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and fall into Sin, I will, as foon | ny Gialdynyn mie fhoh, as dy as I perceive it, beg God's huittym ayns Peccah, cha leah's Pardon, and be more careful for the Time to come.

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vees Toiggal aym jeh nee'm Leih y hirrey er Jee, as bee'm ny s'kiaralee fon y Traa ta ry


Nish, my oddys dty Chooinfheanse hene Feanish y ym. myrkey lhiat, dy vel oo dy crauee kiarail dy veaghey er yn Aght fhoh, foddee oo dy fauchey goll gys Boayrd y Chiarn, as hed Bannaght Yee mayrt.

Ny gow ny fodjey ec y Traa fhoh, derrey t'ou ayns dty Chree er n'gholl harrish ny Gialdynyn fhoh reefht; fon t'ad dy ve Gialdynyn dty flane Vea, as Gialdynyn dy chooilley Laa jeh dty Vea.—

As eifht gow dty Phadjer gys Jee,-trooid yn Chooney ghrayfoil echeyfyn dy vod ad ve dy dowin fraueit ayns dty



oo ta er

Gracious Racious God, who haftYEE ghrayfoil, o given us Precepts, and choyrt dooin Saraghyn an Example to walk by, let as Sampleyr dy immeeaght the Remembrance of them lioroo, lhig da Cooinaghtyn be always feasonably present jeu ayns Traa my Eme ve dy with me. Give me Grace kinjagh marym.-Cur Grayse to practise them confcien- dou dy eiyrt daue dy coointioufly,To reverence my fheanfagh,-Dy chur Ammys Betters, and all that are in dauefyn t'er my fkyn, as daueAuthority, -and efpecially fyn ooilley ta ayns Pooar,---fuch as are ordained to pray as erfkyn ooilley dauefyn ta er for, and to blefs, us in thy nyn gafherickey dy ghoaill


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Name. Let my Love for Padjer er nyn fon, as dy vanThee, and for my Neigh-naghey fhin ayns dty Ennym.--bour, keep me from all Acts Lhig da my Ghraih dhyt's, as of Injustice, or Injury to his da my Naboo, mifh y reayll Body, or good Name: veih dy chooilley. Obbyr dy Let me never never wilfully vex Neu-chairys, ny dy Aggair y or trouble him ;-Never co-yannoo da'n Chorp, ny'n Envet what is his, or envy his nym mie echey :---Ny lhig dou Profperity.- May I ever be dy bragh er my Yioin eh y ready to help and comfort heaghney ny 'voirey ;----Gyn all fuch as are in Diftrefs.dy bragh Saynt y chur da ny Give me Grace to be faith- ta lefhyn, ny mooaraghey yn ful in all Things committed Vaynrys echey.---Lhig dou dy to my Truft:-That I may bragh ve arryltagh dy chur never pervert Truth and Juf- Cooney as Gerjagh dauefyn tice; never propagate Slan- ooilley ta ayns Seaghyn.---Cur der, or raife evil Reports, Grayfe dou dy ve treifhteilagh nor ever tempt others to Sin. ayns dy chooilley Nhee t'er ny Give me the Spirit of choyrt er my Churrym: Temperance and Chastity, Nagh jean-ym dy bragh caffey and grant that I may never Ynrickys as Cairys;---gyn dy provoke Thee by any Inftance bragh cur Scammylt er y hoof Uncleannefs, to fhut me fhiaght, ny drogh-ghoo y hrogout of Heaven, where no gal, ny dy bragh feallagh elley unclean Thing can enter. y violaghey gys Peccah.-Cur Give me Grace fo to order dou yn Spyrryd dy Heeltys as my Conversation, that I may dy Ghlennid, as giall nagh jeanencourage others to live as ym dy bragh oo y vrafnaghey becomes the Gofpel of Jefus lefh Sayntyn ny foalley, dy Chrift; for whofe Sake I beg yeigh mee mooie afs Niau, raad to be heard, Amen. nagh vod Nhee erbee neughlen goll ftiagh.---Cur dou Grayse myr fhen dy ymmyrkey my Vea, dy voddym feallagh elley y ghreinnaghey dy veaghey myr ta cooie da Sufhtal Yeefey Creest, er yn Ghraih echeyfyn ta mee guee dy v'er my chlafhtyn. Amen.




The next Thing you are to Yn nah red t'ou dy vriaght

enquire into is, whether you have A LIVELY FAITH IN GOD'S MERCY THRO' CHRIST.

N much depends upon our

OW, because fo very



ISH, kyndagh dy vel wheefh lhie er lheid y having fuch a Faith,the Chredjue 've ain,---ta'n SpyrHoly Ghoft has given us all ryd Noo er chur dooin dy the Arguments,-all the Af- chooilley Refoon,---dy chooilfurance, that our Hearts canley Hickyrys,. -oddys nyn Greeaghyn y hirrey.


Hug Jee lheid y Ghraib da'n Theibll, nagh baghyn eh e Vac hene (ta'n Oftyl gra) agh liv rey eb feofe eh er ny fon ain ooil

God fo loved the World, that be spared not his own Son, (faith the Apostle) but gave him up for us all,-Rom. viii. 32. Can there be a great-ley, Rom. viii. 32.--Vod Gical er, a furer, Pledge of the finoo, Gioal fhickyree y ve jeh Love of God for his poor Graih Yee da e Chretooryn Creatures?--He made him to boghtey ?---Ren eh eh y yanbe Sin (that is, a Sin-offer- noo ny Pheccah (ta fhen, ny ing):-He delivered him to Oural fon Peccah):----Livrey Death in our ftead:---Can eh eh gys Baafe ayns yn ynnyd we after this doubt of, or ainyn:---Vod mayd lurg fhoh diftruft, the Mercy of God? dooyteil jeh, ny Mee-hreifhteil y yannoo er Myghin Yee?

Obferve the Method St. Paul takes to confirm our Faith, by giving us the ftrongest Proofs of our Acceptance with God.------God, faith he, commended his Love to us, in that, while we were Enemies, we were reconciled to Him, by the Death of his Son.---Much more, being recon

Gow Taftey jeh'n Aght ta'n Noo Paul goaill dy niartaghey nyn Gredjue, liorish coyrt dooin ny Prowallyn s'trofhey dy vel Soiaghey er ny yannoo j'in liorish Jee.---Ta Jee, as ethyn,, er boilfhaghey magh e Ghraib booinyn, fon choud as va fhin ayns Stayd dy Noidys, my va fhin coardit rifh Jee, liorifb


ciled, we shall be faved by | Baafe e Vac.---Foddey fmoo, myr his Life,-----Rom. v. 10.-ta fhin nifh goit ftiagh gys Shee, What may we not, after this, hope for from God?

vees mayd er nyn fauail liorish e Vioys, Rom. v. 10.------Lurg fhoh cre nagh vod mayd jerkal rifh veih Jee?


In fhort, Jefus Chrift has Ayns Focklyn giarey, Ta redeemed us from the CurfeYeefey Creeft er chionnaghey of the Law.--Thro' him we fhin reefht veih Mollaght y have Peace with God.---Rom. Leigh.---Ny brooidfyn ta Shee v. 1.---This is the only Foun-ain rifh Jee, Rom. v. 1. She dation of our Faith, our Hope, fhoh ynrycan Undin nyn Gredand Confidence.He is our jue, nyn Dreifhteil,as nyn ShickSacrifice, our Mediator, our Advocate; the Knowledge of which ought to remove all Occafions of Despair and Fear, from the Difpleafure of God.

yrys.---She efhyn yn Oural ain, nyn Sheealtagh as nyn Vendeilagh; as Ihifagh Tushtey jeh fhoh fcughey voïn dy chooilley Oyr jeh Mee-hreifhteil, as Aggle veih Jymmoofe Yee.

Indeed, if we fhould at- Dy jarroo, dy goghe fhin tempt to go to God, with- orrin dy gholl gys Jee, fegooifh out an Intereft in Chrift, we Cairys y ve ain ayns Creeft, could hope for nothing but cha voddagh fhin treifhteil fon to be rejected; but when we monney, agh dy v'er ny yioolgo to him, as redeemed by dey voith; agh tra ta fhin his own Son,---and reprefent goll huggey, myr livreit liorish to him, as we do in this Holy e Vac hene,-----as foilfhaghey Sacrament, what He has done roish, myr ta fhin jannoo ayns and fuffered for us, we ap-y Sacrament fhoh, cre T'eh er proach Him as intirely reconciled to us.

n'yannoo as er hurranse er nyn fon, ta fhin tayrn er-gerrey da myr dy flane coardit rooin.

But then you must remem- Agh eifht fhegin cooinaghber, that he gave himself for tyn, dy dug eh eh-hene er nyn us, and hath redeemed us fon, as dy vel eh er chofney fhin from the Power of the De- veih Pooar y Drogh-fpyrryd, vil, for this End, that he may fon yn Oyr fhoh, dy chafberickpurify unto himself a People ey da hene Pobble aggindagh confecrated to his Service. gys e Hirveifb.---Shen-y-fa jean Confecrate therefore yourfelf oo hene y chafherickey gys

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to Jefus Chrift, and with faith-[Yeefey Creeft, as marith Abra ful Abraham ftagger not at ham flane credjuagh ny jean the Promises of God: but Mee-hreifhteil er Gialdynyn go to this Sacrament with a Yee; agh immee gys y Sacra full Affurance of Faith, that ment fhoh lefh flane ShickyrGod will pardon your Sins, ys dy Chredjue, dy jean Jee and give you all the Graces dty Pheccaghyn y leih, as dy you fhall ftand in need of. der eh dhyt dy chooilley -Only remember, that this | Ghrayfe t'ou ayns feme jeh.--Faith it felf is the Gift of Agh cooinee dy nee yn Credjue God, and must be prayed hoh hene Gioot Yee, as fhegin for, for Chrift's Sake; which Padjer ve jeant er y hon, er you may do after this man- Graih Chreeft; fhen oddys oo y yannoo er yn Aght fhoh:




A mee guee ort, O Yee,

Befeech Thee, O Godo ved liorish y Ghraih then ren by TA that Love which moved Thee to give thine own Son oo y veiyghey dy chur dty Vac for loft Mankind, give me hene fon Sheeinaue caillit, dy a Faith in thy Promifes for chur dooys Credjue ayns dty his Sake, as firm as thy as firm as thy Ghialdynyn er y Ghraih ecWord, on which my Faith heyfyn, cha fhickyr as ta dty is grounded:-And let me Ghoo, er then ta my Chred never prefume upon thy gra-jue troggit:-As ny lhig dou cious Promifes without fin- dy bragh Daanys y yannoo er cerely endeavouring to per- dry Glialdynyn grayfoil, agh form the Conditions on which dy creeoil ftreeu dy chooilthey were made, and with-leeney ny Conaantyn orroo out being zealous of good v'ad jeant, as dy ve feer jecan Works, for which we were er Obbraghyn mie, fon yn Oyr redeemed. May the Re-fhoh hooar thin Livrey-ys.→→→ membrance of my Saviour's Lhig da Cooinaghtyn jeh Love, and of thy great Mer- Graih my Haualtagh, as jeh cy, be ever feasonably pre- dty Vyghin's vooar ve dy kinfent with me, to keep me jagh marym, dy my reayll veih from Defpair, and may my Mee-hreifhteil, as thig da my' Faith in thy Promifes fup- Chredjue ayns dty Ghialdynyn port me at the Hour of m'y niartaghey ec oor V



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