon Foayr ny Bannaght we may remember to do it erbee, dy vod mayd cooinaghin his Name:That when-tyn dy yannoo eh 'fyn Ennym ever we are fo unhappy as echeyfyn:-Cre-erbee yn Traa to have done any Thing ta fhin cha mee-vaynrey as dy which may displease God, ve er n'yannoo Red erbee od we may remember to pray dys Jymmoofe y chur er Jee, to be forgiven for Chrift's dy vod mayd cooinaghtyn dy fake. ghuee fon Leih er y hon er Graib Chreeft.

For God grants whatever Son ta Jee coyrt cre-erbee we afk, and which he fees ta fhin geearree, as fhen t'eh to be for our Good, when fakin dy ve fon nyn Voays, tra we ask in Faith, that is, in ta fhin geearree ayns Credjue, bis Son's Name; and there- ta fhen, ayns Ennym e Vac; as fore the Church concludes fhen-y-fa ta'n Agglish cur all her Prayers in these most Jerrey er ooilley ny Padjeryn prevailing Words,---For Jefus | eck ayns ny Goan fmoo brceChrift's Sake. oil fhoh,Er Graib Yeefey Chreeft.

In one Word, we do by Ayns un Ockle, liorish y Sathis Sacrament keep up a crament fhoh ta fhin freayll continual Correfpondence with feofe Ainjys chinjagh rish nyn our Lord in Heaven, and Jiarn t'ayns Niau, as cummal hold Communion with him, Shefhaght Spyrrydoil rishyn as and with all the Members of rifh ooilley Oltyn e* Chorp, ta his Body, which receive Nou-geddyn Ooraghey as Bifhagh

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* Yn Agglish.


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rifhment and Growth from ey veihfyn, myr ta ny Bang

Him, as the Branches from the Tree, in which they are grafted, and from which when they are feparated, they can bear no Fruit, and are only fit to be burned.

And as every Chriftian is obliged, at the Peril of his Soul, to observe it: So the Duty must be such, as every one, even the most unlearned, may understand, if it is not his own Fault.

And fo indeed it is: For

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laneyn veih'n Villey, er t'ad gaafe, as tra t'ad fcarrit voish, cha vod ad veg y Vefs y ymmyrkey, chamoo t'ad fon Ýmmyd erbee agh fon yn Aile.

As myr ta dy chooilley Chreeftee, er Gaue Anmey, kianlt dy ghoaill yn Chreefti aght fhoh: Myr then shegin da'n Currym ve lheid, as oddys dy chooilley unnane toiggal, eer cfhyn fmoo ta gyn Ynfaghey lioaragh, mannagh bee eh yn Oill echey hene.

As myr fhen dy jarroo te: as an Ifraelite, Levit. i. 4. un- Son myr va Ifraelite Lev. i. 4. der the Law, being obliged fo yn Leigh, kianlt dy lhie e to lay his Hand upon the Laue er Kione yn Oural, goaillHead of his Sacrifice, con- rifh e Pheccaghyn as coyrt ad, feffing his Sins in laying them myr dy beagh eh, er y Chre as it were, upon that Crea- toor fhen,--myr v'eh dy aature,as he did eafily un- fhagh toiggal, dy row fhoh dy derstand, that this was to fhew hoilfhaghey da, dy nee Baale him, that Death was the due va Leagh cairal Peccah; dy Reward of Sin; that this lhifagh fhoh y injillaghey ch ought to humble him before fenith Jee, as coyrt da yn God, and to give him the Dwoaie fmoo oddagh y ve noi greatest Abhorrence of Sin, Peccah, nagh voddagh ve er ny which could not be pardoned leih, agh liorish Coayl Bioys but by the Lofs of the Life of Cretoor gyn-loght: an innocent Creature:

As this was plain to the meaneft Ifraelite, even fo the moft unlearned Chriftian, when he confiders, that our Lord Jefus Chrift became a Sacrifice for us, and that on Him all our Sins were laid,

Myr va fhoh dy aafhagh toiggit liorish yn Ifraelite s'fardalee, dy jarroo myr fhen yn Creeftee floo ynfit, tra t'eh toiggal, dy daink nyn Jiarn Yeefey Creeft dy.ve ny Oural er nyn fon, as dy ren Efhyn


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-on him who knew no gymmyrkey flane Errey nỳn Sin; he will eafily un- Beccaghyn,-efhyn nagh bione derstand how fad our Con- da Peccah;-nee eh dy aafhagh dition was, which required toiggal cre cha trimfhagh as va fuch a Sacrifice:---That this Stayd Sheelnaue, va feme lheid therefore ought to humble yn Oural:-Dy lhifagh fhoh us,---To lead us to Repen- er-y-fa fhen fhin y injillaghey, tance,---To make us fearful-fhin y leeideil gys Arrys,of offending God,---And to Shin y yannoo agglagh dy chur abhor thofe Sins which coft Corree er Jee,---As dy chur Jefus Chrift his Life, before God could be prevailed with to pardon them.

He will also easily understand, that the Love of Chrift, and the Remembrance of his Death, ought to be very dear to us; and that the of tener we remember it, in the Manner he ordained, the more Graces we shall receive from God,---The firmer will be our Faith, the furer our Pardon, and the more comfortable our Hopes of meeting Him, not as an Enemy, but as a Friend, at whofe Table we have been fo often entertained.

Dwoaie da ny Peccaghyn fhen choft e Vioys da Teefey Creeft, roish my voddagh Jee v'er ny veiyghey dy leih ad.

Nee eh myrgeddin dy aafhagh toiggal, dy lhifagh Graih Chreeft, as Cooinaghtyn jeh e Vaafe, ve feer deyr dooin; as myr s'menkey nee mayd cooinaghtyn er, 'fyn Aght t'eh hene er n'oardaghey, then myr fmoo dy Ghrayfeyn yiow mayd veih Jee,---Myr s'niartal vees nyn Gredjue, myr fhickyree vees nyn Bardoon, as myr s'gerjoilee vees nyn Dreifhteil dy gholl ny whail, cha nee myr Noid, agh myr Carrey, as ec e Voayrd ta fhin cha mennick er ve nyn Ghoaldee.

And now, if you have con- As nifh, my t'ou er ghoaill fidered what you have read gys dty Chree fhen ny t'ou er with any Degree of Attention, you will paufe a-while, ---until you have expreffed your Gratitude for this Mercy, after fome fuch Manner as this following.

lhaih, lefh Ayrn erbee dy Chiarail, nee oo fmooinaghtyn ort hene fon tammylt,--derrey t'ou er n'ockley magh dty Vooife fon y Vyghin cheddin, ayns lheid ny Goan fhoh.


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