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JESUS, who haft loved us, and washed us from our Sins, and purchased us by thy own Blood,and didit ordain this Sacrament, in order to fecure us to thy felf, by a grateful Remembrance of what thou haft done and fuffered for us, make me truly fenfible of thy Love, and of our fad Condition, which did require fuch a Sacrifice.


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YEESEY, t'er choyrt Graih dooin, as er niee fhin veih nyn Beccaghyn, as er chofney fhin dhyt bene lefh dty Uill, as doardee yn Sacra ment fhoh, dy reayll thin fhick. yr dhyt hene, liorish Cooinagh tyn booifal y ve ain jeh ny tou er n'yannoo as er hurranfe er nyn fon, cur dou Ennaghtyn firrinagh jeh dty Ghraih's, as jeh'n Stayd hrimfhagh ainyn, va feme lheid yn Oural.

Lhig dooys dy kinjagh goaill yn Cowrey fhoh jeh dty Ghraih,Ny Chebbyn dy Vyghin, dy Phardoon, as dy Ghrayfe, t'er nyn goyrt dooin ayns yn Oardaghey cafherick fhoh, lefh Cree booifal, as ayns Cooinaghtyn Jeed's nyn ynrycan Charrey fhare; ayns Cooinaghtyn jeh dty Hampleyr ca fherick,----Jeh dty Ynfaghey

May I always receive this Pledge of thy Love,The Offers of Mercy, Pardon and Grace, tendered to us, in this holy Ordinance, with a thankful Heart, and in Remembrance of Thee our great and best Benefactor; in Remembrance of thy holy Example, Of thy Heavenly Doctrine Of thy laborious LifeOf thy bitter Paffion Flaunyffagh-Jeh dty Vea and Death Of thy glorious Refurrection Of thy Afcenfion into Heaven and of thy Coming again to judge the World.

And may I never forget the Obligations thou haft laid upon us, to live as becomes thy Difciples, and to forfake every Course of Life contrary to thy Gofpel!---Cease not, O Lord, to love us; and by the Grace'


Gheinagh,-Jeh dty Hurranfe
as dty Vaafe fharroo
dty Irree-feofe-reefht gloyroil.-
Jeh dty Gholl-feofe gys Niau--
as jeh dty Heet-reefht dy vriw
nys y Theihll.

As ny lhig dou dy bragh jarrood ny Kianglaghyn t'ou er chur orrin, dy leeideil Bea myr ta cooie dauefyn ta credjal aynyd, as dy hreigeil dy chooilley Aght Bea ta noi dty Hufhtal! Lhig da dty Ghraih, O Hiarn, youchfafed

vouchfafed in this Ordinance, caufe us to love Thee with all our Hearts. Amen.


ve dy kinjagh marin, as liorish y Ghrayfes cooidiave lhiat fhirveifh orrin 'fyn Oardaghey fhoh, cur orrin ve graihagh ort lefh ooilley nyn Gree. Amen.


How a Chriftian ought to pre-In Agbt lhifagh Creeftee eh-hene pare bimfelf for this Sacra



y gheddyn aarloo cour y Sacrament fhob.

Mjeh'n Oardaghey cafhe

ta'n Coontey fhoh

rick fhen aafhagh dy ve toiggit, dy jarroo liorish y Chreeftee floo dy Ynfaghey; myr fhen ta'n Aarlaghey ymmyrchagh er y hon lheid, as

S the above Account of this holy Ordinance is eafy to be understood, even by the most unlearned Chriftian; fo the Preparation required is fuch, as will neither puzzle the Understanding, nor burden the Memory, nor take up toonagh jean goll erfkyn y Tufhmuch of the Time of thofe that are engaged in the most neceffary Employments of Life.

The Church had regard to all her Members, when fhe gave this fhort and plain Direction to fuch as prepare to go to the Lord's Supper.

That they examine themfelves,

Whether they repent them truly of their former Sins? Whether they fedfaftly purpofe to lead a new Life? Whether they have a lively Faith in God's Mercy through Chrift?

tey, ny laadey yn Chooinaghtyn, ny goaill feofe rouyr jeh'n Traa ocfyn fmoo ta geiyrt er Aghtyn-beaghee ymmyrchagh y Vea fhoh.

Va Sooill ec yn Agglish gys ooilley e Holtyn, tra hug ee yn Choyrle ghiare as aafhagh fhoh dauefyn ta geddyn aarloo dy gholl gys Shibber y Chiarn.

Dy jean ad ad-hene y eyfht,

Vel ad goaill Arrys firrinagh fon nyn Beccaghyn t'ad hannah er n'yannoo?

Vel ad dy fhickyr kiarail Bea noa y leeideil?

Vel Credjue bioal oc ayns Myghin Yee trovid Creeft?


Whether they have a thankful Remembrance of his Death? And,

Whether they be in Charity with all Men?

Now, forafmuch as all Chriftians, who are capable of examining themselves and their own Confciences, are bound, as they hope for Salvation through Chrift, to go to this Sacrament: And because young People are often at a Lofs how to examine themselves upon these several Heads:Here follow a few plain Directions, which they that can read, fhould read with Care; and they that cannot, if they have a true Concern for themselves, will find fome good Chriftian, who will be glad to read it to them, and do thereby a Work which must be well pleafing to God.

The FIRST HEAD on which you are to examine yourself, is concerning your REPENT


Vel Cooinaghtyn booifal oc jeh e Vaafe? As,

Vel ad ayns Giaftyllys rifh dy chooilley Ghooinney?

Nish, fon wheesh as dy vel dy chooilley Chreeftee, oddys feyfht ad hene as nyn Gooinfheanseyn, kianlt dy gholl gys y Sacrament fhoh, myr t'ad jerkal rish Saualtys trooid Creeft: As fon wheefh as dy vel Sleih aegey dy mennick mee- hufhtagh kys dy gholl myfh feyfht ad hene er dagh Banglane jeu fhoh: Yiow ad ny-yeï fhoh Coyrle ghiare aafhagh, lhifagh adfyn oddys thaih y lhaih dy kiaralagh; as adfyn nagh vod lhaih, my ta scansh firrinagh oc jeu hene, yiow ad Creeftee coair ennagh, ghoys Boggey dy lhaih ch daue, as liorifh fhen jannoo obbyr feer vooifal da Jec.

Yn CHIED VANGLANE t'ou dy eysht oo hene er, te mychione yn ARRYS ayd.


BY what you have already IORISH ny t'ou hannah heard concerning the Fall er chlafhtyn mychione Man, you understand how Dooinney ve er duittym ayns. all Men became fubject and Peccab, t'ou toiggal kys haink prone to Sin; and you cannot dy chooilley Ghooinney fo but feel it to be fo by fad Ex- Reill Peccah, as lhiant huggey; perience. We are affured al-as nagh vod oo agh gennaghfo, and this by the Spirit of tyn dy nee fhen myr te liorish God,that without a fincere Re-Prowal trimfhagh. Ta Shick


pentance no Man must hope to | yrys ain myrgeddin, as fhoh

be faved.

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So that if either the Fear of God's Difpleafure, or a Love of Him, who has been fo good to you, will weigh with you, you will most heartily condemn yourself for every thing you have done contrary to his Will and Command.

You will alfo beg him most carneftly to forgive you what is paft, and you will promife and refolve, through his Grace and Help, not wilfully to offend Him again.

And lastly, you will not forget to pray for his Grace every Day of your Life, without which your best Refolutions will come to nothing.

This is that Repentance, concerning which you are required to examine yourself, before you go to the Lord's Supper.


fiorish Spyrryd Yee, fegooifh Arrys firrinagh nagh nhegin da Dooinney erbee jerkal dy ve er ny hauail.

Nifh liorish Arrys t'ou dy hoiggal, Dooinney ta deyrey eh hene fon dy vel eh er n'yannoo Nhee erbee noi Aigney Yee;-edyr lheid as ta Jee er lhiettal, dy reayll fhin veih shin, hene y chur naardey, ny lhig gey fhaghey ny Curmyn fhen t'eh er harey, dy yannoo fhin cooie fon Maynrys tra yiow mayd Baafe.

Myr fhen my t'ou jannoo Soiaghey erbee jeh Aggle roish Jymmoofe Yee, ny Graih dafyn t'er ve cha mie rhyt, nee oo dy arryltagh oo hene y gheyrey fon dy chooilley Nhee t'ou er n'yannoo noi e Aigney as e Harey.

Nee oo myrgeddin dy feer jeean guee er dy leih dhyt ny t'er n'gholl fhaghey, as giallee oo as kiaree oo, trooid e Ghrayfe as e Chooney, nagh jean oo jeh dty Yioin Jymmoose y chur er reefht.

As lurg ooilley, cha jarrood oo dy ghoaill Padjer fon e Gbrayfe dy chooilley Laa jeh dty Vea, n'egooifh hed ny Gialdynyn fhare ayd naardey.

Shoh yn Arrys fhen, my chione t'ou farit dy eyfht oo hene, roifh my hed oo gys Shibber y Chiarn. ry


Moft People, 'tis true, are ready to own that they are Sinners, and cry, Lord, forgive us; and this too often without any great Concern, or Purposes of Amendment.

Sfeer eh, dy vel Y chooid , fmoo dy Leih aarloo dy ghoaill rifh dy nee Peccee ad, as eieee ad magh, Hiarn, leib dooin; as fhoh ro-vennick fegooifh Scanfh vooar erbee, ny Kiarail dy Lhiaffaghey Bea.

But this you will not think Agh cha jean ufs fmooinaghfufficient, when you feriouflytyn dy vel fhoh dy liooar, tra confider that the End and Pu-t'ou goaill gys dty Chree nagh nifhment of Sin are not to be vel Jerrey ny Kerraghey Pecfeen in this Life. cah dy kinjagh er ny akin ayns y Vea fhoh.

If therefore you ftand in a- Shen-y-fa my t'ou fhaffoo ny Fear of the Judgement of ayns veg yn Aggle roifh BriwGod, fet yourself ferioufly to nys Yee, gow dy crecoil myth confider your paft Life; fee fmooinaghtyn er dty Vea t'er whether you have not lived, or n'gholl fhaghey; jeeagh nagh do not now live, in any known vel oo er veaghey, ny nagh vel Sin, or evil Habit: Of Lying, oo ec y Traa t'ayn beaghey, for Example; or Swear- ayns Peccab ny Drogh-chliaghing, or Drinking or filthy tey erbee er-fys dhyt: Lheid as Talking; Of Uncleanness,--Of Ginfb Breagyn,-ny Loo,-ny keeping loofe and profane Com- Mefbtyrys,-ny Glare feohdagh; pany,----Of following unwar----Neu-ghlennid,--Freay!! Sherantable Pleafures and Di-haght rouanagh as mee-chrauee, verfions, or of leading an-Geiyrt da Eunyffyn as Cliaghidle, ufeless, finful Life. taghyn neu-lowal, ny leeideil Bea litcheragh, gyn ymmyd, as peccoil.

If this hath been your Cafe, refolve to break off all these, and all fuch-like evil Ways, which are difpleafing to God; condemn yourfelf for having fo defperately broke the Commands of one who can destroy both Body and Soul in Hell..

Confider the Vows that are

My fhe fhoh t'er ve dty Stayd, kiare dy vrifhey jeh ooilley ny Raaidyn olk fhoh, as ooilley nyn lheid elley, ta noi Aigney Yee; jean oo hene y gheyrey fon dy vel oo cha dowil er vrifhey ny Annaghyn echeyfyn oddys ftroie chammah Callin as Annym ayns Niurin.--Smooinee er ny Breearaghyn t'ou fo,


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